Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Food and Combat equipment (preferably Magic).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Air battlestaff, Bronze dagger, Chargebow, and 20 Observations.
Quest Points:
1,500 Magic and Runecrafting XP, 2 500 XP Combat lamps, Kipple Nano pet, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
To Start:
Interact with Ariane or Xenia.
  1. Interact with Ariane or Xenia outside the Wizards' Tower South East of Draynor Village, accept the quest and you'll see a cutscene in which the two women are arguing, with Ariane accusing Xenia of stealing important research and murdering somebody. During the cutscene Xenia will attack Ariane and you'll be given the option to side with either Ariane or Xenia, or to try and break them up. Choose an option and at the end of the cutscene, Xenia will tell you that she has a good reason for what she's doing before teleporting away and Ariane will then ask you to meet her outside the Old Tower to continue.

    Note: The quickest way to reach the Wizards' Tower is via the Wicked hood teleport and descending down the beam to the bottom floor, or teleporting to the Draynor Village lodestone and running South East across the bridge.

    Quest Start Point

  2. Head east to find Ariane at the entrance to the old tower. She'll tell you that you'll need to find a way to track down Xenia and find out what she's up to. She'll then introduce you a golem called Kipple which should be able to help you find Xenia by tracking the magical trails left by her teleports.


  3. Talk to Kipple and it'll ask you if you're ready to track Xenia. Say yes and then yes again to it telling you how the tracker works. When you've read the explanation, you'll be shown the Runic Frequency Modulator. To use the modulator, you'll need to first rotate the dial until several bars corresponding to different runes light up on the chart to the right and a red dot appears bouncing between each one.

    Now you'll need to match the height of the bars to the height the red ball is bouncing by rotating the dials to adjust the power of each rune e.g. If the Air rune bar is highlighted and the ball bounces above it to the fourth notch on the vertical axis, you'll need to rotate the dials so that one has an Air rune arrow pointing to '3 Points' and another has an Air rune arrow pointing to '1 Point' for a total of 4.

    Once you've found the right combination and matched the height of bars to the ball, choose to follow the signal and Kipple will then tell you a location which will be either White Wolf Mountain, Entrana, the Kharadian Desert, or Karamja.

    Note: The order of the locations in which you track Xenia differs from player to player.


    White Wolf Mountain:

    1. Make your way to the middle of White Wolf Mountain, then talk to Kipple and use the tracker to reveal a portal nearby, which you should now enter.

      Note: The quickest way to reach White Wolf Mountain is via the Taverley lodestone home teleport, walking South toward the bank, then climbing North up the ridge of the mountain.

      White Wolf Mountain

    2. Through the portal you'll find yourself in a cave with a puzzle that you'll need to solve in order to remove the stone blocks stopping you from talking to a construct called WenKra. Each Circuit node in the puzzle generates or consumes a certain number of power units and you'll need find a combination of active and inactive nodes which generates the exact number of units required to power up the blocks. This must be done four times starting with 5 units and ending with 20.

      Power Puzzle

    3. Once done, talk to WenKra and you'll learn that it acts as the mouthpiece and voice of an Elder God called Wen who is sleeping below and that Xenia has taken some form of powerful magical energy from it which has distressed Wen as her link to WenKra has been weakened as a result of the missing energy. When you've gone through all of the chat options, talk to Kipple to use the modulator to track Xenia's next location.



    1. Make your way to the dock South of the North-most dock in Port Sarim, use the Bank deposit box to bank any weapons and armour you're carrying, then talk to a Monk of Entrana to travel to Entrana. Once you've arrived, head to the North Western side of the island and talk to Kipple to use the tracker to reveal a portal nearby, which you should now enter.

      Note: The quickest way to reach Port Sarim is via the lodestone home teleport. Alternatively, you can teleport directly to Entrana if you bank your armor and weapons then use the Wicked hood's Law Altar teleport.


    2. Through the portal you'll find yourself in an empty cave with a wooden Bik door at the opposite end. Attempt to open the door and you'll anger the construct, BikKra and have to have to fight BikKra's attendants. Kipple will give you an Air battlestaff, Bronze dagger and Chargebow to fight with, but as the attendants are weak to Air spells, it's recommended to just cast your best Air spell using the battlestaff. Keep killing them until an Unstable attendant appears. Lure this to Kipple who will then pick up, disarm and place it next to the door. If Kipple doesn't pick up the Unstable attendant before the bar above its head fills up, it'll explode and deal heavy damage to you. Once three Unstable attendants have been placed next to the door, light them to blow it up.

      Unstable attendant

    3. Once done, talk to BikKra to learn that it acts as the mouthpiece and voice of an Elder God called Bik who is sleeping below. Ask about Xenia and choose the second option to have BikKra tell you that Xenia performed a ritual related to the abyss and that eventually Bik will awaken, destroy the world and cast the debris into the abyss before making a new world. Now talk to Kipple again to use the tracker to find Xenia's next location.



    1. Make your way to the Karamja Volcano on Musa Point and talk to Kipple to use the tracker and reveal a portal nearby, which you should now enter.

      Note: The quickest way to get to the volcano is via an Amulet of glory teleport and running West, teleporting to the Karamja lodestone and running East out of Brimhaven, or sailing to Musa Point from Port Sarim.


