Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
42 Prayer
45 Herblore
50 Agility
50 Ranged
50 Crafting
50 Smithing
50 Strength
50 Thieving
50 Woodcutting
52 Mining
56 Magic
108 Quest Points
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Rune hatchet (or higher; toolbelt works), Machete (toolbelt works), at least 1 Charcoal, at least 2 Gold bars, at least 1 Lockpick, 1 Soul rune, 1 Mind rune, 1 Earth rune, 2 Law runes, Cut sapphire, Cut emerald, Cut ruby, Cut diamond, Cut opal, Cut jade, Cut red topaz, Clean snake weed, Clean ardrigal, Vial of water, at least 1 Unpowered orb, Runes to cast Charge Orb spell, Rope, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Prayer potions, Stat restore potions, 10 Vials, Silverlight or Darklight, and Food. Extra Charcoal, Gold bars, and Lockpicks in case you fail certain tasks.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
7650 experience in four skills of your choice, access to the Legends Guild, ability to wield the Dragon square shield and Cape of Legends, the ability to fill Holy water vials with Golden bowls (of pure water), and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Legends Guild main gate, North-East of East Ardougne.
To Start:
Speak to the Legends guard.
  1. Make your way to main gate of the Legends Guild, North-East of East Ardougne, and ask one of the Legends guards how you can enter the guild. They will inform you that only if you complete a quest you will become a fully fledged member of the guild.

    Ask whether you can go on the quest and they will confirm that you meet the requirements. The guards will then ask whether you want to talk to Radimus Erkle about the details of the quest. Request to speak with him and they will let you enter the guild.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Legends Guild is via the Fairy code B L R or by using the Ardougne lodestone and then running East.

    Legends Guard

  2. Talk to Radimus Erkle in his office, along the Western fence of the Legends Guild, about becoming a member of the guild. You will be sent on a mission, comprising of the following 3 tasks: complete a map of the Kharazi Jungle, make friends with a native from the Kharazi tribe, and bring back a gift from the jungle locals to be displayed in the guild's main hall. You will then be handed Radimus notes to keep track of your mission.

    Note: Keep the Radimus notes with you at all times during the quest. Before you leave, pick up at least three Papyrus from the table. If you do not have a Machete, search the cupboard in the south-east corner to get one.

    Radimus Erkle

  3. Head to one of the entrances of the Kharazi Jungle on Karamja, just South of Shilo Village, and ask one of the Jungle foresters how to get into the jungle. They will inform you that they haven't succeeded but know someone who barely made it out alive in an attempt to map the area.

    Tell them about your mission and they will show interest in the map. Now, question them whether they have seen any natives. The foresters will tell you about an item they found that will attract the attention of the natives if you swing it above your head. Ask if you can have the item and they will offer to trade with you in exchange for something interesting.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Kharazi Jungle is via the Fairy code CKR or by using the Karamja lodestone and then running South.

    Jungle Forester

  4. Cut your way through the jungle bushes and trees to the open area in the jungle. Now, start mapping each section of the Kharazi Jungle (See map below) by choosing the "Complete" option on Radimus notes, whilst having a Papyrus and a piece of Charcoal in your inventory.

    Leave the jungle and show the completed Radimus notes to one of the Jungle foresters. They will be very impressed and ask if they may make a copy. Say yes and, after a moment, they will give you a Bull roarer in thanks.

    Note: If you fail to map a section of the jungle you will lose one Papyrus and one piece of Charcoal. Beware of Jungle Wolves, Oomlie Birds, and Jungle Savages in the jungle.

    Bush Cutting

    Kharazi Jungle Map

  5. Head back into the jungle and swing your Bull roarer in the middle of the jungle. A native named Gujuo will appear. Tell him that you were hoping to attract the attention of a native and would like to develop friendly relations with his people. He will then inform you about the issue his people are facing.

    Gujuo will then ask for your help to construct a new totem pole. In order to acquire the needed materials, you will first need to rescue Ungadulu. He will then tell you the location of the dungeon where is fellow tribesman is being held captive.

    Note: Swinging the Bull roarer does not guarantee Gujuo will show up the first time. Sometimes you will attract monsters or nothing at all.


