Quest Requirements:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Access to Fort Forinthry and its facilities, and 2 Treasure Hunter Keys.
Start Point:
Outside Varrock Castle Throne Room.
To Start:
Click on the portal.
  1. Head to Varrock castle and use the portal to listen in on the conversation in the Throne room. You will see King Roald, a Veteran Adventurer, and Queen Ellamaria arguing.


  2. Enter the Throne Room and talk to King Roald. After some dialog and you accepting the quest, a Cutscene will start. After the cutscene, King Roald will tell you to follow the kings road to the East and find the vale.


  3. You can use a Fort Forinthry Teleport or run North East from Varrock, after you have found the vale, enter the portal. Once you have entered you will need to defeat the 10 Armoured Zombie.


  4. Once they are defeated, talk to Bill who is located in the Northen most ruins. After a conversation he will tell you to meet him at the Blueprint table.


  5. Head over to the Blueprint table and talk to Bill again. He will tell you that you need to build the Workshop. This requires 8 Wooden frame; in total you will need 96 Planks and 18 Limestone bricks.

    Once you have your resources, interact with the Blueprint table and start on the Workshop (Tier 1) Blueprint. Building hotspots will appear, allowing you to build the workshop.

    another bill

  6. Once the Workshop is built, talk to Bill once more. He will tell you to go speak to Aster Dunnet located near the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock.

    more bill

  7. Make your way over to the Blue Moon Inn and speak with Aster who is outside the Inn. She will suggest recruiting Siv from Gunnarsgrunn to be the overseer.


  8. Head West to Gunnarsgrunn or you can teleport using the Skull sceptre and speak with Siv. She will recommend Father Flint to help morale in the Fort.


  9. Make your way to Draynor Village Marketplace and speak with Father Flint. He will be distressed, ranting about being in the shadow of a vampires mansion with no-one wanting divine intervention. After the conversation he will agree to help at the Fort.


  10. Head back to the Fort and talk to Bill. He will tell you that you can plan the walls the same as the workshop.


  11. It is time to prepare to build the walls and gates, you will need 82 Stone wall segment and 20 Planks in total. You can do them in any order. Once you have built a section, that section will become locked.


  12. Once the Walls and Gates are built, return and talk to Bill. Your screen will blacken and you will appear in the middle of the Fort talking to Bill, Father Flint, Aster, and Siv. You will be given a choice on what title you would like, the options being: Duke, Duchess, or Dux.


Congratulations, Quest Complete!


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