Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
25 Fletching
40 Crafting
40 Woodcutting
Be able to defeat level 96 enemies
Be prepared to fight without any armor or weapons.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
5250 Coins, Tinderbox, Hatchet (any kind), Knife, Onion, Cabbage, Raw potato, Raw shark or Raw sea turtle or Raw manta ray, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
2 Camelot teleport methods Fremennik lodestone, 5 Rings of recoil, 5 Prayer potions (4), Food, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
2812.4 Agility XP Lamp, 2812.4 Attack XP Lamp, 2812.4 Crafting XP Lamp, 2812.4 Defence XP Lamp, 2812.4 Fishing XP Lamp, 2812.4 Fletching XP Lamp, 2812.4 Hitpoints XP Lamp, 2812.4 Strength XP Lamp, 2812.4 Thieving XP Lamp, and 2812.4 Woodcutting XP Lamp. A Fremennik name, ability to speak and trade with Fremennik villagers, steal from thier stalls, and use their facilities. Ability to make an Enchanted lyre, access to Miscellania and Etceteriae. Right to wear to wear Berserker helm, Warrior helm, Farseer helm, Archer helm, and Spined armor. Also 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
The longhall in Rellekka.
To Start:
  1. Make your way to the longhall in the center of Rellekka. Once there, ask Brundt the Chieftain why no one in the village is willing to talk to you. He will explain that because they are a simple people they will not talk to foreigners. You will then ask him if there is a way to get them to talk to you. He will tell you that the only possible way is to become a Fremennik yourself. To become one you have 2 options: be born one or be voted in by the council of elders. Since you were not born one, you will need a majority vote (7 votes) from the 12 members of the council. Accept the challenge to become one and start asking the 7 members for their vote. The 7 council members whose votes you need are Manni the Reveller, Swensen the Navigator, Sigli the Huntsman, Olaf the Bard, Sigmund the Merchant, Thorvald the Warrior, and Peer the Seer.

    Note: You can complete the challenges in any order you choose. The easiest way to reach Rellekka is via the Fairy Ring codes AJR, CJR, and DJR or via the Ring of slaying teleport option to the entrance of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. Another option is to teleport to Seers' Village is via the Seer's Village lodestone or via the Camelot teleport spell (requires 45 Magic) and walking north.

    Brundt the Chieftain

    Manni the Reveller:

    1. Inside Rellekka's longhall, you will find Manni the Reveller wandering around. Talk to him and he will offer his vote if you manage to defeat him in a drinking contest. Grab a Keg of beer off the table just north of him and challenge him. You will lose no matter what. He will tell you to come back if you fancy a rematch. Before you leave, pick up the Beer (tankard) off the table.

      Manni the Reveller

    2. Talk to the Poison Salesman in the Seers' Village pub about the Fremennik Trials. He will offer you to try out his brand new non-alcoholic beer. After a long speech about his new product, you will offer to purchase a Low alcohol keg for 250 Coins.

      Note: The easiest way to reach Seers' Village is via the Seer's Village lodestone or via theCamelot teleport spell (requires 45 Magic).

      Poison Salesman

    3. Follow the path north of Seers' Village to a bridge south of the entrance to Rellekka. Near the bridge, you will find a Council workman. Talk to him and give him Beer (tankard). To thank you he will give you a Strange object.

      Note: Beware of a Wolf (level 42) wandering around near the bridge.

      Council workman

    4. Head north, back to Rellekka's longhall. On the eastern side of the building, you will see a pipe attached it. Use the Strange object with a Tinderbox and then use it on the pipe.


    5. Now run back into the longhall and take the Keg of beer off the table. Use the Low alcohol keg with it to switch their contents. Challenge Manni the Reveller again and this time you will win. He then tells you that you have his vote.

    Swensen the Navigator:

    1. Southwest of Rellekka's longhall, you will find Swensen the Navigator. Point out to him that you are trying to become a Fremennik. He will then tell you that he will give you his vote you if manage to navigate through this maze.

