Quest Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Grubby bones 4 Basic ritual candles 11 Basic ghostly ink Death guard
Skull lantern
Quest Points:
200 Necromancy XP, Death guard, Skull lantern, 25 Ectoplasm, Access to Necromancy abilities, and 2 Treasure Hunter Keys
Start Point:
To Start:
Enter the Underworld Portal.
  1. Try to enter the Underworld portal and accept the quest. Instead of stepping in, a black sword will float out of the portal and kill you. THIS IS A SAFE DEATH. You will then find yourself in Death's office. After a brief dialogue about what just occurred, he will take you to the Underworld and you will enter a cutscene.


  2. Now in the City of Um, you will meet Rasial and discover that he has chosen you to be his last apprentice in Necromancy. He will continue by talking about his plans to wage war against the world of the living. Once Rasial leaves, Death will continue talking with you about what Necromancy entails. When Death tells you that it involves enslaving the souls of the dead, you will suggest asking them nicely instead. You will then be introduced to Lupe and Sostratus, a couple of the souls still in the city, as well as Malignius Mortifer who will be become your tutor in the ways of Necromancy.

    Note: If at any point in the quest you leave, you can continue where you left off be entering the Underworld portal North of the Draynor Village lodestone.


  3. Malignius will direct you to sweep away the mounds of dust from the ritual space. Sweep all 4 mounds of dust with the blinking arrows above them. They will explain the basics of working rituals. When they finish, Malignius will give you some Grubby bones.

    Cleaning Time

  4. Use the Grubby bones on the pedestal at the middle of the ritual site and the ritual interface will open. Select the "Makeshift communion ritual" (which is your only option) to continue and you will be given 4 Basic ritual candles.


  5. Place the Basic ritual candles on the pentagonal tiles around the pedestal to earn 1 Necromancy experience for each one. You can do this by left clicking the tiles and adding a candle. Once they are all placed, speak with Malignius for more explanation and to be given 8 Basic ghostly ink.

    Mood Lighting

  6. Click ANY of the 4 empty glyph spots to draw a "Commune 1" glyph; this will yield 10 Necromancy experience and use 4 ink. The location of the glyphs in the space is not important. Repeat this process a second time to use the remaining ink and earn another 10 experience. You will be told that the glyphs can be used for multiple rituals, but degrade with each use, requiring them to be replaced or repaired. You will then be given another 3 Basic ghostly ink.

    Glyph Add

  7. Click the "Elemental I (depleted)" glyph on the West side of the pedestal to repair it. You will receive a pop-up that tells you what material(s) are needed to repair the glyph. You can choose to not show this popup again, but either way you will want to choose yes to use the 3 Basic ghostly ink to repair the glyph and earn 10 Necromancy experience.

    Glyph Repair

  8. Stand on the South side of the ritual space and step on the skull shaped platform to start the ritual. You will begin chanting and performing the ritual like a pro. When you finish, you will reach Necromancy level 2 and enter another cutscene in which you meet Ted, the soul that you called upon.

    Calling All Spirits

  9. Click the "Well of Souls" behind Ted to manage your Necromancy talent tree. You will learn from the peanut gallery that you don't have the expertise to unlock any talents yet, but to train Necromancy you will need a main hand weapon, called a siphon. Sostratus will give you a Death guard.

    Well Of Souls

  10. Equip the Death guard and attack the Ghost troll lout and Ghost troll brute on the South side of the ritual space. Upon killing the first of them, you will reach level 3, and killing the other you will obtain a talent point for the Well of Souls. Note that you will automatically use "Necromancy" from your Necromancy abilities which acts as a basic attack.

    First Hit

  11. Click the Well of Souls again and you will be directed to spend your talent point on the first possible ability: Conjure skeleton warrior. Once you've done so, close the window to continue. You will learn that to use any of the Necromancy conjure abilities you will need a Necromancy off-hand weapon, called a conduit. Sostratus will give you one, a Skull lantern. Continue the dialog to begin a cutscene.

    First Talent

  12. The cutscene's dialog will give you a rundown of the requirements of conjuring abilities and then you will be given a brief tour of the City of Um's most important locations for the purposes of Necromancy.

    Final Scene
Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Quest complete

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