Quest Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
1,000 gold coins
Quest Points:
Access to Wushanko Isles, a new Rest animation override, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
  1. Talk to Trader Stan; You can find him on the South Western most part of the pier in Port Sarim. Talk to him about Jed, then go through each of the options about a Quartermaster, Navigator, and a Bosun.


  2. Go into your Port. The portal is located directly North of Stan.


  3. Talk to the Barmaid about Stan and a Quartermaster. Once you pay off Stan’s fee, she will tell you to talk to Mister Gully upstairs.


  4. Climb the stairs North West of the barmaid, then walk East to the balcony where you will find Mister Gully. Talk to him and recruit him as your Quartermaster.

    Mister Gully

  5. Leave the pub and find Seasinger Umi. She is located just East of the portal inside your port. Try to recruit her and she will tell you to talk to her sister in Rimmington.

    Seasinger Umi

  6. Teleport to the Port Sarim and walk West to Rimmington. Talk to Seasinger Jemi near the well to recruit her for your ship.

  7. Walk or teleport back to Port Sarim and go South of the lodestone to the prison. Here you will find Guard Captain Roarkwin. After explaining some of Port Sarim's current situation, he asks you to talk to Jacob’s sister in Draynor Village to let her know that her brother is in trouble. He also hints that this may solve you Bosun problem.

    Guard Captain Roarkwin

  8. Head to Draynor Village and go to the Pottery House; the North most house. Go up the Stairs and talk to Black Knight Sergeant, Evie Higgs. You will tell her that her brother is in danger and she will willingly join you on your ship.

    Evie Higgs

  9. Head back to Port Sarim and talk to Stan about Jed again. Now you are done with the Quest!


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