      Swensen the Navigator

    2. Climb down the ladder in the southwestern corner of Swensen's house. You will appear in a room with a portal on each wall. Take the portals from room to room in this direction and order: South, West, East, North, South, East, North. The first letters of the combination spells the navigator's name "Swensen".

      Note: If you find yourself stuck in the maze, then climb up the escape ropes in the center of each of the rooms to appear back in Swensen the Navigator's house. Climb down the ladder in the southwestern corner again to start over.


    3. When you have made it to the last room of the maze, climb up the ladder and talk to Swensen the Navigator. He will tell you that he is impressed and that you have his vote.

    Sigli the Huntsman:

    1. Before you start this challenge make sure you have armor, a weapon and some food with you. Talk to Sigli the Huntsman, wandering around near Rellekka's entrance. He will inform you that to get his vote you must hunt down and defeat The Draugen (level 96). Accept his challenge and he will give you a Hunter's talisman. He will explain that he and his hunters use it to steal its life force to prevent it from becoming even more powerful.

      Sigli the Huntsman

    2. Prepare yourself for combat and head south of Rellekka toward the woods. Start locating The Draugen (level 96) by using the Hunter's talisman. Keep following the directions until The Draugen appears and starts to attack you. Once you have defeated it, the Hunter's talisman automatically collect the Draugen's essence.

      Note: The location of The Draugen differs from player to player. While you are trying to find him he may also change locations forcing you to start the hunt over. Beware of Wolves (level 60) in the woods.

      The Draugen

    3. Take the Hunter's talisman back to Sigli the Huntsman, who will tell you that he saw the entire hunt and the you have earned his vote.

    Olaf the Bard:

    1. Olaf the Bard, another council member, can be found east of Rellekka's longhall. He will tell you that to gain his vote, you must prove that you have a little musical ability by playing an epic of your own creation to impress the revelers in the longhall. Accept the challenge and talk to him again. Olaf will explain that the first thing you are going to need is an instrument, namely a lyre, and how to acquire it.

      Olaf the Bard

    2. There are 2 ways to obtain the Lyre. One way is to kill any of the citizens throughout the city until they drop it. It is a rare drop, so if you don't have the required skill levels to make a lyre, then this is your only option. If you choose this option, you may proceed to step 7 when you have acquired it. The other alternative is to make one yourself. If you pick this option, then follow the next series of steps. Leave the city and follow the muddy path to the east into the woods until you reach a hill with a Swaying tree. Cut off one of its branches by using a hatchet. Now use a Knife with the Branch to fletch an Unstrung lyre.

      Swaying Tree

    3. The next step is to get it strung. Southeast of the Swaying tree near an enclosure with golden sheep and a Golden Apple Tree, you will find the troll Lalli. Ask him about the Golden fleece. He will tell you that he gave it to another human who brought him a present. Ask him about that other human and he will tell you that it was Askeladden.


    4. Talk to Askeladden, just south of Rellekka's longhall. He will tell you how he got the Golden fleece from Lalli. He will tell you how he gave him a pet to help him guard his Golden Apple Tree. Continue talking to him and he will give you a Pet rock, but will say that he is not sure whether Lalli will fall for the same trick twice.


    5. Talk to Lalli again and he will not fall for the same trick twice. You will then offer to make him some rock soup. Use the Pet rock, the Onion, the Cabbage, and the Raw potato on the nearby cauldron. Lalli will ask if it is ready yet after each addition to the soup. When he has eaten the rock soup, talk to him again to get the Golden fleece.

      Note: If you forgot to bring the vegetables with you, then stop at the garden near the town's entrance to pick an Onion, a Cabbage, and a Raw potato.

    6. Now, you must spin the Golden fleece into Golden wool. There is a spinning wheel located in the southwest corner of the village in the same building as the furnace. You must use the fleece on the wheel, as it will not show up in the spinning wheel interface. Attach the Golden wool to the Unstrung lyre to create a Lyre.

    7. To get the lyre enchanted, bring it to the Fossegrimen's altar, southwest of Rellekka's entrance. Place a Raw shark, Raw sea turtle, or Raw manta ray on the strange altar and Fossegrimen will appear to enchant your Lyre and give you the knowledge to play it.

