Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
2 Treasure Hunter keys
New Seren spells and prayers
Ability to make new hybrid armour T70/T80
Access to Tarddiad
90k xp lamps for the following skills: Agility, Crafting, Divination, Herblore, Prayer, Slayer, and Woodcutting.
Start Point:
Inside the Ithell district of Prifddinas.
To Start:
Talk to Eluned who is found in the Ithell district of Prifddinas. Eluned says she is worried about Prifddinas that it will collapse and requires your assistance in forming Seren.
  1. Head upstairs to the Tower of Voices, all the elders of Priddinas will be there having a meeting about the reform of Seren. The elders will ask you if you want to reform Seren or not. After picking your choice, Lady Trahearn will ask you for your Enchanted key so she can attune it to the time of Seren.

    Inst Step 1

    Inst Step 1a

  2. After she attunes your Enchanted key, head to Ardounge lodestone and proceed NorthEast past the farming patch until you reach the cave where The World Wakes started. Enter the cave and you will be taken to the Monument to Guthix. Proceed down to his corpse and rub the Enchanted key in front of Guthix's corpse, you will then be sent back in time.

    Inst Step 2

  3. Speak to Guthix, he will want you to reconstruct Seren's major shards. Guthix also informs you that someone is spying on you and wants to you to find out who it is before leaving. Head NorthWest you will find Haluned there. Speak to her; she will inform you that she is Eluneds twin. After finding this out she will teleport away, and Guthix will appear and will relay you the same information you found out. Once you're done speaking to Guthix you will be teleported back to the present.

    Inst Step 3

  4. Head back to the Tower of Voices where the elders were meeting. Each of the clan leaders will hold a major shard of Seren. You will need to speak to each of the Clan elders to find out the location of each major shard.

    Inst Step 4

Trahaearn and Ithell shard:

  1. Go to the bank and equip your Trahaearn exoskeletion set, and then go to the village Lletya. Investigate the well in front of the statue and proceed inside. You will be asked 4 questions by Trahaearn Automaton MK V.

    TI shard Step 1

    • Question 1: What is the exoskeleton set made out of?
      • Answer: The set is made out of runite.
    • Question 2: What is the name of Lady Trahaearn's ex-husband?
      • Answer: Cynog.
    • Question 3: How many seren stones are there in Prifddinas?
      • Answer: Five seren stones.
    • Question 4: Our children are our future?
      • Answer: The future is doomed.

  2. After answering all the questions correctly, take the Seren shard (prudence) from the singing bowl.

    TI shard Step 2

Meilyr and Crwys shard:

  1. To retrieve the shard from the Crystal tree you will need a Grand defence potion, a Wintercup mushroom, and a Bloodcap mushroom. Head to Coeden who is located in the Crwys district of Prifddinas, he will tell you a story during which you must stay awake during by clicking on the clan icons that pop up on your screen. After he finishes the story he will give you a Wintercup mushroom.

    MC shard Step 1

    MC shard Step 1a

  2. To obtain the Bloodcap mushroom, head to the farming patch South-west of Tirannwn. Once you have all three items in your inventory use the mushrooms on the Grand defence potion to make an Elixir of Revealment. Use the Elixir on the current Active Crystal tree. A hole will appear after using the elixir, climb down the hole and take the Seren shard (harmony).

    Note: Be sure to use the elixir on the Active Crystal tree only! With 94 Woodcutting you can attune a portal to teleport you directly to the tree. (With 94 Woodcutting you can attune a portal in the Max Guild (requires 99 in a skill or Quest cape to enter) to teleport you directly to the tree.)

    MC shard Step 2

    MC shard Step 2a

    MC shard Step 2b

Iorwerth and Cadarn shard:

  1. Strategy: (You can skip through part of the following steps if you have a Hoardstalker's ring, and have unlocked the Baxtorian Resource Dungeon by teleporting to it.)

    Stop by the bank and grab Glarial's amulet, Games necklace, and a rope and make your way to Baxtorian Falls by teleporting with the Games necklace to Barbarian Outpost and running SouthWest across the bridge to the house. Be sure to go ahead and equip your Glarial's amulet before proceeding. Ride the raft, then use the rope on the rocks to swim across the current and then on the dead tree, you will be at the entrance of the Waterfall Dungeon. Head to the room to the east and search the crates to the North that do not match the others to obtain A key. Leave that room and proceed to the North-West room and pick up the key on the floor. Continue through the door to the North and you will find Arianwyn.

