Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
35 Construction
35 Cooking
35 Crafting
35 Magic
35 Prayer

For total completion and additional rewards only:
25 Thieving
45 Crafting
45 Prayer
50 Magic
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Crush weapon, 400 Coins, Sq'irkjuice (any kind; see Sorceress's Garden), Al kharid flyer, Empty pot, Armor, and Food.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
5,000 Coins, a 7,000 Hitpoints XP lamp, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.

Restoring the Pharaoh Queen to 100% provides these additional rewards:
Start Point:
East of Draynor Village, near the wheat field.
To Start:
Speak to Leela.
  1. Talk to Leela, wandering around the wheat field east of Draynor Village, who will give you the chance to embark on another quest. She will ask you to locate a Pharaoh Queen in the Desert of Uzer.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Draynor Village is via the home teleport lodestone network.

  2. Make your way to the Shantay Pass south of Al Kharid and enter the desert. Take a carpet ride for a fee of 200 Coins to the Ruins of Uzer in the eastern part of the desert. Once you have reached the ruins, head south to a pyramid and enter it.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Ruins of Uzer is via Fairy Ring code D L Q. From the Fairy Ring, head east to the pyramid. At any point, if you log out when you are inside of the pyramid you will appear outside of the pyramid.

    Enter Pyramid
  3. Once inside, "Rummage" the skeletons laying on the ground. They will turn into a Skeleton looter (level 42) and start attacking you. Defeat these skeletons until you have obtained a Canopic jar and a Pyramid journal. You do not need to pick up any of the other items they drop as they have no use in the quest. Inside the pyramid, you may also come across a wall trap. Use your Thieving skills to disable it.

    Note: If you did not bring a Hammer, a Saw, or 20 Fire runes, then keep killing the Skeleton looters (level 42) inside of the pyramid and the Bandit looters (level 42) outside of the pyramid until they drop them.

    Rummage Skeleton
  4. Head to the northwestern part of the pyramid and open the imposing doors. Continue to rummage and kill some more Skeleton looters (level 42) until you get a Scroll of the dead and a Mummy hand. You do not need to pick up any of the other items they drop as they have no use in the quest.

    Imposing Door
  5. Read the Scroll of the dead and Pyramid journal before you report back to Leela in Draynor Village. She will explain that a ritual has been performed on the Pharaoh Queen to split her mummy into pieces. It is your task to partially (75%) reconstruct her by restoring a certain number of the Pharaoh Queen's parts (100% is recommended. These parts include her name, shadow, spirit, body, personality, and body double.
  6. Make your way to Al Kharid and talk to Ali Morrisane in the marketplace in north-eastern part of Al Kharid not far from the cactus patch. He will tell you that he has a copy of the documents with the Pharaoh Queen's name. He would be happy to hand it over to you if you give him a glass of Sq'irkjuice, so that he can sell it to Osman. Give him the Sq'irkjuice in exchange for the Copied name papyrus.

    Note: If you are wearing the Ring of charos (a), then talk to Ali again and he will also give you the original Mummy's name papyrus. The easiest way to reach Al Kharid is via the home teleport lodestone network.

    Ali Morrisane
  7. If you have not got one already, then pick up an Al kharid flyer from Ali the Leaflet Dropper who is located north of the Al Kharid mine. Head north to Varrock. Talk to Reldo at the Varrock Palace library about a pyramid. He is willing to give you his documents if you bring him an Al kharid flyer to verify their authenticity. Give him the flyer in exchange for the Scroll of praise.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Varrock is via the home teleport lodestone network.

  8. Stop by the bank and gather the rest of the items you need to complete the quest (Hammer, Saw, Wheat, Spice, Jug of wine, 20 Fire runes, Willow logs, Knife).Return to the pyramid and open the imposing doors again. Kill the Golem guard (level 37) guarding the stairs at the back of the room.


    Note: The easiest way to reach Ruins of Uzer is via Fairy Ring code D L Q. From the Fairy Ring, head east to the pyramid.
  9. Once defeated, go down the stairs and take the southeast fork until you find a Mummy with no hand. Pick up the Mummy with no hand and use the Mummy hand with the corpse to create Senliten's mummy.

