Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of kinship and Food.

Suggested Quests: Deadliest Catch
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Access to a new barrows encounter and equipment, 25,000 Agility experience, 25,000 Crafting experience, 25,000 Herblore experience, 25,000 Smithing experience, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
South of the Burthorpe lodestone.
To Start:
Speak to Linza.
  1. Talk to Linza located near the smithy in Burthorpe south of the lodestone. She will tell you that people have been kidnapped and she needs your help. She tells you the only witness is Relomia, the emissary of Sliske, in Draynor Village.


  2. Go to Draynor and speak to Relomia. She is located Northeast of the market. She tells you that Sliske has been kidnapped and is being imprisoned somewhere in Daemonheim.


  3. Go to Daemonheim (you can teleport there with the Ring of kinship). If you teleported there with the ring, go a bit Southeast and you will see Linza standing in front of a trapdoor. Talk to her and enter the trapdoor.

    Note: Keep at least 6 empty spaces in your inventory. If you sign out at any point you will log back in at the trapdoor. When you descend, you will resume where you left off; the only exception being the maze. If you leave before the maze is complete you will need to start it over.


  4. After the cutscene, you will be in jail with a Dragonkin guard nearby. If you interact with it nothing will happen. Instead, talk to Sliske in the cell next to yours.


  5. Try talking to the guard and he will continually ignore you; this is when you devise your plan to get him closer. Talk to Sliske and tell him your plan is to create a brawl for the Dragonkin to breakup. Once that plan fails try to talk with the Dragonkin guard and he will give you some food. Talk to Sliske again and ask him to distract the guard. Use the dragonkin food with the latrine then use the plate with the loose Brick, and lastly use one of the plate halves with the Brick.


  6. You will now have a blade. Use it with the barracks bed and you will get a cloth strip. Use the strip with the Brick to get ludicrous flail.


  7. Talk to Sliske and you will ask him to knock out the vial on the shelf outside and give the potion to you. The Dragonkin guard will come into his cell and beat him giving you a chance to pickpocket him. You will get a Bag of crystals. Talk to Sliske, he will mention he got a piece of cloth from the Dragonkin while he was being beaten. You will tell Sliske that you need to use it for a facemask before using the potion.

    Beating Sliske

  8. Use the potion with the latrine and you will drop it down through the pipe along with the Bag of crystals.


  9. Use the empty bottle with the cloth strip and you will get a bottle on a string. Use this once again with the latrine and you will get a bottle of acid. Talk to Sliske and give him the other plate half you had a while ago so he can distract the guard.


  10. Now use the bottle of acid on the cell door and it will open. Talk to Sliske and he will tell you there are actually no hostages and this was all a plan.

    Cell Door

  11. Exit the area and speak to Sliske. He tells you he will make the barrows brothers suffer and he wants you to participate in his "game". You now need to help the Barrows Brothers.

    Barrows Game

  12. After the cutscene chat has ended step into the Fighting pit with Dharok. Here you have two options: hurt or help. If you choose to hurt him, unleash the gate and you will turn into a champion. Kill Dharok and you will free him. If you would rather help him, talk to Dharok and convince him to not fight and let his opponents win; he is already dead and has nothing to lose. Either option will free Dharok so you can move on to the next brother.

    Dharok's Puzzle

  13. Now you control Ahrim in a maze. You will need to make choices from time to time in which way you'd want Ahrim to go, either hurting him or harming someone else. Your goal is to find the centre. When you complete the maze, you will find out that Ahrim had killed Isolde to stop Guthan from meeting her.

    Ahrim's Puzzle

  14. Now it is time to "save" Verac. He is being stretched between the statues of Saradomin and Zamorak. To release him you will need to find a key from whichever god he does not follow, in this case Saradomin.

    Verac's Puzzle

  15. Go to Verac and say you need the Saradomin key. You will need to cut his belly and get the key from inside him. Keep digging deeper and once you feel it pull hard to retrieve the Saradomin key. Unlock the Saradomin statue and Verac will be freed. Talk to him.

    Retrieving Verac's Key

  16. The statue has revealed a hole. You will need to investigate it to see if there is a way to escape from the prison and hinder Sliske.

    Hole in the Wall

  17. Investigate the orrery in the next room. You will see a cutscene between Sliske and a mysterious voice by the Stone of Jas. The orrery is one of the 5 secrets you will need to find.


  18. For the other 4 secrets, collect the books from the tables around the rooms: Sliske's Ramblings, A visit to an old friend, Death at Sea, and The Divine Delusion; then investigate the shadow focus. Investigating this before getting the secrets won't do anything.

    Shadow Focus

  19. Next it's time to save Guthan. At this point you will control Linza to talk to Guthan. Sliske will question why you have made no comments and insist on knowing your thoughts on the current situation. Meg will need to impersonate you to distract Sliske. She will fail and Sliske will realize your lies and shock you with his staff while attempting to steal your soul.


  20. You will now see another cutscene where Sliske beats you unconscious. Sliske will then reveal that Linza and Relomia were in on this game from the start, Linza had betrayed you. Sliske turns Linza into a wight. Linza is now a Barrow's Sister.

    Barrows Sister

  21. You now have 120 seconds to escape before the roof falls on you. There are a lot of ropes but only one is stable. The rope you climb is random from player to player. If a boulder falls on you, you will be stunned for several seconds before you can continue. You may also face small groups of wights that will attack. Once you escape, you turn up outside Barrows. Talk to Dharok to finish the quest. If you do not have inventory space for the reward lamps, you can speak to Major Mary Rancour in Burthorpe.


    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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