Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
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Items Acquired During Quest:
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Start Point:
Outside the Pick and Lute tavern in Taverley.
To Start:
Speak with Nails Newton.
  1. Make your way to the tavern, just east of the lodestone in Taverley. Speak to Nails Newton and he will explain that a greedy merchant called Rolo the Stout is buying all food in the area and selling it for a high price to the refugees. Nails requires Rolo's official seal to authorize a letter which will release all food in the storehouse for free. However, it is kept in a chest that never leaves Rolo's sight. He will suggest that you bake a pie that will make Rolo so ill, he will have no choice but to leave his chest unattended.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Taverley is by using the Taverly lodestone.

    Nails Newton

  2. To start off, you will need to mix some Fishing bait into the flour. Head to the mill, just south of the tavern, and climb up the stairs to the first floor. Throw both the Wheat and Fishing bait into the hopper. Pull the hopper controls and climb back downstairs. Now, use the Empty pot on the flour bin to collect Maggoty flour.

    Note: If you forgot to bring Wheat and Fishing bait, head southeast until you come across a bridge with a dead troll lying on the ground nearby. Pick up some of the Fishing bait surrounding it and pick some Wheat from the field to the southwest. An Empty pot can be found on the first floor of the mill.


  3. Return to Nails Newton at the tavern. He will take the flour and turn it into a Maggoty pie shell. Walk north and enter the flax field. Upon entering you will automatically bury the Raw crayfish in the ground and dig up a Manky crayfish.

    Note: If you forgot to bring a Raw crayfish, head to the pond northeast of the tavern, where you catch one.

    Flax Field

  4. Show Nails Newton the Manky crayfish, who will ask you to stick a Raw potato in a kebbit hole. Travel north, past the flax field, and up the slope to a snowy hunter area. Once there, find a kebbit hole and use the Raw potato on it. You will receive a Stinking potato.

    Note: If you forgot to bring a Raw potato, you can get one for free from Head Farmer Jones at the farm patch north of the tavern.

    Kebbit Hole

  5. Report back to Nails Newton. Now, use the Stinking potato and Manky crayfish with the Maggoty pie shell. You will create a Terrible pie (uncooked). Enter the tavern to the east of Nails and use it on the oven. Show Nails the Terrible pie that you have cooked and he will say that it needs some spices to cover the smell.


  6. Walk south until you find Foppish Pierre, standing northeast of the bank. Pickpocket him to get Expensive spices and add these spices to the pie, creating a Mouth-watering pie.

    Foppish Pierre

  7. Head back to the tavern and climb the staircase to find Rolo the Stout seated at a table. Talk to him and when he asks, give the Mouth-watering pie a name. Rolo will eat the pie and become sick, scarring his nearby friend Kepple in the process. Speak with Nails Newton and he will request that you head back upstairs. Pick the lock on Rolo's chest to receive a Seal.

    Rolo the Stout

  8. Climb back down the stairs and give the Seal to Nails, who will give you a Forged letter and ask you to show this to Foppish Pierre. Run south and give Foppish Pierre the letter. He will reluctantly agree to open the food store and give away the food for free. Return to Nails Newton to claim your reward.

    Congratulations, Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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