Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Old tome (giving 1K XP in 2 skills above 25 and 500 XP in a skill above 25), more Treasure Hunting locations, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Outpost northwest of West Ardougne.
To Start:
Speak to Jorral.
  1. Ask Jorral, at the outpost northwest of West Ardougne, if you can help him with anything. He will tell you that papers that talk of an enchanted key have come into his possession. He then asks you to investigate it. Offer to help him and he will give you the Enchanted key notes.

    Note: If you no longer have the Enchanted key in your possession, then Jorral will give it to you. If you have any items with you, except for the Enchanted key notes and Enchanted key, then he will if you would like him to deposit your items, so that you can use the key. If you choose no, then you will need to bank all of your items yourself.


  2. After everything has been banked, read the Enchanted key notes to learn how to use the Enchanted key. "Feel" the key and you will receive comments on the status of the key. The warmer the key gets the closer you are to your destination. Go to Farmer Brumty's sheep farm, north of East Ardougne. From the gate, walk 3 steps to the northwest and "Rub" the Enchanted key. You will be teleported to a farm.

    Farmer Brumty's sheep farm

  3. Go into the farm house area and speak to Laura, who is building a shed. She will ask you who you are and where you came from. You will tell her that you came from just outside of Ardougne Castle. She will then tell you that she cannot recall any of the names you have mentioned. Afterwards, you will realize that you have been teleported to the past.


  4. Rub the Enchanted key to leave the past and go back to Jorral at the outpost. When you tell him that you went back in time before Ardougne even existed, he will ask you to go back to the farm and speak to the rest of the family to find out more information about the past. He will then explain by rubbing different parts of the key you will have the option to travel to Past A, where you were before, and Past B, a little later in time from Past A. Head back to the spot northwest of Farmer Brumty's sheep farm and choose the option to teleport to past A.

    Teleport options

  5. When you have gone back in time to past A, talk to Jack and Roger to find out about their lives. Jack will need help with remembering his childhood dreams and helping the trees bloom. Roger asks you to find a way to quiet Baby Sarah.

    Rub the Enchanted key and teleport to Past B. Once there, speak to Laura and discover that she always wanted to become an explorer. Ask Jack if he would like his mind read. He will ask you different questions to test your mind reading abilities. When you have correctly answered all of his questions, Jack will ask you to find out why his mother's trees never grew.

    Below are the responses you should give to his questions:

    • You wanted to be known as...Super Jack the Fantasmic.
    • You started with...Cosmic, mind, body and fire runes.
    • You got the runes from....Misalionar.
    • You started learning magic when you were...Seven.
    • You started to learn by...Trying to create fire.
    • You hoped to...Create chocolate cakes.
    • You wanted to use your new powers for...Good.
    • And your favorite flavour of milk is...Strawberry.


  6. Ask Sarah, in the garden at the back of the farm, about the trees. She will tell you her mom probably planted them in the wrong patches. Talk to her again and select the other option, she will then tell you that she is ill and she used to cry a lot when she was a child. She then takes a mixture of guam, honey, and milk to make her feel better.


  7. Return to past A. Pick up Spade from the ground and collect 6 Plant pots from the pile of pots. Now, use the Spade on all of the farming patches to get a Mango tree seedling, a Lemon tree seedling, a Quince tree seedling, a Plum tree seedling, a Avocado tree seedling, and a Pear tree seedling. Replant all the trees in the order shown below. Rub the Enchanted key key to teleport to Past B. If the trees have been correctly planted, you will see them all blooming. Report to Jack that the trees are blooming. A cut scene will occur in which he will give you information about the creation of runes.


  8. Next, ask Laura at the front of the house if she can tell you something about her past. She will say that there is not much to tell and wishes that she had a map of Runescape when she was young. Rub the key and return to Past A. Search the shelves in the house for Charcoal and Papyrus. Use the both on each other to create a Map of runescape and give it to Laura.

    Laura Future

  9. Teleport to past B. Laura now wishes she had taken better care of her Brooch. Go back to Past A and search the bedside tables for A brooch. Use the brooch with the soil mound next to the shed that Laura is working on to bury it. Return to Past B and take the Spade out of the shed. Use it on the soil mound to dig up the brooch and give the brooch to Laura. She will be so happy that she shares with you the information of how the family arrived in RuneScape.

    Soil Mound

  10. Remain in past B and talk to Sarah. She seems sick and takes medicine composed of Honey, Milk, and Guam. She tells you about how it always helps her, but how her father never gave it to her as a child. Return to past A and search the side tables in the farmhouse for Clean guam, a Pestle and mortar, and a Bucket of milk. Search the shelves until you find a Bowl. Go to the back area of the house and use the Bowl on the Beehive to get a Bowl of honey. Use the Bucket of milk with it. Grind Clean guam with the Pestle and mortar to create Ground guam. Add it to the Bowl of milk and honey to make a Bowl of milk, honey and guam. Give this to Baby Sarah. Roger will be so relieved that he tells you a story of where they came from.

    Roger and Baby Sarah

  11. Finally, return to the present and explain to Jorral what you have seen and heard.

    Note: Those who have started the Varrock Museum mini-quest may talk to Historian minas at the Varrock Museum to receive 5 Kudos.

    Congratulations! Quest complete.

    Quest Complete

New Treasure Hunting:

After completing the quest you can use the Enchanted key to locate new treasures all over Runescape. Take a Spade, and feel the Enchanted key frequently as you walk around. Dig as soon as the key is steaming to receive a random reward. For more information, please refer to the Treasure Hunting mini-quest guide.

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