    2. Through the portal you'll find yourself in a cave with fire blocking your access to a construct called FulKra. To remove the fire, you'll need to fight FulKra's attendants until Kipple can persuade FulKra to talk with you, which is indicated by a debate progress bar. While fighting the attendants, they occasionally spawn fires around them; these deal constant damage if you stand on them. They also won't disappear until the debate bar is full, so you'll need to carefully avoid them as they build up.

      FulKra's attendants

    3. Once the debate bar is full, the attendants and the fires will disappear and you'll be able to talk to FulKra. Do so and you'll learn that it acts as the mouthpiece and voice of an Elder God called Ful who is sleeping below, and that Xenia has removed a part of FulKra that affects its ability to think. Now talk to Kipple again to use the tracker to find Xenia's next location.


    Kharadian Desert:

    1. Make sure you have 20 free inventory spaces and something to protect from desert heat (e.g Waterskin, Enchanted water tiara, or Tome of frost). Make your way to the desert East of Sophanem, then talk to Kipple and use the tracker to reveal a portal nearby, which you should now enter.

      Note: The quickest way to reach Sophanem and the desert to the East is via a Pharaoh's sceptre teleport to the Jalsavrah pyramid, or Magic carpet ride from Shanty Pass to Pollnivneach (or use the Bandit campe lodestone and run East through the desert to Pollnivneach) and then another Magic carpet ride to Sophanem.


    2. Through the portal you'll find yourself in a cave filled with shelves and a construct called JasKra who will refuse to talk to you until you can prove your intentions are innocent. Search one of the shelves to obtain various observations and combine them like so:

      • 'Transition' and 'Correction' to get 'We stand apart'.
      • 'Dispersal' and 'Arrival' to get 'Xenia was alone'.
      • 'Evolution' and 'Imprinting' to get 'Golem and I'.
      • 'Predator' and 'Focus' to get 'Ariane and the golem'.
      • 'Conflict' and 'Condemnation' to get 'The madness of friends'.
      • 'Golem and I' and 'Ariane and the golem' to get 'United we stand'.
      Once done, use all of the Combined observations on JasKra and it will believe that you're telling the truth.


    3. Now talk to JasKra again and go through the chat options to learn that it acts as the mouthpiece and voice of an Elder God called Jas who sleeps below, and that Xenia has performed a ritual to leech JasKra's energy and as a result risks damaging the flow of power from the Anima Mundi into the world, which will result in nobody having the ability use Magic unless they possess an Elder artefact. Once done, use Kipple's tracker to find Xenia's next location.


  4. Once you've visited the last construct, Kipple will be able to tune himself to find Xenia's final location which will turn out to be Lumbridge cemetery. Bank to withdraw food and Combat equipment, preferably Magic equipment with Air spells, and make your way to the cemetery where you'll find a portal already waiting for you to enter.


  5. Through the portal you'll watch a cutscene in which you'll confront Xenia and she'll reveal that she's trying to drain the power of the Anima Mundi to prevent the Elder Gods from ever awakening and destroying Gielinor, however, after Ariane unsuccessfully tries to reason with her and prevent her from taking away the ability to use Magic, she will fire a spell which knocks Xenia into the Abyss resulting in her death. At the end of this cutscene a Prehistoric abyssal will now appear and attack you.

  6. Initially the Prehistoric abyssal will possess armor that is immune to your attacks, so you should move around the room to avoid its Melee attack and watch out for when it launches a ball of energy at you; this cannot be avoided and can hit over 1,000. After a short while, Kipple will detect abyssal energy and create an Abyssal anchor for you to destroy, which will then allow Ariane to destroy a part of the Prehistoric abyssal's armor. (If using Magic and/or Ranged, you can temporarily safespot the prehistoric abyssal by the Northern portal until it starts using Magic or Ranged attacks. You can use protection prayers until it starts becoming unusable. You can also use summoning creatures to attack.)

    When the armor is completely removed, after destroying 3 Abyssal anchors, it will unleash a powerful blast which destroys Kipple and injures Ariane. Fortunately, you'll now be able to deal half damage and should continue attacking the Prehistoric abyssal while moving around the room. At 75% health, the Prehistoric abyssal will start using a Magic attack which must first charge up (indicated by a blue bar above it), but can hit over 2,000 if you don't move out of the way. It will also occasionally knock you away and stun you while charging its special attack; You'll need to move quickly after being stunned to avoid this.

    At 20% health, the abyssal will also start using a rapid and accurate, but low-hitting, Ranged attack in addition to its Melee and Magic attacks. You should now carefully watch your own health while continuing to move around the room and attacking until the Prehistoric abyssal is defeated.

    Prehistoric abyssal

  7. Once defeated, the Prehistoric abyssal will inform you that Xenia's actions have started the process of awakening the Elder Gods. Now talk to Ariane once more and go through the conversation to obtain your reward and have her tell you to visit her at the Old Tower to obtain a Kipple Nano pet.

    Congratulatons! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Additional Rewards:

After completing the quest, head to Senntisten Temple and speak Azzanadra about your discovery of the mouthpieces of the Elder Gods. He will reward you with a Medium XP lamp.

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