Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
79 Attack
79 Strength
78 Constitution
72 Defence
69 Slayer
Must have defeated Bork
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
A light source.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Armor and a weapon.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food and stat-boosting potions.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
80,000 Attack and Strength experience, 75,000 Combat experience lamp, 50,000 Combat experience lamp, A Kyzaj and the ability to add a Bandos hilt to it, a Kyzaj override for mauls, "the Champion" title, Bandos's Memories book, Access to the God Wars Dungeon teleport spell, Improved drops from Bork and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Ur-tag in Dorgesh-Kaan.
  1. Talk to Ur-tag in his house in the northeast corner of Dorgesh-Kaan's upper floor and he'll tell you that scouts have spotted an army marching on the city in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Ask how you can help and he'll ask you to find out why the army is coming and try to slow them down.

    Accept the quest and Zanik will run into the room and tell you that General Graador has arrived and they've collapsed the swamp entrance to stall him, however you'll now need to go and speak to the army's leaders before they break through the cave-in.

    Note: The fastest way to reach Dorgesh-Kaan is via Dorgesh-Kaan teleport sphere, Fairy Ring Code A-J-Q to the caves south of the city, train from Keldagrim, or through the Lumbridge Castle cellar (speak to Kazgar to be escorted to the Goblin Mines).
  2. Since the entrance to the caves from the city has been collapsed, you'll have to take the long way round. Make sure you've got a light source and teleport to the Lumbridge lodestone, then head south into the Swamp. Make your way southwest to the entrance to the Swamp Caves entrance found just east of the Water altar and climb down the hole under the tree.
    Swamp Caves Entrance
  3. Once inside, head east side of the caves to find the leaders of the Bandosian army: General Graador, Dad, Bork, Zarador, General Bentnoze and General Wartface. Talk to any of them and you'll learn that they blame you and Zanik for Bandos' defeat by Armadyl because you weakened him by destroying his avatar. Tell them that this isn't what Bandos would have wanted and you'll end up turning them against each other as they can't agree who is the strongest and should lead the army.

    Eventually, after more arguing, the goblin generals will suggest a Kyzaj Tournament with Zarador as the organiser and you fighting on behalf of the Dorgeshuun by acting as Zanik's attack beast since the Tournament does not usually allow humans to participate.
    Bandosian Leaders
  4. Return to Dorgesh-Kaan and tell Ur-tag what happened during your meeting with the Bandosian leaders. Zanik will agree with you fighting for them and ask you to meet her at the portal to Yu'Biusk that has appeared at the remains of Bandos found on the hill east of the Goblin Village.
  5. Meet up with Zanik and she will tell you that she is dying as it was Bandos who resurrected her rather than Juna by using part of himself and now that he is dead and unable to sustain her life force, she is slowly growing weaker and will eventually die as well. However, if you win the tournament and she becomes the Bandosian leader, then she will lead the army away to Yu'Biusk and spend the remainder of her days there.
    Yu'Biusk Portal
  6. Go through the Yu'biusk portal a Goblin Maitre d' will ask you what you're doing there and once you've told him, will direct you to Zarador. Follow the spiral path around (don't cross the rope bridge) and climb up the ladder, then follow this upper path south and then northeast to find Zarador.
    Yu'biusk Map
  7. Zarador will explain the rules to you regarding the tournament, of which there are essentially none other than no familiars are allowed. However, each round will include a special limitation or mandate which you'll be told of before each round. Once done, he'll tell you to find your camp to begin the tournament.
  8. Head to the west side of Yu'biusk and climb down the two ladders to find the Dorgeshuun camp and along with My Arm, Burntmeat and Grubfoot who are there to cheer you on. Go through all of the conversation options and once you're done with the questions, a Goblin messenger will appear and inform you that your first fight is with the goblin champion, Yelps.

    However, soon after he will reveal himself to be a Human infiltrator who is angry that the human Bandosians have been excluded from the tournament and so they intend to kill all of the champions. When he attacks you, kill him and you'll find a note on his body which states that there are 5 more humans in Yu'biusk planning to poison the champions.
    Human infiltrator
  9. Return to Zarador and tell him about the human infiltrators and their plot to poison the champions. He'll tell you to deal with it since they're your race otherwise he'll proceed with the invasion of Dorgesh-Kaan.

    When you find each goblin, go through the chat options until you can accuse them of being a human and if correct, they'll change back and attack you. You'll find the 5 humans disguised as goblins at the following locations:
    Goblins Map
  10. Once you killed all 5 Human infiltrators, go back to Zarador to start the fight with Yelps (level 84). The special rule for this round is that you can take as many goblin minions as you like, being that all the goblins are rooting for Yelps, it means he gets bodyguards.

