Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
2 Nails (any kind), 2 Planks, a filled Watering can*, and Compost.
*Watering can from your toolbelt will NOT work.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Knowledge of Ice Mountain (which awards 500 Farming XP, 500 Hunter XP, and 500 Thieving XP) the ability to make pickaxes, permission to use the Power Station ladder, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys. (If F2P gain access to a repeatable Construction training method
Start Point:
On the road south of Ice Mountain.
To Start:
Talk to Lakki.
  1. Begin by talking to Lakki the delivery dwarf next to the broken cart south of Ice Mountain. He will tell you that he will lose his job if he can't find his missing crate. Agree to help him out.
  2. Follow the path to the west until you see eight bushes you can search. Search all of them until you find a Crate.
  3. Loop around northeast past the entrance to the Dwarven Mine, then head a little west and enter the power station. Talk to Drorkar and give him the Crate. You will see a cutscene of two baby dragons fueling the station. Drorkar will then ask you to deliver a Letter to Brother Bordiss.
  4. Go to the Monastery garden and deliver the Letter to Brother Bordiss. He is very angry that Drorkar made the power station. During the conversation, Brother Althric will notice that his roses are dying.
    Monastery Garden
  5. Talk to Brother Althric and offer your help. Use your Compost on the roses and then water them with your filled Watering can. You will see a cutscene of a gnome parachuting in and then leaving for Ice Mountain.
  6. Make your way to the top of Ice Mountain and talk to Professor Arblenap on the west side. He will tell you that the Icefiends are going extinct from the sudden increase in temperature, and that he wants to catch some Baby icefiends, to save them. Equip the Icefiend net he gives you and catch 4 of them, then return to Professor Arblenap. You will then see a cutscene of an avalanche.
    Professor Arblenap
  7. Head north and speak to the Oracle. She will tell you that her tent is gone. Tell her that you will repair it.
  8. Head east down the mountain and get the Tent then return to the Oracle. Use the Tent on the nearby remains to repair it (requires 2 planks and 2 nails). The Oracle will then have a vision of the world becoming extremely hot. Say that you want to do something about it.
    Wrecked Tent
  9. Talk to Drorkar and he will tell you that only Nurmof can shut down the power station.
  10. Head over to Nurmof down in the Dwarven Mines and ask him to shut down the power station. He will refuse to shut down the station, but will tell you that Brother Bordiss had plans for an alternative power solution that he never presented.
  11. Go back to Brother Bordiss and ask him about the plans. He will tell you that he lost the key to the chest containing the plans after a night of drinking with Drorkar.
  12. Return to Drorkar at the power station and pickpocket a Dwarven key from him, then enter the Dwarven Mines.
  13. Head directly east and open the chest near the standard to obtain the Plans. Take these to Nurmof and you will see a cutscene of the new power station.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!
    Quest Complete!

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