Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food, Armor, a Weapon, and Fire protection (such as an Anti-Dragon Shield). For lower levels (say below combat level 100) a one-click teleport, Prayer Potions, and combat potions (such as Super attack and Super defence) are also recommended. A halberd or ranged weapon is required if prefered over the in this guide recommended "Kicking" method to fight Zenevivia whilst she is on a pedestal (see step 13).
Items Acquired During Quest:
Twig, Mabel's Ring, Dummy, 100 House Tablets
Quest Points:
50k Construction XP, 50k Magic XP, 40k Smithing XP, 40k Crafting XP, 30k Coins, Ability to enchant teleport blocks to teleport to anyone's house, Ability to create pit traps in your house dungeon, and a reduced cost to hiring servants, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
North East of Draynor Village, just to the West of the Windmill.
To Start:
Speak to Mabel.
  1. Talk to the girl Mabel North East of Draynor Village. After you accept the quest she will tell you that she lost her precious ring, which she left upstairs in the barn.

    Quest Start

  2. Go upstairs, and you will notice that there are some Hay bales blocking your way. Proceed as follows:

    • Push the first bale to the west twice (the first time, your character will say it will be possible to push two at once, but it won't be able to push three bales at once).
    • Push the bales directly South of it. Push them a second time.
    • Push the two bales on your East, towards the South.
    • Push the bale on your West to the West once.
    • Push the two bales South of you.
    Now you will be able to grab the ring.


  3. After you grab the ring, your screen will start shaking, and you will get a message that there were some explosions outside. Head back downstairs to find that a woman named Zenevivia has scared Mabel who is now hiding in a sack. Talk to Zenevivia and she will steal the Ring from you. She will then task you with collecting a twig from one of the hay bales nearby. Search them until you find the twig.

    Hay Bales

  4. Zenevivia will take the twig and challenge you and the Wise Old Man to a challenge to see who is the greatest adventurer in Runescape. Head to Draynor Village and talk to the Wise Old Man at his house. He will tell you of his love for Zenevivia and will daydream of the times he spent with her. A hilarious cutscene will occur. The Wise Old Man tells you that Zenevivia stole his house in Rimmington, and that she is probably hiding there. He will ask you to meet him outside when you're ready to travel to the Rimmington House Portal.

  5. Make your way to the Rimmington House Portal and watch the Wise Old Man attempt to enter it. He will fail and tell you that Zenevivia disabled the teleporter, and that you will need to find another way in. He suggests you bring a Chisel and meet him at Anja and Hengal's house in Rimmington.

    Wise Old Mans House

  6. Go to the house to the South East when you are ready and speak to him. He will ask you to re-program the teletab to allow you access into the house. He will give you 100 tabs, which you must use sparingly.

    Rimmington House

  7. Open the first Tab and attempt to connect the Bottom Node to the Top Node using the different tiles. The blank spots are dead zones and nothing can travel through this point. The following images show what the puzzle looks like when it is completed:

    Lower Node:

    Lower Node

    Upper Node:

    Upper Node

  8. Note: Be sure that you have all of the necessary items to complete the quest and plenty of food before proceeding with the next step.

    Once you have finished the puzzle, break the tab and you will both be teleported into the house. If you wish to leave the house and come back, you will have to use a Chisel on one of the provided tabs and break them next to the Wise Old Man in Rimmington. The Wise Old Man will realize that his house has been redecorated and the safety measures removed.

    WARNING: If you die within the house, you WILL loose all your items! Your grave marker will, however, appear outside of the Rimmington House Portal.

  9. The Wise Old Man will tell you about the safety measures being removed and that the only way to get to Zenevivia is through the Dungeon. Enter the Dungeon and you will discover that it is booby trapped. Speak to the Wise Old Man and he will suggest you get 1 Clockwork Mechanism, 1 Mithril Bar, and 2 Oak Planks to bypass the trap.

  10. Talk to the Wise Old Man inside the house once you have the items. He will tell you to sit down at the Clockmaker's bench and make a Dummy. The Dummy will then become enchanted and you must place this into the Dungeon.

    Clockmakers Bench

  11. You must make the Dummy walk through every room and attempt to activate as many traps as possible. The simplest way to do this is to just focus on a direct route and then follow this route again when you enter yourself. However, the dummy only clears traps directly in its path, so it's recommended to walk around a little in each room so that you have room to fight the monsters later on. Also note that there can be multiple traps in one room. Once you make it to the other side, you can choose to either teleport the Dummy back or walk it back manually and disable more traps if you wish.

  12. Once again, make sure that you have all of the gear needed for the final fight and plenty of food before re-entering the dungeon. Also remember to equip an Anti-Dragon Shield (or other means of protection from dragon's fire breath) for the last room in the dungeon, where you will need to fight a level 204 Pit iron dragon. Once you are ready, go down and kill every single monster inside with the Wise Old Man's aid. Try to avoid varying from your original path set by the Dummy. If you set off a trap you will take around 300 damage. After you have defeated all the monsters, speak to the Wise Old Man, who will tell you he still has feelings for Zenevivia. Tell him you must face her to find out how she feels and climb up the stairs.

    Dungeon Fighting

  13. Note: it is highly recommended to use the Kick ability (in the Strength ability book) during the following fight to kick Zenevivia off the pedestal, keybinding the ability beforehand is therefore advisable. Also note that at any time you can descend the stairs to abort the fight.

    Once you are prepared (there are more details about the fight below), speak to Zenevivia (level 95, with 30,000 hp) to start the fight scene.

    Since she uses magic, it is advised to turn on the Protect from Magic prayer and keep it on throughout the fight. She will initially just attack you with blood based ancient magicks for a few moments before she will teleport onto one of the four pedestals in the room. While on the pedestal, she will activate anti-magic and anti-range prayers and create fires on the floor. These fires hit constant 30's and will appear under you every 1-2 seconds; therefore you have to constantly move to avoid the damage. She will swap between standing on the pedestal and on the ground every 20-30 seconds. As her health gets lower, the fires she creates will get bigger.

    If you try to attack her from the squares next to the pedestal, she will kick you away, which briefly stuns you. When she first goes onto the pedestal, it is recommended to either Kick (with the Strength ability) her off or initially attack with one ranged attack so that she switches her prayer to Ranged Protection. This will allow the Wise Old Man to attack her with his Magic attacks. Once her prayer has switched, you can use your melee weapon. A halberd is another option, as it will prevent her from kicking you back whilst you attack from a distance.

    Zenevivia Fight

  14. After a short cut scene you will arrive back at the Wise Old Man's house in Draynor Village. Zenevivia will be with him. Ask him about his latest plan and he will tell they are planning to rob Wizards' Tower. Ask him when the robbery will take place and he will tell you to watch it through his telescope upstairs. After watching the robbery, leave the room, then speak to the Wise Old Man and ask him for your reward.

    Note: You can also return Mabel her ring in return for a 10k experience lamp for any skill that is over level 60. Furthermore, you can help the guard out of the tree next to Draynor Village bank by cutting it down with a hatchet for an additional 5k Coins.

    Congratulations, Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

    After you have completed the quest if you go and speak to Runvastr in Keldagrim and ask him about being a miner he'll give you a Miner's Diary. Take the diary to the Wise Old Man and he'll teach you how to modify your house teletabs into Trollheim tablets.

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