    Despite having 200,000LP, Yelps himself isn't too difficult to kill as you will consistently hit 10,000 on him, however you must first kill Yelps's bodyguards (level 112) as he can't be damaged while they're alive and beware of his special attack when he shouts "WOOOHOOO! Extra spin for the win!" as he will teleport around the arena 5 times and deal rapid damage if you're within range of the blue flames that shoot out while he's spinning. Try to look for the coins that appear where he's about to teleport to next to avoid taking damage.
    Yelps Fight
  11. Once you've defeated Yelps, you'll have the option to either kill him or spare his life for a useless Expired spin ticket and Yelps's very own cashbag. However, you can still obtain the cashbag if you choose to kill him by searching his chest in the Goblin camp. Now that you've dealt with Yelps, leave Yu'biusk and talk to Zanik again and let her know how you're progressing and she'll tell you to head back for the second round.
  12. The special rule of this next round is no armor allowed, so use the bank chest next to Zarador to store it and make sure you just have melee weapons, food and any potions you may need. Your next opponent is the troll champion, Lol (level 110).

    Lol attacks with a powerful Ranged attack and so it's highly recommended to use Protect From/Deflect Ranged during this fight. He himself uses both Protect From Magic and Ranged and so only melee attacks will work. You should watch out for his special attack when he shouts "ME SMASH YOU WIF BIG ROCK!" as he'll throw a big rock at where you're standing and if you don't move, it will land on you and easily hit over 1,000. Furthermore, these rocks will remain in the arena and periodically explode, dealing high damage if you're stood within range so you should make sure you stand well away.
  13. Once you've finished off LoL, talk to Zarador once again and he'll explain the rules of the final round in which you'll face General Graador. During this round you must use an ancient Bandosian weapon known as a Kyzaj, which will be given to you by Zarador after he suggests you try training with since Graardor mastered its use many thousands of years ago and so you'll need the practice.
  14. Return to Zanik and ask her about the Kyzaj. She'll access Bandos's memories and tell you about the history of the weapon and then instruct you on how to correctly wield and use it. Now go back to Zarador and prepare for the battle with General Graador.
  15. The rules of this round are only the Kyzaj can be used as a weapon and no Prayers or Curses are allowed. General Graador uses three very powerful special attacks in addition to his basic melee attack and these are:
    • Kyzaj Swipe: Graardor will raise the Kyzaj to his side and swipe it at where you're stood, hitting 40% of your maximum health if you don't move immediately.
    • Kyzaj Smash: Graardor will occasionally smash his Kyzaj into the floor, creating an unavoidable shockwave. As soon as you see him raise his Kyzaj, run to the edge of the arena as the closer you are to the centre, the more damage the shockwave will deal.
    • Glory to Bandos!: Grarrdor will shout "GLORY TO BANDOS!" and destroy part of the arena's outer edge, dealing high damage if you're stood on top of it. This can be avoided by moving towards the centre immediately.
    General Graardor
  16. When you've defeated General Graador, a cutscene will play in which Zarador throws Zanik into the arena and gives you the choice to either kill her, therefore disqualifying yourself and allowing Graardor to lead, however showing yourself to be a true Bandosian, or spare her and allow her to lead the Bandosians with Graardor as her lieutenant.

    Once you've made your choice, you'll see another cutscene showing you either killing Zanik with the Kyzaj or her rushing to hug you and thank you for sparing her life and then giving a speech to the on-looking Bandosians.
  17. If you spared Zanik, Zarador tells you that he was impressed with her speech, however Graardor refused to take orders from her and has now returned to Lost Temple of the Ancients (God Wars Dungeon). Now talk to Zanik one final time and she'll let you know that this is the last time you'll meet as she plans to lead the Bandosians across Yu'biusk in search of a habitable place and that she actually feels stronger here. Finally, she'll ask you to return to Dorgesh-Kaan and let Ur-tag know what's happened. Do so to finish up.

    If you killed Zanik, Zarador will tell you to speak to General Graador. Talk to Graardor and he'll say that he was just having a bad day and will beat you next time, but he no longer wants to "smash the cave weaklings" and will return to the Lost Temple of the Ancients in order to obtain the Godsword and defeat the other gods in the name of Bandos. Now return to Dorgesh-Kaan and let Ur-tag know what's happened to finish up.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!
    Quest Complete

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