Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
325 Coins, 2 Beers, Kebab, Empty pot, 2 Buckets of water, 2 Barley malts, Rake*, Seed dibber*, and a Beer glass.

* This item works on Toolbelt.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Falador teleport method.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
5K Farming XP, 5K Cooking XP, 2 Dwarven stout (m), and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter..
Start Point:
The Black Guard HQ in Keldagrim.
To Start:
  1. Talk to Commander Veldaban at his residence west of Keldagrim's bank to find out that the Red Axe has left the city. He will ask you to investigate this departing and a cut scene will occur.

    Commander Veldaban

  2. After the cut scene you will appear in front of the Drunken Dwarf's house. Talk to him about Red Axe and he will ask for a beer. As you give him the pint of Beer, he will turn it down because he wants a Kelda stout. The dwarf will give you a Kelda seed and tell you to find his drinking buddies to obtain the 3 other seeds needed to grow the Kelda hops, which is used to brew Kelda stout.

    Drunken Dwarf

  3. The second Kelda seed can be obtained from the Rowdy dwarf, wandering around the pub in the eastern part of Keldagrim, in exchange for a random item.

    Note: If you do not know how to obtain the item or wish to fetch him another item, then simply wait for a little while. You then tell him you do not know where to find the item and he will ask for another item.

    Rowdy Dwarf

  4. Make your way to the bar in the western part of Keldagrim and have a Beer in your inventory to toast with Gauss. After the toast, he will give you a Kelda seed.


  5. Head to the pub under the White Wolf Mountain and ask Khorvak if you can borrow his Kelda seed. He will only give you his seed if you treat him to a good beer. Either convince him that you will return the seed, or give him a Beer if you have one, or use a Dwarven stout from the table and he'll agree and give you the Kelda seed.

    Note: The fastest way to reach the the pub is to take a mine cart ride to the White Wolf Mountain.


  6. Return to Keldagrim and head over to the Hops patch near the bank. Ask Rind the gardener for permission to use the patch. After you have permission rake the weeds and plant the 4 Kelda seeds. There is no need to treat the soil with Compost or to water the plants. These seeds also grow at a very fast rate. Once the Kelda seeds are fully grown, harvest the Kelda hops.

    Note: While waiting for your seeds to grow into hops, you can deliver a Letter for Rind the gardener. Talk to the gardener to obtain the letter. Elstan, the person you need to deliver the letter to can be found at the farming allotment is south of Falador. You will get a small reward of 2 Marrentill seed seeds for your trouble if you talk to Rind the gardener after delivering the letter.

    Hops Spot

  7. Head to the Laughing Miner pub in the eastern part of Keldagrim. Go up the stairs to the Keldagrim Brewery and ask Blandebir to fill up your empty pot with Ale yeast for 25 coins. Use the 2 Buckets of water, 2 Barley malts, Kelda hops, and finally the Ale yeast on the fermenting vat. You now will need to wait for about 10 minutes for the ale to ferment. Once it has fermented, turn the valve on the vat and then use your empty Beer glass on the barrel to full it up Kelda stout.

    Note: Do not turn the valve if the ale has not fermented yet or it will drain the vat, resulting in you having to to start over. You can get another set of hops from the Gardener for free if you happen to destroy or waste your current set. If you forgot to bring an Empty pot, then simply pick up one from the nearby table.


  8. Take the Kelda stout to the Drunken Dwarf. He will tell you about a boarded up tunnel that leads to the Red Axe Base south of the mine cart station.

  9. Talk to the most southern Cart conductor, who will tell you that you need someone with authority to open the closed tunnel. Make your way to the Keldagrim Palace and up to the first floor. Speak with the director of the company you joined during The Giant Dwarf about the boarded up tunnel. He will inform you that he has ordered his workers to open up the tunnel.

    Cart Conducter

  10. Return to the entrance of the tunnel. Unequip any items you're wielding and ride the nearby cart into the tunnel. You now have to work out how to place junctions on the mine cart map to get to the location marked with an X. Search the box next to the Dwarven machinery to obtain a green and yellow Square stone. Control the machinery and place the stones on the desired junctions to reach the locations marked in blue. At these locations, you will find more stones needed to reach your final destination.

    Note: Do not log out during this and the next few steps, you will be teleported out of the cave. When you re-enter the cave, you will need to restart the last puzzle you began.

    Mine Cart Map 1

  11. Once you reach the red X you will overhear the Red Axe talking about their plan to make the statue in Keldagrim fall.

  12. Crawl into the next tunnel where you will need to solve another mine cart puzzle.

    Mine Cart Map

  13. Enter the next room and search all of the bookcases and crates with papers on them to learn more about the Red Axe's plans.


  14. Then move on for the third and final mine cart puzzle. Follow the directions shown in the images below.

    Step 1:

    Mine Cart Map

    Step 2:

    Mine Cart Map

    Step 3:

    Mine Cart Map

  15. After you have solved the last puzzle, a cut scene will occur featuring the Red Axe and their newly created Chaos dwarves. Near the end of the cut scene, they will spot you and cast a spell on you causing you suffer from a loss of memory. You will also be teleported back to the mine cart station in Keldagrim

  16. Return to Commander Veldaban. You will not remember anything that has happened and will feel the urge to have a Beer and a Kebab at the Laughing Miner pub.

  17. Head to the pub in the eastern part of Keldagrim, with a Beer and a Kebab in your inventory. There, consume one of the two and a cut scene will occur.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete!

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