  6. Once the conversation has ended, travel West through the jungle until you see three rocks in a triangle (See the map above). Search any of the rocks and crawl through the crevice to enter a dungeon.

    Note: If you fail to crawl through, you will take damage.

    Strange Rocks

  7. You will find yourself in a cavern with Ungadulu, surrounded by an octagonal wall of fire. Investigate the flames and talk to Ungadulu. He will act strange and cast a spell on you that lowers your Attack, Strength, and Defense by 3 points. Investigate the flames again to speak to him and find out that you will need pure water to douse the flames. Return to the surface and summon Gujuo using the Bull roarer.

    Ask him about the pure water and Gujuo will tell you that only a bowl made of the metal of the sun, in other words gold, will hold the water from a nearby sacred pool. Gujuo will make you a Sketch of the bowl and tell you how to bless the bowl.

    Flame Wall

  8. Look at the Sketch and head North to the Tai Bwo Wannai village. Use 2 Gold bars on the anvil north of the village to craft a Gold bowl. If you attempt and fail, you will lose one or both of the Gold bars.

    Note: The next steps require the following items: Bull roarer, Gold bowl, Lockpick, 1 Soul rune, 1 Mind rune, 1 Earth rune, 2 Law runes, the 7 cut gems, Clean snake weed, Clean ardrigal, Vial of water, Food, Armor, and a Weapon. Prayer potions and Stat restore potions are recommended.

    Smith Golden Bowl

  9. Return to the Kharazi Jungle with the Gold bowl and summon Gujuo. Show him the bowl and tell him that you would like him to bless the bowl. After a short ritual, the bowl will be blessed and turn into a Blessed gold bowl. Now, head to the water pool in the center of the jungle (See the map below). Cut a Hollow reed from one of the nearby tall reeds and use it on the pool to fill the Blessed gold bowl with sacred pure water.

    Note: You need at least 420 Prayer points to bless the bowl. If you fail to bless the bowl, you will lose some Prayer points.

    Water Pool

  10. Head back into the cavern with Ungadulu and search the bookcase in the North-East corner to discover a crevice. Squeeze through it and then use your Lockpick on the Ancient Gate to get past it.

    Bookcase Entrance

    Ancient Gate

  11. Proceed to smash the three boulders to bits. Once you have made it past these boulders, use your Strength to push through another ancient gate.

    Note: If you fail to smash a boulder, your Mining level will temporarily be lowered. If you fail to open the ancient gate, your Strength level will temporarily be lowed. You need at least 52 Mining to smash the boulders and 50 Strength to open the gate.


    Other Ancient Gate

  12. Run South through the cave, filled with Death Wings, and then jump over the jagged wall to the North.

    Jagged Wall

  13. Further along the Western edge of the cavern, you will discover a marked wall. Search it and you will find a riddle hinting what order to insert the runes to unlock the passage. The order in which to place the runes is 1 Soul rune, 1 Mind rune, 1 Earth rune, and 2 Law runes, which spells "SMELL".

    Note: Once the runes have been placed the passage will stay unlocked and open for future use. You will not have to place anymore runes to pass through.

    Marked Wall

  14. Pass through the marked wall into a cavern with 7 ponds and carved rocks. Search one of the rocks to find another riddle. Use the gems on each rock to find out which one fits on it. If one does not fit, nothing will happen to that rock. The gem will start of fade when you walk away after a successful placement. When all of gems have been correctly placed, the gems will reappear and glow to rebuild the Binding book. Pick up the book and read it to learn how defeat the demon using Silverlight or Darklight and Holy Water.

    Return to a bank (Shilo Village is closest) and withdraw Vials to make Holy water using the steps below. You may also want to restock on food and Prayer potions to prepare for combat.

    Holy Water:

    To produce an Enchanted vial, use the Binding book's "Enchant vials" option whilst having an empty Vial in your inventory.

    To fill the Vials with Holy water, return to the sacred pool on the surface and use the Hollow reed on the pool to fill each Enchanted vial with Holy water. It may refill your Blessed gold bowl first; if so use the reed again and it will begin to fill Vials. Holy water is a ranged weapon and does stack, so bring as many Vials as you can carry.