    Mummy With No Hand
  10. Enter the uninviting hole just northeast of the body, then go through another hole a few steps to the south. You will have cleared the cave-in to create a shortcut for future use. Go back through both uninviting holes. Now, pick up the 3 Canopic jars, scattered throughout the cavern.

    Uninviting Hole
  11. Once you have collected those, head south past the stairs to the tiled floor. To get across the puzzle, you will need to step on the tiles. As you step on a certain colored tile, it will cause another color to rise and block your path. The easiest way across is to only step on the green and blue tiles OR the yellow and red tiles.

    • Stepping on a red tile causes the green tiles to rise.
    • Stepping on a green tile causes the yellow tiles to rise.
    • Stepping on a yellow tile causes the blue tiles to rise.
    • Stepping from a green tile onto a red tile triggers a trap.
    • Stepping from a red tile onto a blue tile triggers a trap.
    • Stepping from a yellow tile onto a green tile triggers a trap.
    • Stepping from a blue tile onto a yellow triggers a trap.

    Note: If you trigger a trap, you will lose up to 20% of your total life points.

    Floor Puzzle
  12. When you have made it across the puzzle, you must start restoring the Pharaoh Queen. You may do the steps in any order. When you have killed the 5 different levels of Tumeken's Shadow the Pharaoh Queen will appear near of her sarcophagus and you will be able to speak to her. When she is more than 75 % complete you may return to Leela in Draynor Village to complete the quest. Restore her to 100 % complete to gain all the extra experience rewards available from the different tasks.

    Note: Use the check progress option on the Pyramid journal or the Scroll of the dead to see how much progress you have made to restoring the mummy during the remainder of the quest.
  13. Now that you are inside of the Pharaoh Queen's burial chamber, head over to the western side of the room and place all the 4 Canopic jars on the shelves.

    Note: If you log out at any point in the burial chamber and have cleared out the cave-in, then you will appear in the scarab cavern if you log in.

  14. Go to the sarcophagus in the center of the chamber and click on it to return Senliten's mummy to its resting place.

  15. Using the Hammer and Saw repair the broken table and chair in front of the sarcophagus.

    Table and Chair
  16. Now, use the Spice with the Jug of wine to produce Spiced wine. Then, use the Wheat on the Empty pot to receive a Pot of wheat. Go to the eastern side of the sarcophagus and replace the broken pot and jug with both items.

    Broken Pot and Jug
  17. Head up the eastern stairs to the east to find 4 enchanted sconces in the wall, a wandering Tumeken's Shadow and a statue. Kill the Tumeken's Shadow and then click on one of the sconces to light it using 5 Fire runes. Only one sconce can be lit at one time. After you light a sconce the Shadow regenerates but at a higher combat level. Light the next sconce using 5 Fire runes and kill the shadow again. Repeat this process until you have killed the 5th re-incarnation.

    Note: The order in which you have to light the sconces differs from player to player.

    Tumeken’s Shadow
  18. Now, head back to the burial chamber and repair each of the 5 statues inside the burial chamber by praying on them. This requires a total of 101 Prayer points. Once all 5 have been restored, you can will be able to restore your prayer points as if they were prayer altars.

    Note: Praying at the fixed statues restores Prayer points like another altar except for the statue of Amascut, which boosts your Prayer points above your Prayer level but with a hit to your Life points.

    Pray Statue
  19. With a Knife and Willow logs go to the eastern side of the sarcophagus and start building the base of Senliten's statue on the statue area. Now, carve the statue a few more times to finish it up.

    Crave Statue
  20. Talk to the Pharaoh Queen in front of the statue and ask her about how to restore her name and personality. If you have the Scroll of praise and the Copied name papyrus in your inventory, then she will take them and remember her name and who she is.

    Note: If you also have the original Mummy's name papyrus, you will need to talk to her again to give her the other papyrus.

    Pharaoh Queen
  21. Now that all the phases are complete, head back to Leela in Draynor Village to claim your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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