Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
30 Attack to wield Excalibur.
Ability to fight and defeat a level 23 enemy.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Bat bones Bread Bucket Insect repellent
Note that all items can be obtained during the quest.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Teleport method to Falador, Varrock, and Camelot (Runes are not required, but can be helpful).
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Excalibur, 5 Kudos (and 1,000 experience lamp) if you speak to Historian Minas, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Camelot castle.
To Start:
Speak to King Arthur.
  1. Travel to Camelot castle and speak to King Arthur in the Northernmost room on the ground floor. Ask him if you can be a knight of his round table. He will tell you that you must first complete a quest before he will let you join his ranks. He will inform you that your quest is to free Merlin from a crystal and suggest that you ask the other knights for help.

    King Arthur

  2. Check the surrounding area for Sir Gawain and ask him how Merlin got trapped in the crystal. He will inform you that Morgan Le Faye is the one captured Merlin and, unfortunately, he has no idea how to break into Keep Le Faye so you will need to find a way in.

    Sir Gawain

  3. Climb the stairs to the second floor and find Sir Lancelot to see if he has any idea on how to enter Keep Le Faye. He will tell you that is in a strongly defended area and is well guarded - the only things that go in are supplies delivered by boat.

    Note: Make certain you talk to him and not one of the other knights, otherwise you won't be able to do the next step.

    Sir Lancelot

  4. Travel to nearby Catherby and locate Arhein at the dock. Ask him if the ship nearby is his and if he delivers goods to Keep La Faye. When you ask if he would give you a ride, he'll tell you that Sir Mordred doesn't allow strangers in his Keep. This means you'll have to sneak on board the ship. To do this, you will need to hide in a crate that will be loaded onto the ship. Luckily, there is one such crate West of Arhein, near the stalls just South of the bank. Ensure you are equipped for combat then click the lightest colored crate to hop in and be shipped to the Keep Le Faye.

    Note: There is a large amount of dialogue at this time that you MUST proceed through. Failing to go through the entire thing will cause you to have to repeat it all. You can choose to read it or rush through it by hitting the spacebar to progress it.


  5. When you escape the box, you will find yourself on the Keep Le Faye dock. Go up to the third floor and talk to Sir Mordred, then he will attack you. When you're close to killing him, Morgan Le Faye will tell you to stop and spare her son's life. You will agree to spare him in exchange for information on how to release Merlin.

    Sir Mordred

  6. If you are still in need of Bat bones, it is suggested to climb down the stairs and exit the Keep. Outside you will see several Giant bats flying near the entrance. If you already have Bat bones, then you can teleport to Catherby and continue.

    Note: Once you leave through the front foor of the Keep, you will not be able to reenter through the door. To return to the Keep, you will need to climb into the crate and make the trip once again.

    Seems Batty

  7. Having returned to Catherby, walk to the area just South of the bank and speak with the Candle maker to ask him if he can make a Black candle. He will tell you that he can make you one if you bring him a Bucket of wax. Walk to the building South East of the Archery shop and grab the Insect repellent on the table.

    Insect Repellent

  8. With a Bucket in your inventory, travel just West of Catherby to the fenced in area. Here you will find several beehives. Use the Insect repellent on any of the beehives, then Right click the hive and choose "Take from". once you have the Bucket of wax, head back to the candle maker and he will give you a Black candle (unlit). Use your Tinderbox on the candle to light it (toolbelt will work) or Right click and choose to light it.

    Note: If you forgot to bring a Bucket, a respawn can be found near the gate entrance.


  9. Go to Taverley and to travel to the peninsula in the South Eastern lake to meet with the Lady of the Lake and tell her you seek the Excalibur sword. She'll tell you she has to set a test for you and to wait for her at the Jewelry shop in Port Sarim.

    Note: If you lose Excalibur, you can get it back by talking to the Lady of the Lake again and paying her 500 Coins.

    Lady of the Lake

  10. With Bread in your inventory, travel to the Jewelry shop in North West Port Sarim. When you try to open the door, a beggar will appear and ask for Bread to feed his family. When you give him the Bread he will transform into the Lady of the Lake and she will give you Excalibur.

    Note: If you forgot to bring Bread, or chose not to bring it, you can purchase one from the store just South of the Port Sarim lodestone.

    Tough Times

  11. Now that you have collected all 3 of the items (Bat bones, Black candle (lit), and Excalibur), you simply need to learn the correct words. Travel to Varrock and go to the Chaos altar, South East of the Rune shop. Here you will need to Right click on the altar and choose "Check altar". This will tell you the inscription, "Snarthon Candtrick Termanto" and the gathering part of your mission is complete.


  12. Return to Camelot castle with the collected items. Outside of the castle itself, but still within the gated area, you will see a circle of pillars with an orange symbol on the floor to the North East. Stand on that symbol and drop the Bat bones on it. The ghost "Thrantax the Mighty" will appear and you will then have to chant the inscription you saw on the altar in Varrock ("Snarthon Candtrick Termanto"). Once you've chanted the correct words, he'll tell you it's done and you can now smash the crystal Merlin is in using Excalibur.

    Note: Failure to select the correct phrase will cause Thrantax to attack you and you will need to summon him again with Bat bones.


  13. Proceed to the top floor of the South East end of the castle and use Excalibur with the crystal. It will shatter and free Merlin, who tells you to speak with King Arthur for your reward.


Congratulations, quest complete!

Quest Complete

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