    To use the Holy water vials against demons, wield it as a weapon. Each Vial can deal up to 250 damage. After you have fought the demon the first time, the water pool in the jungle becomes contaminated. You will not be able to make anymore Vials until you have defeated the demon for the second time.

    Ponds and Rocks

  15. Head back to Ungadulu and prepare for battle. Pour the Golden bowl (of pure water) on the wall of flames to step through them unharmed. Now, use the Binding book on Ungadulu. Nezikchened will appear and attack you, draining all of your Prayer points right away.

    Drink a Prayer potion and turn on Protect from Melee. Beware: as a final attack before he disappears at 1 HP, Nezikchened will blast the player with magic for around 1400 damage. Be prepared! If you need to exit the fire octagon and restock, attack Ungadulu and he will push you out of the circle. Be sure not to attack him when you wish to speak to him, or he will push you out of the circle and you may have to refill your Golden bowl to reach him again.

    Once you have defeated the demon, Ungadulu will reward you with 3 Yommi tree seeds. Ask him how you could get out and he will put a spell on you to protect you against the fire.

    Note: Although Nezikchened is only level 84, he is much stronger than your average demon and takes reduced damage from normal attacks. Prepare for a tough fight! Ungadulu Demon

  16. Return to the surface and summon Gujuo to ask him for more instructions. He will tell you that you need to germinate the seeds and plant them in fertile soil patches, scattered throughout the jungle.

    Use the Gold bowl (blessed with pure water) on the Yommi tree seeds to germinate them. When the seeds have germinated, locate a patch of fertile soil and try to plant the seeds. You will be told that you need more sacred water to nourish the tree when it starts growing.

    Fertile Soil

  17. Head over to the pure water pool and use Hollow reed on it. You will notice that the pool has mostly dried up, with only a little bit of polluted water remaining. Bull roar Gujuo for help. He will tell you that evil spirits must be at work here. Ask him where you can find the source of the pure water spring.

    Gujuo will tell you that the source might be located deeper in the dungeon where you encountered Ungadulu. Viyeldi, the first human who found the spring, put a curse on the caves. In order to access these caves safely, you will need a Bravery potion.

    Return to a bank and withdraw the Clean snake weed, Vial of water and Clean ardrigal to it. To make the Bravery potion, use the Clean snake weed with a Vial of water and then add some Clean ardrigal to it.

    Note: The next steps require the following items: Bravery potion, Rope, Blessed gold bowl, Lockpick, Unpowered orb, any "Charge orb" runes, Food, Armor, and a Weapon.
    The use of Silverlight or Darklight and Holy water is recommended for low level players.

    Polluted Water

  18. Make your way back to the cave with the ponds, where you acquired the Book of Binding. Cast any kind of "Charge Orb" spell on the Ancient Gate, along the Northern wall, and step through it. Now, drink from the Bravery potion and then use a Rope on the winch. Climb down the rope to enter the next level of the dungeon.

    Note: If you forgot a Rope, then search the nearby barrels until you find one. Beware, the barrels can release various monters and damaging explosions. In the future, you will need to recast the spell to pass through the gate. Therefore, bring the necessary runes and an Unpowered orb if needed.

    Another Ancient Gate


  19. You will appear on the second level of the dungeon. Try to pick up the blue hat from the ground and a ghost named Viyeldi will appear. He will recite a poem, containing clues about what awaits you on this floor. Descend down the hill by climbing over the rocky ledges.

    Note: If you fail to climb over a rocky ledge, you will take damage equal to 50% of your Life points. A high Agility level may negate some or all of the damage.


    Rocky Ledge

  20. In the cavern below, you will find the spirits of three long dead warriors wandering around: San Tojalon, Irvig Senay, and Ranalph Devere. Kill one of each to obtain a Chunk of crystal, Hunk of crystal, and a Lump of crystal.


  21. Once you have obtained all three crystal parts, use them on the lava furnace in North-Eastern corner of the cavern to create a Heart crystal. Then, find a mossy rock in the center of the cavern and search it. Use the Heart crystal with the rock and it will start to glow.

