Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
45 Magic (Must have the standard Spellbook activated)
65 Defence
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Black full helm, Black platebody, and Black platelegs/plateskirt ((g) and (t) also works), Iron chainbody, Bronze med helm, and some Granite (any weight.)
Items Recommended for Quest:
A Camulet (if you don't have your Granite already) and transportation methods to Ardougne, Edgeville, and Camelot.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
5k Magic XP, 33K Defence XP, 5k XP Lamp, access to the Knight Waves Training Room, ability to do the Court Cases Distraction and Diversion, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Sinclair Mansion gate, north of Seers' Village.
To Start:
Speak to the Gossip.
  1. Speak to the Gossip, located just outside of the Sinclair Mansion. He will tell you that the Sinclair family, along with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, have gone missing. He will direct you to the Guard, just a little north of the gossip.

    Start; Gossip

  2. Talk to the Guard and volunteer to get evidence in the mansion.


  3. Go to the east side of the mansion and break the window.

    Break Window

  4. Now head to the northeast room and pick up the scrap paper. Read it to discover that it has been ripped in half.

    Scrap Paper

  5. Head up the stairs and take the Address form, which is located in the room just east of the staircase. Search the bookcases in this room as well to find a Black knight helm.

    Address form and Helm

  6. Head back to the Guard with these three items. Present him with the evidence, and he will tell you that he suspect that Morgan Le Faye is involved.


  7. Talk to the Gossip, and ask about Anna. He will tell you that Anna is currently being held in prison.


  8. Head back to the Guard, and ask him in which prison Anna is being held. Apparently, Anna is being held in the Courthouse, south of the Seers' Village bank.


  9. Go to the Courthouse and ask the guard if you can speak to Anna. Talk to her and agree to be her defense lawyer in exchange for a secret way to get into Camelot. She will give you Criminal's thread and advise you to talk to the servants in the mansion to gather some information, but that is not required.


  10. Go down the stairs in the Courthouse and the trial will begin.

    Note: You cannot bring any pets or familiars into the courtroom.

    In the courtroom, do the following (Talk to the Judge to call a different witness, and talk to the witnesses to question them):

    • Call the Butler and speak about the Dagger
    • Call the Gardener and speak about the Thread
    • Call the Dog Handler and speak about the Poison
    • Call the Maid and speak about the Night of the Murder


  11. The jury will find Anna not guilty. Talk to her and she will tell you to meet her back at her cell, where she has to complete some paperwork. Click the gate to exit.


  12. Speak to the now-snotty Anna and she will tell you about the secret passage through a statue at the back of Camelot.

    Snooty Anna

  13. Go to the northeast wall of Camelot castle and search the statue. You'll realize you've been duped and Morgan Le Faye will put you in a cell with Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table.


  14. Talk with Merlin, and go through all the options. He will tell you about how to save King Arthur and how to get back the Holy Grail. Once finished, head to the north wall of the cell and "Reach" the vent to see Merlin climb out.


  15. Speak to Sir Pelleas, Lancelot, Tristram, Gawain, Kay, and Bedivere for some handy items. Two of the knights will give you a Law rune and an Air rune. Keep these, and you may drop the other items.

  16. Use the runes you received to cast Telekinetic Grab on the guard brushing his hair to obtain a Hair clip. Use your newly obtained Hair clip on the prison cell door and you will be faced with a puzzle (Mastermind).

    Telekinetic Grab and Hairclip

  17. Start by trying the lock. Four circles will appear in the corner. You have to make them all green to open the lock. Do this by raising the height of one tumbler at a time.


  18. Once completed, climb to the top of the tower past all of the battling knights. Search the table and choose the small, round, pink object, which contains the Holy Grail. You may now exit the Keep.


  19. Go speak to Wizard Cromperty, located in northeast Ardougne. You will need an animate rock scroll. If you do not have one, he will give you one.
    Now it is time to equip/carry the following items: Black full helm, Black platebody, and Black platelegs/plateskirt ((g) and (t) also works), Iron chainbody, Bronze med helm, and some Granite (any weight.)

    Wizard Cromperty

  20. Once you have the required gear, go to the Black Knights' Fortress (northwest of Edgeville.) Equip the Bronze med helm and Iron chainbody only and enter. Now put on the rest of the black armor you are carrying. The entrance is behind the wall in the center that has the push option. once you press it you go through and then down the ladder to free King Arthur.

    Push Wall

  21. You will see King Arthur in the south end of the room. Free him and then talk to him. He will tell you to meet him in Camelot.

    Free King Arthur

  22. Return to Camelot and speak to King Arthur.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Training Room

See the Camelot Training Room guide.

If you talk to Merlin after the quest he can point your respawn point to Camelot if you want it.

New Prayers

Once you have completed the quest, the training room, and have the proper prayer level, you will gain the ability to use two new prayers: Chivalry and Piety. These prayers do not stack with other boosting prayers.

Name Effect Requirements
Chivalry Increases Defence by 20%, Strength by 18%, and Attack by 15% 60 Prayer, 65 Defence
Piety Increases Defence by 25%, Strength by 23%, and Attack by 20% 70 Prayer, 70 Defence

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