Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Darkmeyer disguise and Blisterwood weaponry or Ivandis flail.
Quest Points:
A tome of XP with three chapters, each worth 75k in a skill of your choice, 75,000 Construction XP, 50,000 Hunter XP, 50,000 Slayer XP, Sunspear, House Drakan outfit, Drakans wings cosmetic override, The ability to create new blisterwood weapons, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Vanescula Drakan near Burgh de Rott.

Reuniting with Safalaan:

  1. Speak with Vanescula Drakan, who is located south-east of Burgh de Rott near the docks that can be used to travel to Meiyerditch, to begin the quest. An easy way to reach here is teleporting with the Drakan medallion and head a little south-east towards the wooden pier. She will appear when you get close enough to the quest start area.

  2. She will then explain that she has something urgent to say to you and the Myreque. She will ask that you speak with Safalaan. Safalann is found in the icynene graveyard.

  3. Board the nearby boat and then travel to the graveyard. Once you have arrived there, speak to Safalaan. Safalaan will not travel to Meiyerditch until he has opened the crytp of his parents and paid his respects to them.

  4. Solve the puzzle to remove the vampyric seal barring entrance to the crypt. Rotate the concentric rings of the puzzle so that their markings join up - a ring's markings will change from red to blue when it is positioned correctly.

  5. Once the crypt door has been opened, inspect the statue of Queen Efaritay to obtain Efaritay's pendant. Talk to Safalaan again to give him the pendant, he will thank you and depart for the Myreque Hideout.

Gathering of the Myreque:

  1. Teleport to Myreque hideout by using the Meiyerditch teleport option on Drakans medallion.

  2. Enter the room at the centre of the hideout to begin a cutscene.

  3. Talk to Safalaan, who is found with Vanescula and Veliaf Hurtz at the northern end of the hideout. Veliaf will make the player his lieutenant, awarding them the title "of the Myreque". Vanescula will explain that her brother, Lord Drakan, has been angered by the groups successes over him and plans to return. Vanescula will ask the group to kill Lord Drakan; the player must prepare to fight Lord Drakan and then meet Vanescula's retinue in Darkmeyer.

Gearing up:

  1. Teleport to Darkmeyer and go to the blisterwood tree, within the Arboretum.

  2. The Myreque will appear. You now have the ability to create dual-wield blisterwood weapons (sickles, off-hand sickles, stake-thrower crossbows, wands, and orbs).

  3. Talk to Veliaf to learn how to craft them and to find out more about the group's plan. He will ask the player to get vampyre disguises for the Myreque.

  4. Leave the Arboretum and travel west to the city wall to find a group of vyrewatch that includes Overwatch Mornid and Vanescula.

  5. Talk to Mornid to ask her about vyrewatch uniforms and she will tell you that there are some uniforms stored at Vanstrom's house.

  6. Enter the large house south-east of the vampyres and search the Vyrewatch crate to obtain Vyrewatch uniforms. Return to Veliaf and talk to him. He will take the uniforms, giving the player one of these House Drakan outfits. Click "yes" to proceed with the quest when ready. Veliaf will ask the player to inform Vanescula that the Myreque are ready.

Gaining reputation in Castle Drakan:

  1. Speak to Vanescula while having the House Drakan outfit equipped to enter the gate to Castle Drakan.

  2. Vanescula and Mornid will fly the player and Veliaf to the top of the castle. Vanescula instructs the player to increase their status with the true-born nobles. Complete the following to gain status: Talk to Lady Nadezhda Shadum about one of the werewolves in her pack, suggest that she humiliates the wolf (20 status).

    Talk to Lord Alexei Jovkai about hors d'oeuvre, suggest that he tries the Defiant old man (20 status).

    Talk to Lord Mischa Myrmel about his personal tithe, suggest that he shows the blood tithe mercy (20 status).

    Shoo all three bats (15 status each).

    After doing these activities talk to Vanescula again.

The return of Drakan:

  1. The central trapdoor will open to reveal a portal, and Lord Drakan will emerge. He decrees that he shall lead the vampyres back to the promised land of Vampyrium.

  2. Lord Drakan will then ask to speak to the player: choose any of the responses to continue with the quest and gain status with Lord Drakan. Drakan will then state that he knows that the player is a human; choose whether to spring the trap or call the retreat. Regardless of the choice made, a cutscene will occur, where Drakan learns of Safalaan's heritage, claims that the person who killed his father is amongst the group, and Safalaan activating his icyenic powers. A second will show the player and the rest of the Myreque being caught, dragged, and put into prison cells.