    Lava Furnace

    Mossy Rock

  22. Now, use the glowing Heart crystal on the symbol in the wall in the South-East corner of the cavern. The crystal will fit perfectly and you will be able to pass through the shimmering field.


    Shimmer Field

  23. When on the other side of the shimmmering field, run West past the three Lesser Demons try to push one of the three boulders blocking the stream. A ghost, named Echned Zekin, will appear and ask you to help him by killing Viyeldi. Offer to help him and he will give you a Dark dagger to use.


    Echned Zekin

  24. At this point you have two options depending on your combat level:

    • High Combat Level Players: The shortest but hardest option involves fulfilling Echned Zekin's request.

      Return to the hill and try to pick up the blue hat again. Wield the Dark dagger and attack Viyeldi. One hit is enough to kill him. As soon as Viyeldi has died, your dagger will start to glow. Now head back to the blocked up stream, past the shimmering field, and prepare for battle. Push a boulder to make Echned Zekin appear. Use the Glowing dagger on him and he will reveal himself to be Nezikchened. The demon will attack you, draining all of your Prayer points right away. Drink a Prayer potion and turn on Protect from Melee.

    • Low Combat Level Players: This option takes much longer but is less risky. You will not have to kill Viyeldi and the demon will be weaker. During the final battle later on you will also not have to kill San Tojalon, Irvig Senay, and Ranalph Devere again.

      Return to Ungadulu, and show him the Dark dagger. He will give you a Holy Force spell which will help you when you fight Nezikchened for the second time. While up here, you might as well visit a bank for more food, another Unpowered orb and the runes for any "Cast Orb" spell to re-open the Ancient Gate.

      The use of Silverlight/Darklight and Holy water is recommended. After your bank trip, head back to the blocked streams at the end of the second level of the dungeon. Push a boulder and then use the Holy Force spell on Echned Zekin. It will transform him in into Nezikchened. The demon will attack you, draining all of your Prayer points right away. Drink a Prayer potion and turn on Protect from Melee.

      Note: If you tell Echned Zekin you do not have the dagger before the battle, he will touch you for around 1400 points of damage.
    Zekin Demon

  25. Once the demon has been killed, push one of the boulders to unblock the spring. It will require a couple of pushes from different angles to move it as far as possible. The spring will disappear after a few seconds, so quickly use the Blessed bowl on the sacred water spot.

    Note: If you do not have the Blessed bowl with you, you can refill it later on the surface since your movement of the boulder will refresh the sacred pool.

    Unblocked Stream

  26. Return to the surface and summon Gujuo using the Bull roarer. Tell him that you have found the source of the sacred water and ask him how you can craft a totem. Now, locate a patch of fertile soil, scattered throughout the jungle. With the Gold bowl in your inventory, plant the germinated seeds in the soil and a tree will start to grow. Use the Gold bowl (blessed with pure water) on it when it has grown into a sapling. Once the tree has fully grown, quickly chop it down or it will rot. Click on the trunk to trim off its branches and then carve a Totem Pole out of it.

    Yommi Tree

  27. Pick up the Totem Pole and prepare to battle Nezikchened again. Once ready, look for a corrupted totem pole. Several of these totems are scattered throughout the jungle. When you have found one, use your Totem Pole it.

    Note: For the next battle, the use of Silverlight or Darklight and Holy water is recommended for low level players.

    Totem Pole

  28. Nezikchened will appear and attack you, draining all of your Prayer points right away. Drink a Prayer potion and turn on Protect from Melee.

    Note: If earlier on, you chose to obtain the Holy Force spell you will only have to fight the demon. If you went for the option to kill Viyeldi, you will also have to fight San Tojalon, Irvig Senay, and Ranalph Devere again.

    Totem Demon

  29. After having defeated the demon for the final time, use the Totem Pole on the corrupted totem pole again. Gujuo will appear and give you a Gilded totem as a token of friendliness.

    New Totem

  30. Bring this totem along with the completed Radimus notes back to Radimus Erkle at his Guild office. Now, meet him in the Legends Guild lobby and talk to him again to claim your reward.

    Legends Reward

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