Quest Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
500 Agility XP, 500 Construction XP, 500 Dungeoneering XP, 500 Thieving XP, access to Menaphos, its reputation system, the shifting tombs beneath its surface, 1.25x the base Menaphos Reputation gain, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Al Kharid Palace throne room.
To Start:
Speak with Emir Ali Mirza.
  1. Talk with Emir Ali Mirza the Al Kharid palace throne room. He will inform you that Menaphos has expressed interest in opening trade between the two cities. He asks that you join Hassan to ensure his safety and should you see anything that should be reported to Osman, you should do so. Finish talking with Emir Ali and then you will be able to speak with Osman.


  2. Walk up the stairs in the North East area of the throne room. Once on the second floor walk South on to the Balcony and talk to Osman. He will tell you that he already has assets within the city so you are not needed to spy, just to inform him if there is anything noteworthy occurring there. You will now have the option to ask him several questions before continuing the quest. When finished, walk North of the stairs you came up and climb the stairs just to the West.


  3. This should bring you to the roof of the palace. Here you will find Hassan on the Southernmost edge. Speak with him and he will begin to review magic carpet safety protocols. As he is reviewing this a cutscene from Menaphos will occur. Once the cutscene ends you and Hassan will climb on carpets and can fly to Menaphos. You can either lead the way there or talk to Hassan and allow him to lead the way there.


  4. Upon landing, you will get a brief cutscene showing off the city (this can be skipped by hitting ESC). When they end, Ambassador Jabari will speak to you and Hassan. He will briefly mention some civil unrest and a "scoundrel" called Jack of Spades has been terrorizing the city before escorting you to Grand Vizier Ehsan, a Merchant within Menaphos.


  5. When conversing with the Vizier, the Jack of spades will appear and steal Ehsan's tax ledger. Hassan suggests that you may be able to help catch the thief. Step outside and talk to the guards; they will inform you that he was last seen heading toward the Ports district and `Admiral` Wadud may be able to help you locate him.

    Grand Vizier Ehsan

  6. Travel South East to the Ports district. On the way there, activate the Menaphos lodestone located in the South Western corner of the plaza you will need to walk through to reach the Ports district.


  7. From the lodestone, continue South West to the Golden Scarab Inn and locate `Admiral` Wadud just inside. After a short dialog about how he has the largest fleet sailing from Menaphos, the Jack of Spades will appear and steal Wadud's prized trinket. The Admiral will panic and insist that he needs the item back, if you can get it, he will owe you. Asking for a hint on where to look he will suggest talking to guards as they may have seen something, even if they have not acted upon it.

    Golden Scarab

  8. Use the Menaphos lodestone, then travel West into the Imperial district and talk to Commander Akhomet. She is at first rather rude about your desire to help, but her opinion quickly changes when the Jack of Spades appears and steals Akhomet's ceremonial dagger before the guards can capture him. She will offer that his base of operations in not in the Imperial district and that reports suggest it is likely in the Workers district.

    Commander Akhomet

  9. Walk to the nearby Shifting Tombs entrance, Right-click it and select to travel to the Worker District. When you arrive to the district, will find Batal just to the North of you. He will talk to you about what the Jack of Spades has been up to and that he should probably be in that district somewhere. Before your conversation concludes, the Jack of Spades will once again appear and steal Batal's coin purse. He will suggest checking under the city to find the Jack of Spades, each district has access to the tombs below the city.


  10. Climb down the stairs just South of Batal and enter the Shifting tombs. Once inside you will find the Jack of Spades standing in front of you waiting. Walk over and speak to him and you will learn that it is Ozan. You will then be given the opportunity to ask him a handful of questions before he returns the stolen items to you to return to their respective owners.

    Shifting Tombs

  11. Exit the tomb through the Workers district North of Ozan. Return the coin purse to Batal then reenter the tomb.

    Coins Returned

  12. Once in the tomb, exit out the Western stairs to the Imperial district. On the surface, walk North West to Commander Akhomet and return her ceremonial dagger before returning to the tomb.

    Dagger returned

  13. In the tomb once more, exit out the Southern stairs to the Ports district. Once on the surface you will be just South of the Golden Scarab Inn. Walk inside and return the trinket to `Admiral` Wadud before returning to the tomb again.

    Trinket Returned

  14. Finally, you will need to exit out the Eastern stairs to the Merchant district. From there you will need to travel West and slightly South to return to Grand Vizier Ehsan to give her the stolen ledger book. Return to the tombs one last time to speak with Ozan.

    Tax Ledger Returned

  15. Once here you will inform him that the items have all been returned and it seems that you have an "in" with these influential people now. He will suggest that you return to Hassan and refrain from mentioning that he is within the city.


  16. Exit from the Eastern stairs and return to Grand Vizier Ehsan's home where you can speak with Hassan. He will tell you not to worry about him, they will begin trade discussions so you are basically free to explore the city.


  17. Congratulations! You have finished the quest.


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