  3. Leave the cell and open the other 5 cell doors within the area to free the Myreque members. Each door will damage the player for 10% of their maximum life points.

  4. After freeing all the Myreque members, the portcullis leading to the next chamber will open. Enter the chamber and free Vanescula and Mornid by unlocking the seal that is causing them to be trapped in the bloodletter. As with the earlier crypt door puzzle, the player must rotate the concentric rings of the puzzle so that their markings join up. In this puzzle rotating a ring causes the smaller, adjacent ring to rotate as well. Rotating the centre ring causes the outer ring to rotate as well. Players can talk to Polmafi Ferdygris to reset the puzzle.

  5. After freeing the vampyres, the next portcullis will open.

  6. Enter the next chamber and talk to Safalaan. He will tell the player about a mysterious prisoner who has been trapped beneath the dungeon floor by Lord Drakan.

  7. Go up the stairs and leave using the dungeon exit. Veliaf asks the player to explore the area.

  8. Go into the room on the eastern side of the corridor and take from the butchery table to obtain mysterious jerky. The player can take up to 20 mysterious jerky, which is stackable and heals 2,000 lifepoints.

  9. Ivan Strom will give the player a book, A Taste of Hope.

  10. Enter the room on the western side of the corridor and talk to Vanescula and Mornid.

  11. Enter the room south of the corridor. You will need to match up each Myreque member with the blood lock corresponding to their emotional state. Investigate a blood lock to assign a Myreque member to it. The correct matches are:

    Ghrazi - Veliaf
    Alzeph - Radigad
    Pyrah - Kael
    Myrmel - Mekritus
    Vitur - Polmafi
    Shadum - Vertida
    Jovkai - Safalaan
    Drakan - Ivan

    Unlock the tithing door and escape through the cellar exit.

The Castle:

  1. Polmafi Ferdygris attempts to teleport out of the area - but the Myreque's teleports are not working. Veliaf asks the player to lead the group out of the main gate.

  2. Enter the tunnel to the east and Lowerniel Drakan will appear, along with three venators. Drakan kills Mornid and Kael is killed by a venator. The Myreque retreat back into the castle and Veliaf tells the player to find something to barricade the door. Vandalise the Statue of Lord Drakan to obtain a statue spear and use it to brace the door. A venator will break in through a nearby window, defeat it and it will jump back out. Climb the stairs.

  3. Veliaf will instruct the player to cover the windows. Smash furniture to gain furniture debris and use it to barricade the three windows. The furniture gives varying amounts of debris and 3 debris is required to barricade each window. A status bar will countdown the percentage of time that the player has left to barricade the windows. If the status bar depletes with a window remaining uncovered then a venator will break through the window and the player will have to defeat the venator and finish barricading the windows before proceeding. Use the blood lock to enter the next room. The player will to barricade the windows as they pass through a second room; extra debris can be gathered before using the blood lock and can be used in the next room. The second room contains two windows which the player is given less time than before to barricade.

  4. Use the second blood lock and enter the third room. Click on the large table to help the Myreque lift it. A venator will break through the window into the room, throwing Mekritus A'hara out the broken window. Fight the Venator until it flees and then help the Myreque to finish lifting the table into place. Use the third blood lock and enter the next room.

  5. Barricade the two windows.

    Solve the puzzle to remove the forcefield blocking the stairs. The puzzle can be completed by making these moves:

    Rotate ring A clockwise once.
    Rotate ring B clockwise twice.
    Rotate ring C clockwise twice.
    Rotate ring D clockwise three times.
    Rotate ring E clockwise once.

    Players can talk to Polmafi if they want to reset the puzzle. After the forcefield has been disabled, climb the stairs.

  6. Climb the stairs on the western and eastern sides of the chamber and open the blood valves in each room. Before entering the eastern room the player will see a cutscene showing Safalaan entrusting Vanescula with Efaritay's pendant. In the western room a venator will appear and wound Ivan; help Veliaf to fight the venator until it flees back through the window and then check on Ivan.

  7. Return to the centre and then walk north past the ring puzzle to enter the northernmost room. Open the final blood valve.

  8. Climb back down the stairs to the puzzle room; Drakan will appear and kill Radigad Ponfit.

  9. Polmafi will ask the player to help him solve another puzzle. This can be solved by making the following moves:

    Rotate ring A anticlockwise once.
    Rotate ring B clockwise three times.
    Rotate ring C clockwise once.
    Rotate ring D anticlockwise three times.
    Rotate ring E anticlockwise three times.

    Players can talk to Polmafi if they want to reset the puzzle. After the puzzle has been solved, climb the stairs which are surrounding the chamber.


