Quest Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
3 empty inventory spaces.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
1 small lamp, 1 medium lamp (if you unlock all memories), 1 large lamp (if you unlock ALL keywords), and 2 Treasure Hunter keys & Hearts of ice.
Start Point:
The Needle, found West of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
To Start:
Search the Needle.
  1. Travel to the island West of Piscatoris. Here you will find a large “stone statue” that looks like a needle balancing on one end. Search the Needle and you will get a cutscene. At the end, you will see a Shard of the needle fall, before entering your inventory, and a body will now be seen nearby.


  2. Investigate the body and you will see that it is apparently frozen in time and has “Megan” written in blood near it. If you look closely at the words in the text boxes telling about her during the quest, you will notice that several of the words are capitalized. Some of the words are expected and others seem slightly out of place.

    If you click the Shard, a window will open where you can type keywords to access various memories. Almost each memory has multiple keywords; only one keyword is needed to unlock it. These words can be found by inspecting various things around the area and typing the Capital words in this window’s search field. Once you begin inserting keywords, you will be transferred to the past to review the memories.

    Random Body

    The Needle Shard


    If you are simply interested in finishing each chapter as fast as possible, you will only need to input one specific word. Discovering all of the memories is necessary to obtain the medium lamp reward. Using ALL of the keywords is a requirement of the Master quest cape as well as necessary to earn the large lamp reward.

    You can also speak to several of the people during various portions of the quest, however, this is in no way necessary.


    • Key word to progress: fireplace

    • Words to unlock all memories:
      30th adventures doctor joss
      letter love megan monsters
      sea trolls sing sloop tower

    • To unlock ALL keywords:
      30th abandoned adventures angry
      apprentice argument attack banquet
      bed birthday bleeding blood
      blue books brand calendar
      cart choir cloth cook
      creatures cry death disease
      doctor dying fear fireplace
      flames friends fuel gail
      gods hannibus help homeowner
      house husband illness imagination
      joss journey killed laziness
      learn letter love marriage
      medicine megan misery monsters
      month mother murdered needle
      pack poetry potions prayers
      primrose ramblings saradomin scar
      sea trolls secret sing sloop
      song spear spells stranger
      study temper thinner tower
      toys voice wand weak
      wishes wizards yak year

    Once you have input all desired words into the Shard, you will need to search the fireplace to cause a portal to appear near the Needle. When you are ready to progress, investigate the portal to advance chapters.


    • Key word to progress: birthday

    • Words to unlock all memories:
      30th birthday demon diary
      liar look medicine metum
      shade sloop strength thok

    • To unlock ALL keywords:
      30th apprentice baba beautiful
      bed birthday book books
      boredom bottle boyfriend burn
      cloak clown constellations dad
      daemonheim danced demon diary
      dome doubt dubbo friends
      gail ghost giant gilly
      gossip grave hannibus joss
      key letters liar lies
      lizard lizardman look lover
      lying magic medicine megan
      metum mum overbearing plagiarism
      poison possessed potion return
      runt scar scary shade
      sheep sickness sloop snake
      strength thing thok time

    Once you have input all desired words into the Shard, you will notice a portal has appeared near the Needle. When you are ready to progress, investigate the portal to advance chapters.


    • Key word to progress: wenla

    • Words to unlock all memories:
      book buckthorn dead demon
      evil fainting happy illness
      knife loop metum needle
      note wenla

    • To unlock ALL keywords:
      anger angry bed betrayed
      book buckthorn burn childhood
      cost cruel dead demon
      disease dying ending energy
      evil fainted fainting family
      fate father fix following
      gail happiness happy help
      ill illness infected knife
      legs loop megan metum
      mistakes monster mother necessary
      necessary evil needle no note
      paper parents peeling people
      possessed primrose return returning
      scar siblings skin stories
      story thing traitor wenla

    Once you have input all desired words into the Shard, investigate the Needle to advance chapters.

  3. Investigating the Needle, you will now find yourself back in the present with Gail on the floor. Walk North down the ramp and across the rock bridge. On the Southern side of the bank you will find a Buckthorn bush; harvest from it. You will receive a Buckthorn leaf and Buckthorn berry. Crush both of these to obtain Buckthorn smelling salts and a Bottle of crushed berries respectively.

    Buckthorn Bush

  4. Enter the house to the North West and climb the stairs to the second floor. In the room to the North you will find Primrose sprawled on the bedroom floor, use the Buckthorn smelling salts on her.

    Out Cold

  5. Climb back down the stairs and speak with Megan. You will find she is possessed by a demon. In order to save her, you will need to speak the demon’s name – Metum. If you did not use that keyword during the quest, you will need to search the bookshelves to the North to learn the name.


  6. With Megan cured, use the Bottle of crushed berries on the fireplace or the stove in the room to the West. This will turn it into Buckthorn salve.

    Cooking a Salve

  7. Return to Gail at the Needle and use the salve on her. This will begin a cutscene with Megan and Gail. When it ends you will find yourself in the main room of the house with Megan.

    Heal Gail

  8. Go to the Needle once more and you will discover a Note from gail. Pick it up and take it back to Megan. She will accept it from you and complete the quest.

    PS I Love You

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

The End

Note: If you did not unlock all of the keywords, you can return to the Needle and inspect it. This will transport you into the home near Megan and provide you with another Shard of the needle if you did not have one. You can then commune with the Shard to input any missing words for Chapter 1, 2, and/or Chapter 3. You will need to speak to Megan to receive any lamps you earn post-quest.

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