Quest Requirements:
Partial completion of Chef's Assistant
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Sliced banana Nuts Grapes Biscuits
2 Plank*
*All types (excluding Protean plank) will work
Items Acquired During Quest:
sugar marshmallows dried grapes bottle of caramel
chocolate samples
Quest Points:
Bunny Outfit; 5,000 Cooking experience lamp; 2,000 Spring Tokens; Emotes from previous Easter events (if not already unlocked); Access to the factory line activity in the Blooming Burrow; 2 Treasure Hunter keys
Start Point:
South of the Easter Bunny's house.
To Start:
Talking to the Easter Bunny.
  1. Talk to the Easter Bunny and choose the "Great Egg-spectations" option. Speaking with him you will learn that he has managed to majorly oversleep and needs your help to come up with new chocolate recipes. He will suggest getting help from his niece Cocoa Bunny.

    Begin Here

  2. Walk South East of the Easter Bunny's house toward the Chocolate burrows (hunter icons) where you will find Cocoa Bunny on a hilltop covered in trees. Talk with her and you will will learn she has been using her younger siblings to get the low-down on what the chocolate competition is doing. You will then be tasked with spying on them to acquire their recipes.

    Cocoa Here

    1. Clue 1: "a man and a monkey living together in a tropical land" - Banoffee Chocolate

      Travel to Musa Point. Enter Luthas' house, West of the dock (ship from Port Sarim), and retrieve the recipe from the table then watch a cutscene of the chocolate being made. While on the island, you can obtain a Banana from the plantation, or the bar counter, if you did not have one.

      Banoffee Chocolate

    2. Clue 2: "a group of pacifists, in a place where the sun beams down" - Fruit And Nut Chocolate

      Travel to the Garden Of Kharid. Enter the building North East of Polletix and pick up the recipe on the Western bed then watch a cutscene of the chocolate being made.

      Fruit And Nut Chocolate

      • When the cutscene finishes, use your Grapes on the washing line to get dried grapes.

        Dry Em Good

    3. Clue 3: "in a dark underground, where dwarves and scorpions can be found" - Rocky Road Chocolate

      Travel to the Dwarven Mines. Enter via the ladder North of Falador (near the Invention Guild). Once inside, walk East and pick up the recipe from the table then watch a cutscene of the chocolate being made.

      Rocky Road Chocolate

  3. Having collected all of the recipes, you will now need to obtain the remaining ingredients to make the chocolates. Begin by returning to the Burrows and talk to Gooey Bunny in the factory to the West. He will be disappointed to find out you know about his marshmallows, but will be willing to give you some when you ask nicely.

    Ingredient 1

  4. Once you have the bag of marshmallows, walk North and take some sugar from the pile near Chewy Bunny.

    Ingredient 2

  5. Return to the Easter Bunny's house and use the range in the Eastern room to turn sugar into a Bottle of caramel. Congratulations, you now have all of the ingredients needed!

    Ingredient 3

  6. Step outside and talk to the Easter Bunny to ask for permission to use the factory to make samples (choose option 1 "Great Egg-spectations"). The Easter Bunny will agree after you bend the truth of how you came across the recipes and all of your ingredients will be taken to the factory.

    Here Is Where We Are At

  7. Return to the factory and work at each of the stations in order from South to North - Mix, Mould, Foil. The bunnies will walk you through what each station does. When you reach the foiling station, you will be given a choice of what color foil to use, this will not affect anything so choose at your on discretion. You may need to click the Foiling station again to actually use it.


  8. With the samples made, return to the Easter Bunny (choose option 1 "Great Egg-spectations"). He will try the samples and inform you that you will now need to conduct market testing on it to see what others think of it. Cocoa Bunny will suggest trying them out in Lumbridge market.

    Good Yea?

  9. Ensure that you have 2 of any type Plank (excluding Protean plank) and head to Lumbridge Market to build the chocolate tasting stall. Once built (along the Northern fence) a cutscene will begin wherein people will try your samples. You will need to pick out the appropriate thing to offer several of your guests as they make specific commments.
    • Offer the first man Fruit and Nut or Rocky Road
    • Offer the next person a sample with less dried grapes
    • Offer the lady Banoffee

    What Say The Masses

  10. Return once more to the Easter bunny and talk to him (choose option 1 "Great Egg-spectations"). You and Cocoa Bunny will report your findings to much to Easter Bunny's delight. You can't please everyone but the tasting was most certainly a success.

    Verdict Please

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

You Did It

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