Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Tier 6 Menaphos Reputation.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Combat equipment and food.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Desert amulet (2, 3, or 4) or The Heart teleport.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Relic of Het, 1.75x the base Menaphos Reputation gain, as well as 2 Treasure Hunter keys and Hearts of ice.
Start Point:
Merchant District of Menaphos.
To Start:
Speak with Hassan.
  1. Travel to Grand Vizier Ehsan's house in the Merchant District and talk to Hassan. He will ask you to deliver a progress report to Emir Ali Mirza and suggest that you grab the book that Osman wanted as well to complete 2 tasks at once.


  2. Go to the Imperial District and enter the Grand Library, found on the Southern edge of the great pyramid. Step inside and speak with Kohnen the librarian. During a whispered conversation, you will discover that the Pharaoh has banned any information on the Menaphite royal bloodline and the new librarian is unable to help you in that topic by royal decree. He can, however, suggest that you speak with Aristarchus. Unfortunately, it seems that he has been banned from the city.

    Kohnen the bar- librarian

  3. Finish speaking with Kohnen then exit the library and walk North to Commander Akhomet. Talk with her and you will ask that she allow Aristarchus to get into the city. She will question what he does; telling her the truth about his specialty being "Historical text and bloodlines", she will tell you that as a citizen of Menaphos he deserves to return home. And she never exactly agreed with the restriction of information. Akhomet tells you that she will send word to the gatehouse to allow Aristarchus to enter and warns you that turncoats and thugs have been gathering in Pollnivneach, so you should be careful.

    He Can Now Come Home!

  4. Grab your combat gear and food to fight 4 Menaphite thugs. They are not weak to any attack style, however, they all use Melee so it is easy to line them up to kill one at a time. Use of Area of Effect attacks can speed up the fight. Once you have gathered your gear, travel to Pollnivneach. A few travel options include:
    • Traveling via Portmaster Kags' boat
    • Bandit camp lodestone and running East
    • Desert amulet (2, 3, or 4) to teleport to Nardah, then use the carpet transportation system to travel West to Pollnivneach
    You will find Aristarchus on the South West area of the city. Talk to him and you will tell him that he is allowed to return to the city.

    Pollnivneach Meeting

  5. Talking to Aristarchus, a Menaphite thug will suddenly appear and inform you that he has been watching the historian for a long time; waiting for his opportunity. His plan now is to dispose of Aristarchus and yourself, then to pretend to be him to gain entrance to the city. Obviously, you aren't going to let this happen so you will need to defeat them.

    Opportunity Gained?

  6. Now that they are defeated, teleport to Menaphos and return to the grand library. South of the door you will find Aristarchus. Speak with him and he will give you a Disguised royal bloodline source. If only you knew someone from the time frame the book references to fill in the missing data - Thankfully you do!

    Interesting Disguise

  7. Travel to the Uzer mastaba, North East of Nardah. You can reach this place quickly by: Once you have arrived there, choose to travel directly to the Pharaoh Queen and a cutscene will occur. When the cutscene ends, choose once again to head directly to the queen. Speak with Senliten and you will learn that Leela and Osman are her descendants. The conversation will come to a close with them asking you to try to convince Osman to not use such underhanded methods in his attempt to reclaim the Menaphite throne for Senliten's bloodline.

    Checking the Facts

  8. Teleport to Al Kharid, walk into the palace throne room, and speak with Osman. You will relay the points that Senliten asked you to make when you hand over the book. His response will be that they need to "resolve things" between themselves and to usher you off to speak with the Emir.

    Mission 1 complete

  9. Walk South to the throne and speak with Emir Ali Mirza. A cutscene will occur where Jabari breaks into the throne room and demands the book from Menaphos back. Osman and Jabari will argue over where the book belongs, resulting in the Emir learning both of their dirty secrets and wanting them both captured. Unfortunately, before Jabari can be seized, he will escape and lead you on a goose chase throughout the city.