    IC Shard Step 1

    IC Shard Step 1a

  2. Investigate the statue of King Baxtorian, he will then cease being a statue and you can speak with him. Upon speaking to him, Baxtorian will tell you that there are four pieces of the Song of Restoration, that they must be found to revive Seren. Be sure to ask Baxtorian where the shard is, he will then turn the Statue of Glarial into the third shard. Grab the Seren shard (integrity) from the statue.

    IC Shard Step 2

Amlodd and Hefin shard:

  1. Before proceeding be sure to have the same 3 light cores. If not the ritual will not work! Head to the Hefin Cathedral. Upon entering the Cathedral, Lady Hefin will start the ritual. You must copy her Incantations and Poses a few times to complete the ritual. It is easiest to jot down the first letter of each word of the incantation on a piece of paper as she says them to help easily remember, as you will have to repeat the poses and incantations once again if you fail to get them right. Once completed you will be given a Seren shard (wisdom), located in your inventory.

    AH Shard Step 1

Haluned shard:

  1. When you have all four shards return to the Tower of Voices. Seren will ask you to obtain the second piece of the song. Return to the clan leaders and return each shard to the corresponding leader. You will be told by Iorwerth that you will need the shards of Haluned and Eluned.

    • Prudence to Lady Ithell
    • Wisdom to Lady Hefin
    • Integrity to Arianwyn
    • Harmony to Lady Meilyr

    Hal Shard Step 1

  2. Head to Morvran who can be found in the Iorwerth district, ask him to be taken to the Library. Enter the door on the West side to enter the Library and head to the Southwest corner of the cliff and click on the shard. Choose the option to include the Seren shard (dark). Proceed back to the Tower of Voices only to learn that you will need a filler crystal from Tarddiad.

    Hal shard Step 2


  1. Caution: Before proceeding you will need combat equipment, weapons and food if you wish to obtain the crystals by killing Crystal Shapeshifters.

    Proceed to the World Gate which is found Southwest of Tree Gnome Stronghold and directly south of the Eagles Peak lodestone. Rotate the dial on the gate until it has a 1 on it. Enter the portal to Tarddiad. At this point you will need to collect 50 Tarddian crystals before being able to obtain the final piece of Seren. To obtain these crystals you must mine the solid crystals, cutting the crystal branches, or fishing the floating crystals in order to receive Crystal fragments. Take 150 Crystal Fragments to Angof who is located in the Northeast island. Once you get the 50 Tarddian crystals from Angof you will then receive the final Seren piece. Before you leave to go back to the Hall, speak with angolf again, and try to "get to know him." Eventually after going through a lot of dialogue and telling him you want PEACE with the elves around, you will unlock the last Seren chant that you need to complete the ritual.

    Tar Step 1

    Tar Step 1a

    Tar Step 1b

  2. Return back to the Tower of Voices to begin the ceremony. You will have a choice to sacrifice Eluned or keep her alive, selecting either one will not affect the outcome of the quest. Speak to one of the elders to continue. You will now have to take Seren's body through Freneskae. Force muspah's will start to attack you, try to avoid their attacks. You only need to keep moving to avoid these. Zaros will appear after a while, speak to him and he will take you to the Elder Halls.

    Tar Step 2

  3. You must now solve 4 Light Puzzles to revive Seren. There is an Outside ring which is the farthest away from Seren. The Middle ring is in between the Outside ring and the Core Ring. The Core ring is located closest to Seren. Each Puzzle will give you a cutscene at the end. If you mess up the Puzzle you can reset it by clicking on Seren. Below are the answers to each puzzle.

    Tar Step 3

    • Puzzle 1:
      • Outside ring: +2 (Twice clockwise)
      • Middle ring: -2 (Twice anti-clockwise)
      • Core ring: -1 (Once anti-clockwise)
    • Puzzle 2:
      • Outside ring: +2 (Twice clockwise)
      • Middle ring: +1 (Once clockwise)
      • Core ring: -2 (Twice anti-clockwise)
    • Puzzle 3:
      • Outside ring: 0 (Don't turn)
      • Middle ring: -2 (Twice anti-clockwise)
      • Core ring: -3 (Three anti-clockwise)
    • Puzzle 4:
      • Outside ring: -2 (Twice anti-clockwise)
      • Middle ring: +2 (Twice clockwise)
      • Core ring: -2 (Twice anti-clockwise)
  4. After you completed all four puzzles, Seren will explain her relationship with Zaros. After Seren is done speaking teleport back to the Tower of Voices. Speak to Seren and she will appoint you the Champion of Prifddinas.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    The Light Within Quest Complete

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