Quest Requirements:
Quest Points:
Lamp of joy (5k experience); Lamp of wonder (5k experience); Lamp of laughter (5k experience); 2,000 Christmas spirit; Santa's little helper outfit; Winter Scarf and Winter Hat (green and red); Ability to place a Christmas tree and other decorations in Fort Forinthry with Zoe; Santa's sack that allows the player to deliver one present a day in return for more Christmas spirit; Access to the decoration making activity in Christmas Village; 2 Treasure Hunter keys
Start Point:
Santa's Grotto
To Start:
Talking to Santa
  1. While speaking with Santa Claus, he will mention that they have noticed that the people of Falador, Lumbridge, and Varrock aren't as excited for Christmas this year. Santa Claus will ask you to help the Imps figure this out and solve the problem. Accept the quest and he will team you up with an old friend imp friend (name will vary), who will follow you throughout the remainder of the quest. If he is lost at any time, he can be found on top of the barrel near the quest start point.


  2. Once Santa Claus has paired you with the imp, he will leave to deal with more stuff for Christmas. Speak to your imp and he will give you the lowdown on the current situation. Long story short, there are no decorations in those cities and thus no excitement for Christmas. The imp will suggest talking to the nearby city representatives to develop a plan.


  3. Walk East and either investigate the Christmas spirit map (table) or speak to one of the city representatives. They will discuss the current state of affairs in each of the cities before filling you in on their plan. They want to create a bunch of deccys (decorations) and decorate each of the cities in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. This is of course where you come in!

    What We Doin'?

  4. Before you can runoff to the cities however, you must first help make some of the decorations. Walk North and interact with the "Crate of unfinished decorations" or the "Decoration bench". You will get a blue bar above your head while creating things. Once the bar has filled, the imp will tell you to meet them at the cities.

    Building Time

  5. Note that the cities can be decorated in any order. In typical RuneHQ fashion, we will be taking the alphabetical route. Within each of the cities, you will need to do the same thing in the same order before proceeding.
    1. Investigate the sleigh to discover all the decorations and snow imps have gone missing - red star
    2. Locate and interact with 5 piles of snow (any order) - gold star
    3. Create a Christmas tree - green star







  6. With all the cities decorated, return to Santa's Grotto and interact with the Christmas spirit map or speak to one of the city representatives again. They will let you know that Santa Claus stopped by and was very pleased with your progress on creating Christmas Spirit. He has also left you a note with a request.

    How'd We Do?

  7. Walk to the giant sack just South West of the table and interact with it. You will immediately open the letter and receive a Santa's sack. Within the sack are 5 presents which you will need to hand out.

    Sack It To Me

  8. Click the sack to open a window with an image "list" of 16 NPCs. You can choose ANY 5 of them to give the presents to; no repeats, they must be 5 different NPCs. Clicking on the faces will give you information about them on the Right side of the screen. Note that not all of the NPCs can be selected if you are completing this on a F2P world.

    NPC Closest City Location Map Members?
    Sir Amik Varze Falador On the 3rd floor of Falador Castle. Sir Amik Varze f2p
    Bob Lumbridge In his axe shop just outside Lumbridge Castle. Bob f2p
    Brugsen Bursen Varrock Just inside the Grand Exchange. Brugsen Bursen f2p
    Doric Falador In his house North West of Falador. Doric f2p
    TzKal-Zuk Senntisten In the sewers of Senntisten. TzKal-Zuk p2p
    Ernie Varrock Upstairs in Varrock, South West of the tea stall. Ernie f2p
    Hans Lumbridge Walking around Lumbridge Castle courtyard. Hans f2p
    Violet Yeti Town In her house after Violet Is Blue Too. (Quest required to deliver present) Violet f2p
    Bill Fort Forinthry In Fort Forinthry's Workshop after having rescued him from Zombies. Bill p2p
    Max Varrock Running around Varrock, training various skills. Max p2p
    Reldo Varrock In the library in Varrock Castle. Reldo f2p
    Skippy Rimmington Stubling around the coast south of Rimmington. Skippy p2p
    Thok, Master of Dungeoneering Daemonheim Standing tall next to his brother outside Daemonheim. Thok of Daemonheim f2p
    Vorago Falador In the borehole North of the Falador lodestone. Vorago p2p
    Wendy Draynor Village South West of Draynor Manor. Wendy f2p
    Wise Old Man Draynor Village In his house in Draynor, North of the bank. Wise Old Man f2p

  9. Choose your desired NPC and click the "Set For Delivery" button on the bottom Right. You will then need to travel to that location and speak with the NPC. Once you have given them their gift and asked what they got, click the sack again and repeat the process 4 more times. Note that if you have not given the gift away yet, you can click the sack and select a new recipient.

    It's A Prezzie

  10. Once you have given out all 5 gifts, return to the quest start location and speak to Santa Claus. He will thank you again and reward you for your help.

    Wrapping Up

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

You Did It

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