      Note: Beware of Wolves (level 60) in the woods.


    8. Attached to the northeastern corner of the longhall in Rellekka, you will find a smaller building. Head inside, walk past the Longhall Bouncer and onto the stage. Play your Enchanted lyre and Olaf the Bard will give you his vote


    Sigmund the Merchant:

    1. Speak with Sigmund the Merchant near the northwestern stall, just west of Rellekka's longhall. He will give you his vote if you do him a favor by getting him an Exotic flower.

      Sigmund the Merchant

    2. For the next step, you will have to visit a number of Rellekka citizens and hand them an item they ask for.
      1. Head northwest toward the larger dock and talk to the Sailor, who wants a romantic Fremennik ballad in exchange for the Exotic flower.
      2. Visit Olaf the Bard, east of the longhall, and ask him to compose a ballad. He will say that he is in need of some Sturdy boots.
      3. Speak with Yrsa in the clothing shop, west of the market area. She will inform you that she wants a reduction in the taxes for shop owners.
      4. Go to the longhall and talk to Brundt the Chieftain, who will tell you that for the reduction in taxes will need find out Sigli the Huntsman's secret hunting area.
      5. Talk to Sigli the Huntsman about hunting locations. Sigli who will request a Custom bow string in return for the Tracking map.
      6. Now talk to Skulgrimen in the helmet shop to the north of the longhall. He will ask for an Unusual fish in exchange for the string.
      7. Head to the dock north of the market area and speak with the Fisherman. He will teleport you and tell you that he wants a Sea fishing map from Swensen the Navigator, who can be found at his house just south of the market.
      8. After speaking with Swensen, he will ask for a Weather forecast from the village Seer.
      9. Talk to Peer the Seer, northwest of Swensen the Navigator, about the Weather forecast. He will agree to give it to you in return for the services of a body guard.
      10. Return to the helmet shop and speak to Thorvald the Warrior. He will accept the job of bodyguard if he can have a seat in the longhall.
      11. Go back to the longhall and talk to Manni the Reveller, who will agree to give him the seat in return for a Legendary cocktail.
      12. You now need to speak with Thora, the bartender of the longhall. She will admit that she has not made the cocktail for a long time, but will agree to make one if Askeladden signs a contract saying he will never come in the longhall again.
      13. Head outside and talk to Askeladden who will agree to stay away from the Longhall for 5000 Coins. Pay him and he will give you a Promissory note.

      Sigmund Map

    3. Once you have the Promissory note, revisit all of the people in the following order and give them what they asked for.
      1. Give Thora the Barkeep the Promissory note.
      2. Give Manni the Reveller the Legendary cocktail.
      3. Give Thorvald the Warrior the Champions token.
      4. Peer the Seer the Warrior's contract.
      5. Give Swensen the Navigator the Weather forecast.
      6. Give the Fisherman the Sea fishing map.
      7. Give Skulgrimen the Unusual fish.
      8. Give Sigli the Huntsman the Custom bow string.
      9. Give Brundt the Chieftain the Tracking map.
      10. Give Yrsa the Fiscal statement.
      11. Give Olaf the Bard the Sturdy boots.
      12. And finally give the Sailor the Fremennik ballad in exchange for the Exotic flower.
      13. Hand the Exotic flower over to Sigmund the Merchant and he will agree to give you his vote.

    Thorvald the Warrior:

    1. Speak with Thorvald the Warrior in the helmet shop, north of Rellekka's longhall. You will only get his vote if you prove yourself in a combat by fighting Koschei the deathless to the death without the use of weapons or armor. He will then suggest that talk to Peer the Seer, who can send your items to the bank, or that you bank them yourself.

