Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
20 Agility
Must be able to defeat a level 32 monster.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Rope, Plank, Leather gloves( OR Metal Gauntlets), Hatchet (any - toolbelt works), and Pickaxe (any - toolbelt works).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Home teleport method, Spade, Rellekka tablet acquired from Love Story, and food and armour to defeat a level 32 monster.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
1K Attack XP , 2K Prayer XP, a Bearhead, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
To Start:
  1. Follow the path that leads east of Rellekka. There will be two ways up the mountainside. When you try the way to the right where it says, "Climb-over rockslide", the Guard will tell you to leave. Now go a bit north of this area until you've come to the side of a short cliff. With a Rope in your inventory, "Climb cliffside".

    Climb the cliff

  2. Follow the path east into the Mountain Camp and speak to Hamal the Chieftain inside his tent to the east. He tells you his daughter has gone missing. Offer to search for her.

    Hamal the Chieftain

  3. Leave the tent and travel south to the mud pool and proceed to dig up some Mud.


  4. Now, go to the goat's pen north of the Chieftain's tent. There, pick up a Pole.


  5. Head north from the goat farm and up a short path to the east. Proceed to the west along the shore of the Shining Pool until you reach Ragnar. Talk with him and he will tell you about Asleif, the Chieftain's daughter. After talking with him, use the mud at the base of the nearby Tall Tree and climb it to a small island.

    Tall tree

  6. Use your Pole on the Clump of rocks to get across to the second island, then use the Plank on the Flat stones to get to the third island. "Listen-to" the Shining Pool. (This only works if you are standing adjacent to the center rock.) It will tell you that it is the voice of Asleif and will give you two new assignments: Improve relations between Rellekka and the Mountain Camp, and to find a new source of food.

    Shining Pool

  7. Go back and speak to Hamal the Chieftain about both of these things. He will mention that Svidi, the representative they sent to Rellekka, has gone missing. Offer to go look for him.

    Note: When you leave the camp heading for Rellekka, the Guard will now allow you climb over the rockslide.

  8. Head to Rellekka and talk to Brundt the Chieftain. He will claim to not have seen any mountain settlers in years.

    Brundt the Chieftain

  9. Head over to the east of Rellekka outside the fences. Svidi can be found wandering around somewhere between Rellekka and the Mountain Camp entrance path. He will say that he is afraid to enter Rellekka without a promise of safety guaranteed.


  10. Go talk with Brundt the Chieftain of Rellekka, again. Before he agrees to a safe passage he wants the stone back that the mountain settlers took on their departure from the Fremennik.

    Note: If you did not bring your own pickaxe, go north of Rellekka and pick up an Iron pickaxe on the beach.

  11. Head back to the Mountain Camp, and walk into the big tent on the south side of the camp. Use your pickaxe on the Ancient Rock to get a Half a rock. Walk out of the tent and the guard will notice the rock. You will automatically tell him that the rock is too small to be Ancient rock. He will then let you through.

    Ancient Rock

  12. Talk with Jokul, the goat herder, in his tent north of Hamal the Chieftain. He will tell you about the White pearl fruit that grows on the mountains.


  13. Take the Half a rock to Brundt the Chieftain and he will give you a Safety guarantee. Take the note to Svidi and he will thank you.

  14. Put on a pair of Gloves (or any metal gauntlets) and go to White Wolf Mountain, located between Catherby and Taverley. Pick a White pearl fruit from the thorny bush by the Gnome glider. Eat the fruit and take the White pearl seed to the Mountain Chieftain.

    Note: If wearing Slayer, Lunar, Rogue, Pneumatic gloves, Pathfinder gloves, Batwing gloves, Spider-silk gloves, Golden mining gloves, Hard leather gloves, Zombie gloves or vambraces, you will take some damage and receive no fruit!

    Thorny Bushes

  15. Go speak to Asleif at the pool again and she will tell you to convince her dad that she is dead. She explains that she was killed by a creature whilst sitting at the lake.

  16. Go speak to Hamal the Chieftain and you will simply tell him that his daughter is dead. He does not believe you and wants proof. Return north to the Shining Pool and walk all the way around it (clockwise) to the end of the path. Use your Hatchet on the dead trees and enter the cave.


  17. Follow the cave till you come to a monstrous bear-like creature, The Kendal (level 32). When you get close to it, a flashing arrow will appear on your mini-map and a conversation will start. Tell him you are no one special, ask what he means by a sacrifice, and finally tell him he looks like a man in a bear suit. The Kendal will then reveal its story and you must say, "I will kill you myself!" Now the fight is on. Once he is killed, you will take his Bearhead as a trophy.

    Note: If you have forgotten a weapon, there is a spawn of Steel knives in the middle of the room. (They take roughly 30 seconds to spawn.)


  18. Now pick up the Corpse of woman and take it to the chieftain. He will ask you to bury her on the island, where her voice is heard, along with one of her possessions. Also take 5 rocks, with which you will build a type of marker.

  19. Collect 5 Muddy rocks found throughout the camp (locations marked in the map provided below). They respawn quickly, so you can just stand on one until you have all five.

    Step 19

  20. Talk to Ragnar by the Shining Pool. He will give you Asleif's necklace. Head to the middle island and bury her, then use the rocks on her burial mound.

    Congratulations! Quest completed!

    Quest Complete

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