    Slinging Mud

  10. It is now your responsibility to capture Jabari. Step outside the palace and you will notice that he is standing on a ledge just North of the lode stone. Despite this building having a second floor, it seems to be lacking access. Follow the route below to chase him through the city. Note that after you have talked to him at each location, he will deal 10% of your total health in damage before he moves on.

    1. Begin at the star and climb up the stairs to the East of the building then climb the ladder in the South-Eastern corner.
    2. Walk across the plank to the Southern building.
    3. Slide down the awning on the Southern side of the roof.
    4. Walk across the washing line in the North-Western corner of the building.
    5. Climb the ladder North West of you, up here you will encounter Jabari for the first time.
    6. Cross the planks West of you.
    7. Climb the ladder on the South-Western corner of the building.
    8. Jump from the Scaffold to the West.
    9. Climb down rug to the South.
    10. Swing across the wooden frame to the West.
    11. Jump from the scaffold to the Southern building.
    12. Bounce on the awning to the South.
    13. Climb the brickwork to the top of the bank. On the roof, you will find Jabari.
    14. Parrot drop from the rug on the South edge of the building.
    15. Walk West of the forge and speak with Jabari again.
    16. Walk to the Southernmost tent that is North East of the lodestone and talk to Jabari.
    17. Walk to the building West of the Northern Al Kharid gate and speak to him once more.

  11. Now that you have found him for the last time, he will challenge you to a fight in the Duel Arena. Walk North East into the arena and gear up at one of the bank chests. Jabari uses Magic (including several abilities), is weak to slash weapons. Before the fight actually begins, it seems he has a few tricks up his sleeves.

    Let the Fight Begin!

  12. You will essentially be challenged to several rounds of "Spot the different Jabari". Each time you choose the different one, you will be required to fight him. Choosing the wrong version, or taking too long, will damage you for about 2,000 health and he will shuffle to a new location and difference.
    • Correctly spelled name (the clones are anagrams of "Jabari", leading to names like "Barija" and "Jaabri")
    • Different robe color
    • Facing backwards
    • Facing the audience
    • In attack position
    • Largest
    • Not translucent
    • Smallest weapon
    • Weapon held backwards
    • Without prayer renewal particles
    Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo

  13. After you have defeated Jabari 4 times, regardless of failures finding him, a cutscene will begin. In it, he refuses to admit defeat and attempts to attack you again. However, this attack is blocked by Het. Once the two of you convince him to give in, he will mention trying to convince the Pharaoh that you were working with Osman. Het warns him that the Pharaoh will be of stronger mind now that he is awake, as icing in the cake, you mention that the Pharaoh will likely want to imprison Jabari for threatening the peace treaty as well.

    Just in Time

  14. This concludes the cutscene and you will find yourself in the Duel Arena lobby with Het. Talk to him and the nearby staff will comment on how you must be losing your mind or going through a spiritual crisis. What they don't see is Het informing you of his, Crondis, and Apmeken's plans to find Scabaras. He also asks that you stand with them when the time to face Amascut comes.

    Seeing things?

  15. Return to Emir Ali Mirza by walking South West, or by using the lode stone and walking South, into the palace. Talking to him, a cutscene will begin. In it, he will argue with Osman and end up exiling him. Despite this banishment, Osman insists that he will still aim for the throne of Menaphos and will create peace between the cities. When this cutscene ends a brief one will play with the Pharaoh searching for his advisor. When this one ends, speak again with Emir Ali Mirza to inform him that Jabari has escaped and that you have seen Het.

    You'll See!

  16. Congratulations! You have completed the quest.

    The End

After you have completed the quest, if you have at least 80 Strength, you can enter Het's tomb. The tomb can be found behind the Het statue in the center of the Duel Arena.

Tomb Location

You will gain 20,000 Strength experience the first time you enter this area. Inside of the tomb you will also find the Het mask and Heka. Note that it is a Master Quest cape requirement to locate this tomb.

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