      Thorvald the Warrior

    2. Once your armor and weapons have been banked, climb down the ladder in Rellekka's helmet shop. Koschei the deathless will appear and start attacking you. You must defeat him in the first 3 battles. As the 4th battle begins your prayer will be drained to zero. You now have 2 options to gain Thorvald's vote: lose or win the 4th battle. The easiest way to succeed is to let Koschei win the fight. If you choose to second option, then bring enough Prayer potions, food, and Rings of recoil to defeat him as he hits 1-15 damage 5 to 6 times per second. If you do defeat him, you will receive a Fremennik blade.

      Note: If at any given moment you leave the basement or log out, you will have to start over. If you die during the first 3 battles, you will lose your items. If however you die during the 4th battle, you will respawn in Rellekka's helmet shop and keep your items.

      Koschei the deathless

    3. When the final battle has ended, you will be teleported back upstairs and Thorvald the Warrior will agree to give you his vote.

    Peer the Seer:

    1. Talk to Peer the Seer, south of the market stalls. To get this vote, you need to simply make it through his house using your cleverness. You will not be allowed to take any armor or weapons into the house. He will then tell you that he can teleport all of the items in your inventory to the bank if you want him to, or you can take it to the bank yourself.

      Peer the Seer

    2. Once your items have been banked, try to open the western door. You will find out that you need to solve a riddle to unlock the door. The riddle consists of 4 lines, each line corresponding to a letter in the combination, and a clue about the answer. Possible answers are Wind, Fire, Mind, Mage, Tree, Life, or Time.

      Combination Lock Door

    3. When you have made it inside, go up the ladder and you will appear in a room. Search and study everything in that room to gather the required materials needed for the puzzle. The materials you will need are: an Old red disk, a Wooden disk, a Red herring, an Empty bucket, and an Empty jug. Now, cook the herring on the range to produce Sticky red goop. Use the goop on the Wooden disk to make a Red disk.

      Note: During your search for the items, you may come across a Thread, a Ship toy, a Pick, and a Magnet. They have no use whatsoever and can therefore be dropped.

      Seer's House

    4. Climb down the trapdoor near the frozen table and use the Old red disk and the Red disk on the abstract mural. You will receive a Vase lid.

      Abstract Mural

    5. Go back upstairs. You will now need something that will equalize the balance of the scale on the chest. Using the Empty bucket and the Empty jug, try to work out a way to get a 4/5ths full bucket. Follow the steps below to obtain the desired quantity.

      1. Use the Empty bucket with the tap.
      2. Use the Full bucket with the Empty jug.
      3. Empty the Full jug down drain.
      4. Use the 2/5ths full bucket on the Empty jug to get an Empty bucket and a 2/3rds full jug.
      5. Use the Empty bucket with the tap again.
      6. Use the Full bucket with the 2/3rds full jug to get 4/5ths full bucket.

    6. Once you have a 4/5ths full bucket, use it with the scale on the chest to unlock it and you will receive a Vase. Fill the Vase using the tap with water. Now, close the Vase of water with the Vase lid. Use the acquired Sealed vase on the frozen table. The vase will shatter and you will receive a Frozen key. Use the frozen key on the range to melt the ice.

    7. Descend the trapdoor near the frozen table and use the Seers' key on the door to leave the house. Peer the Seer will congratulate you on solving the puzzle and tell you that you have earned his vote.

  2. Once you have all 7 votes, head back to Brundt the Chieftain and claim your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Completed

Enchanted Lyre Teleports:

Enchanted lyre

Upon the completion of the quest, Olaf the Bard will tell you a secret about the Enchanted lyre. Offerings of Raw shark, Raw sea turtle, or Raw manta ray to Fossegrimen's altar southwest of Rellekka will give the Lyre, respectively, 2, 3, or 4 teleports to Rellekka before it needs to be re-enchanted. If you are wearing the Ring of Charos (a), you may offer her a Raw bass for 2 charges. With Fremennik Sea boots 1, or higher, you can contact the Fossegrimen remotely by using "Operate" on the boots to recharge your lyre. You will receive 1 less charge than normal depending on which fish you are prepared to offer. Wearing the Fremennik Sea boots 1, or higher, when you go visit the Fossegrimen directly, will result in 2 more charges than normal, depending on the fish used. This reward stacks with the Ring of Charos (a).

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