Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
300 Crafting XP, Antique lamp ( Grants 200xp in every skill except Invention), Swanky boots, the ability to engrave jewelery for up to 32k bonus Crafting XP, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Entrance to the Barbarian Village.
To Start:
Talk to Dororan.
  1. Start by talking to Dororan the dwarf found sitting at the entrance to the Barbarian Village, west of Varrock, and after going through a long conversation you'll learn that he is in love with Chieftain Gunthor's daughter, Gudrun. However, he believes that he has nothing to offer her and asks you to help him win her favour.

    Accept the quest and he'll tell you that he needs a ring made from the purest gold that can then be engraved with a poem from the heart. He'll then also tell you that Edgeville's blacksmith, Jeffery might trade you a ring in return for one of his poems and give you a Love poem.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Barbarian Village is by using the Skull sceptre's teleport directly to the village, or the Edgeville lodestone home teleport to Edgeville and then walking east to the village.
  2. Head north to Edgeville and talk to Jeffery in the furnace building about the gold ring. Go through the options and offer him the Love poem in exchange for a Ring from jeffery.
  3. Return to Dororan and you'll show him the Ring from jeffery, after which he'll ask you to engrave "Gudrun the Fair, Gudrun the Fiery" on it. Click on the Ring from jeffery to engrave it and obtain Dororan's engraved ring. Show him the engraved ring and he'll ask you to take it to Gudrun for him, but don't tell her that he's a dwarf yet.
  4. Head west into the center of Barbarian Village and talk to Gudrun. After listening to her argue with a barbarian about catching fish, she'll talk to you and you'll give her the ring. Tell her that the ring isn't from you, it's from a great poet and she'll tell you that her people greatly admire bards and poets and that she would love to leave the village to be with an outlander, however, her father would never permit it. Offer to talk to him and see if you can change his mind.
  5. Head north into the longhall and and talk to Chieftain Gunthor. Tell him that his daughter wants his permission to court an outlander and after listening to him rant and argue with his champion for a while, he'll tell you to go back and tell Gudrun that he won't allow it, but mentions something about a person called Gunnar. Ask her who he is and she'll tell you that he was her great, great Grandfather and founder of the village and that her father is obsessed with honouring him. She'll then suggest asking Dororan if he has any ideas.
    Chieftain Gunthor
  6. Return to Dororan and tell him what's happened and he'll suggest writing a poem to honour Gunnar, however, he'll need your help to find the right words. Start by picking a random word from the options given and he'll tell you that it's wrong and provide another set from which you should choose "Stray".

    Now pick another random word which will again be wrong and then choose "Threat" from the next set of options. Finally you'll need to find a phrase, so again choose a random option which won't fit before correctly choosing "Swept to war" from the final option set.

    He'll now tell that the chieftain will likely respond to it better if recited by one of his own people and give you the poem entitled Gunnar's ground to give to Gudrun.
  7. Take the poem to to Gudrun and you'll see a cutscene in which you listen in on the poem recital, after which Chieftain Gunthor will agree that it's time to focus on the present rather than the past and declare the village as a permanent settlement called Gunnarsgrunn and make Dororan the village poet.

    You'll also see Dororan and Gudrun finally meet and they'll tell you that her father has given them a huge house to the east to live in and urge you to visit them before giving you a reward.
    Final Cutscene

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!
    Quest Complete

Note: If you previously completed the Romeo and Juliet quest which was replaced by this quest, then you will not be awarded Quest Points.

Engraving Jewelery

Upon completing the quest, you may speak to Dororan again at his new mansion south of the Cooks' Guild in Varrock, to gain up to 32k additional Crafting XP by engraving jewelery.

  • At level 42 Crafting, a Ruby bracelet can be engraved for 2K Crafting XP.
  • At level 72 Crafting, a Dragon necklace can be engraved for 10K Crafting XP.
  • At level 90 Crafting, an Onyx amulet can be engraved for 20k Crafting XP.

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