  1. Vanescula discovers that they are on the Vampyrium plane's version of the castle, and that the pylons are used to power the portal from Vampyrium and Gielinor. The player is given 10 mysterious jerky by Ivan and must now fight Lord Drakan while the Myreque calibrate pylons around the top of the tower. The fight has multiple stages; after each encounter, life points, prayer points, and your supply of mysterious jerky are all replenished. If the player dies during the fight then they will respawn at the Arboretum and can resume the quest by entering the gates of Castle Drakan. Combat boosts, such as overloads and prayer renewal, carry over from outside the boss fight. Sulphur springs and thermal baths can also be used before the fight. Once a stage has been completed successfully, the player will not have to repeat it if they die.

  2. Drakan will summon three venators; kill them. Lord Drakan himself will fly above the arena and damage the player for 20% of their maximum health if he flies over them. He will throw a spear at Polmafi to kill him, but Vanescula will protect him and take the spear instead.

  3. Now the player must fight Lord Drakan, who will make use of two attacks.

  4. When Drakan says "Ha ha ha!" he is about to summon bombs; run away from the bombs to avoid taking damage. The player will be damaged for 25% of their lifepoints if they are within the 3x3 radius of a bomb when it detonates.

  5. A second ability is signalled by Drakan saying things like "Still trying to run?" or "You think you can escape?". Use Anticipation when the attack is signalled to avoid it, and use Freedom if stunned to break free. The player will be stunned, have their prayers disabled and be pulled closer to Drakan, who will rapidly deal large amounts of damage to the player.

  6. Drakan is weakened, transforms into a cloud of dust and kills Vertida Sefalatis. He will then fight the player again, using three new attacks. Drakan will not use his healing ability or blood bombs during this phase.

  7. When Drakan says "Fear me!" he is about to transform again into a cloud of dust. Run away from the cloud, as it will deal massive damage to the player while healing Drakan.

  8. When Drakan says "Embrace darkness" stand within the sphere of lightning that is created by Safalaan. Drakan will launch a red sphere at the player, dealing damage equal to half the player's maximum life points if the player is not standing within the lightning sphere.

  9. A third additional attack is only used when the player uses certain combo abilities such as Asphyxiate or Destroy. He will roar and stun the player, then perform multiple melee attacks in succession, similarly to his drag attack.

  10. After the player defeats Drakan again, Polmafi succeeds in opening the portal. Jump in the portal with the rest of the Myreque, where they'll believe they've finally escaped Drakan, who then bursts from the portal, throwing Polmafi Ferdygris back into it in the process.

  11. Fight Drakan again; he will use all abilities from the previous stages and he will now move more quickly. Drakan will only rarely use his darkness orb attack during this phase. Melee is recommended for this phase.

  12. After defeating Drakan again, talk to him. Vanescula stabs Drakan with the Sunspear, weakening him immensely. You will now fight him for the final time. This time, he has only 20,000 life points and he will attack rapidly with melee. He uses a special attack where he will rapidly stab the player, dealing heavy melee damage, but this can be avoided by moving away from him. He also spawns bombs much more frequently in this phase, though only one is spawned at a time. It is advised to keep moving and either employ a hit and run tactic or use magic or ranged.

  13. Use the "finish" option on Lord Drakan to stab him using the remains of the Sunspear, after a brief conversation in which he states that he regrets nothing and that Vanescula will betray the player. The remaining members of the Myreque and Vanescula will be revived; talk to Veliaf. Vanescula will declare that she is now the leader of the Vampyres.

  14. She will then appear to kill Safalaan, with plans to use his icyene blood to be able to pass the Salve, and then reveal her plans to invade Misthalin to restore things to how they were in the days of the Zarosian Empire. She will then teleport away and the player, Veliaf and Ivan will return to Burgh de Rott.

  15. Once back in Burgh de Rott Veliaf will say that things are hopeless, that Calsidiu does not really exist, and disband what little remains of the Myreque.

  16. Talk to Ivan, who will ask you to take him to the Paterdomus. Choose yes to escort him there. Drezel meets the player and Ivan, Ivan suggests that the player goes to talk to King Roald.

  17. Go to Varrock Palace and inform King Roald of what has happened in Morytania. Several cutscenes will occur, showing Vanescula mocking the deceased Drakan; Veliaf embedding his sickle in the Myreque plaque and leaving; and Drezel, who has learned of the events from Ivan, stating that the barrier must be reinforced. Meanwhile, the mysterious prisoner escapes from Drakan's castle in Vampyrium after sensing his death.



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