Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
54 Necromancy
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
2 Bucket of Water King Worm Beetle bits 2 Raw or Cooked snail*
(Raw) Ghostly Sole
*options include Thin snail (meat), Lean snail (meat), and Fat snail (meat)
Items Recommended for Quest:
Tome of Um 1 or 2
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
20,000 Necromancy XP lamp; Uncut Moonstone. Additionally, 25 souls will be added to your Soul vessel.
Start Point:
City of Um's Owlery.
To Start:
Speak to Deryn
  1. Talking to Deryn in the Owlery, she will complain about what a mess it has become while Rasial has been causing trouble. You will offer to help and she will say that she wouldn't refuse your assistance. Accept the quest.


  2. In the Western corner by the door is a barrel, next to it is a bucket of cleaning supplies. Click it and choose to take the Brush and Cleaning cloth. If you didn't bring 2 Bucket of water, you can grab 2 Empty buckets as well and fill them up from any water source; there is one on the South side of Um.

    Gather Here

  3. Clean up the owl droppings in front of Tyton, cobwebs in door near the cleaning supplies, and the dirt pile just inside the doorway; these 3 spots will each have you clean up all of the related filth. This will also empty a Bucket of water, so if you only have 1, you will need to refill it soon.


  4. Talk to Deryn again. Tyton will ask for a massage chair and be shot down. Denied finer comforts, they will settle for troughs of food and water.

    Not That Sorry

  5. Deryn will offer use of her toolbox in the Eastern corner of the room under the ladder. Collect 6 Nails, one at a time unfortunately, from it and prepare to build.

    Nailed It

  6. There are 2 troughs which will need to be built. One will be inside (food) and the other outside (water) along the South Eastern wall. Click each pile of wood to create them.

    Build Em

  7. With the troughs built, go back inside and speak with Deryn again. She will tell you that empty troughs won't be of use to anyone, so you should fill the one outside with water.

    Now Fill

  8. Step outside and click the trough to fill it with water using your second Bucket of water. One giant bird bath complete.

    Splish Splash

  9. Return to Deryn and you will begin to talk about filling the food trough. Unfortunately, she won't be sure about that food to use and it appears that Tyton and their siblings have rather different tastes. You will suggest bringing back several different options and the owls can choose what they prefer. Both Deryn and Tyton on board with the idea, Deryn will suggest asking a pet shop owner for assistance finding options.

    Hmm What To Get

  10. Head to Taverley or Yanille and talk to pet shop owner to learn what you should feed the owls. If you don't already have some Beetle bits, be sure to buy some after the conversation ends.

    Feed What

  11. Ensure that you have all the food samples (King Worm, Beetle bits, snail, AND (Raw) Ghostly sole) then return to the owlery and talk to Deryn. There will be a taste testing session in which they conclude the snail is the best food, but it needs something extra. The decide they want the sand from inside an hourglass to sprinkle atop the snails.


  12. Head to the clock tower and climb the stairs in the building North of it. Take from the crate of hourglasses on the East side of the roof. Smash the Hourglass to obtain Hourglass 'sprinkles' (which you need) and a Smashed hourglass (which you destroy). Use the Hourglass 'sprinkles' on the snail to create a Snail with hourglass 'sprinkles'.

    Sand But OK

  13. Return to the Owlery and fill the trough inside.


  14. Once filled, talk to Deryn again to complete the quest.

    So Needy

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

You Did It

Post Quest (Birds of Prey):

Once you have completed the above quest, you will be able to complete an Achievement wherein you have to locate 14 owls throughout the City of Um. This Achievement is required for the Master Quest Cape and will additionally reward you with the "[Name], Friend of the Owls" title. Requires 120 Necromancy to complete.

You may need to lobby or leave the city for the owls to appear if you attempt to locate them right after completing the quest. Owls can be spotted in any order as long as you have the level. Owls will NOT be visible if you do not have the appropriate level - You CANNOT boost to spot them early. Tracking an owl will enable you to have a short discussion with them.

Necromancy Level Owl Location Map
55 Asca On the bench next to Kharen, near the gondola to Rasial's Citadel Asca
60 Blathers On the safety deposit box West the City of Um bank Blathers
65 Snowy On the rocks South of Selene's house Snowy
70 Esiw In a window above the water trough at the owlery Esiw
75 Bubo On a gondola West of Ed Bubo
80 Screech On the railing West of Kili Screech
85 Morai On gallows in the Hanging Gardens (East of mushroom patch) Morai
90 Celeste On the stairs you climbed to reach the Hourglass (Housing of Parliament), North of the clock tower Celeste
95 Athena On the West window sill of Selene's house Athena
100 Laphus On a cart at the Southern docks, East of Sostratus Laphus
105 Tawny On the ledge of Austin's house, near the stairs to the owlery Tawny
110 Rowlet On the West railing of the bridge East of the City of Um bank - CANNOT speak to him from on top of the bridge Rowlet
115 Ruffles On the bow of the boat sticking out of the building South of Ed Ruffles
120 Asio On the lowest perch above the bottom of the stairs in the owlery Asio

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