Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Magic/Ranged attack method.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food, armour, and weight reduction clothing.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
80K Firemaking, 76K Constitution, 30K Agility, Book of Char, access to two firemaking events in Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza, access to Char's training cave,a choice of 4 different pets (Warming flame/Twisted firestarter/Glowing ember/Searing flame), and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Eagles' Peak, west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
To Start:
Talk to the Firemakers, South of Eagles' Peak.

Note: If you leave at any time during the quest you can return where you left off by entering the tunnel at the quest start. This will get rid of any bowls of powder you may have had as well as your pitch can. If this happens, you can re-obtain a pitch can from Flint. If Flint died in step 5, speak to every member until your character says "I've lost my pitch can."
  1. Head to Eagles' Peak and talk to one of the firemakers south of the mountain. Upon talking to one of them, a cut scene will occur during which they will describe to you a tome which unlocks great firemaking secrets.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Eagles Peak is by using the Spirit Tree transportation system (requires completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest) to travel to Tree Gnome Stronghold. From there head west. Another option to reach Eagles Peak is to use the Fairy Ring code AKQ.


  2. Once the cut scene has ended, enter the nearby tunnel and talk to one of the firemakers to receive a Pitch can. This can be used to light indefinite makeshift fires, without the use of logs, either in front of you, or in your current position.

    In the first cave you will see an incomplete image of an arrow, drawn out in fire. To complete the arrow, you must light fires in the right places, completing the outline. However, you have limited time since your fires will burn out, and must work quickly in order to complete it. If you lit a fire on the wrong spot, simply use the 'Stamp-out' option to extinguish the fire. When the fire picture is complete, a cut scene will occur and you and your companions will then fall to the level below in a cave-in.

    Arrow Puzzle

  3. In this second cave, light the fire pit in the midst of the firemakers. Once lit, pick up the Firemaking journal compilation (1) and a spirit named Char will talk to you. When you reply she will extinguish the fire and possess Emmett to kill Phoenix. Relight the fire pit. Char will then explain that the adventure will flip into a dangerous excursion which will involve other firemakers getting murdered if you are not able to identify who is possessed in later caverns.

    Firemaking Journal

  4. Enter the tunnel to the east into the third cave. Here you will have to finish the 3 vertical lines and the triangle shape under it to complete another image. For this one however, you may refer to Char's Journal in order to complete it. (Click Firemaker's guide and then Unknown.) Upon completion, Rocks fall down which you have to pick up and stack in order to climb up the wall to the east, where the exit is. You can see where a rock will land before it hits the ground, as a shadow will appear on the spot it will fall on. Act quickly because the longer you stay in the cave the darker it will get.

    Note: You can only pick up one rock at a time. Also, if the rocks hit you they will deal 900 damage.

    Second Puzzle

  5. Enter the fourth cavern and light the fire to signal the firemakers to come to you. Pick up the next part of the Firemaking journal compilation (2). You will be told that another firemaker will become possessed, and you must tie up who you believe it to be. Talk to each of your companions to see who is acting different. This second time, Twig will be the possessed. Click on the pillar to the east of the fire pit and select the name 'Twig' to tie him up. If you do not tie him up before the light goes out, Flint will die. Relight the fire pit and enter the next cave.


  6. Upon entering the fifth cave you will find another fire puzzle. Once again, you may check the Journal you picked up for the design reference. Take bowls filled with Red powder and Yellow powder from the small pillars at the entrance to the room. Use the 'Mix' option on the bowls to make the Pitch can light a fire in that color. It is advised that you finish the inner yellow triangle first before you deal with the outer red triangle. After completion, Char will summon 2 fire walls. There are a few openings in each wall where you can stand so they will pass you.

    Note: If the wall hits you it can deal up to 250 damage.

    Triangles Puzzle

  7. In the sixth cave, you will see an agility course. You will need to make your way through it lighting fires and pushing flame switches on pillars along the way. Lighting a fire pit will temporarily prevent the light from dimming. When the light does dim, you will receive up to a 100 damage every few seconds. Watch out for the lava ball near the start of the course and the fires erupting as you jump gaps, as they will deal a lot of damage.

    Note: If you die, you will appear in the fourth cave where the firemakers are waiting. You will have full health and wont lose any of your items. Also, all the switches on the pillars you had already pushed will remain activated; however, all fires will be extinguished.

    1. Head west and jump as far as you can. Light the fire pit near the western wall and push the column switch on the pillar. A cut scene will show you that the pit to the far east can now be lit.
    2. Make your way to the eastern pit. Light it and push the column switch on that pillar.
    3. Now head toward the western pit again; but, right before reaching the western pit, this time take the path to the north. Then head east and run through the fires. Jump on the pillar and then jump a gap to reach the next landing. Go a few steps north and push the column switch on the pillar.
    4. Now, take a few steps south and run to the east. Light that pit and push the flame switch on the pillar.
    5. Return to the central pillar and push the column switch to the south.
    6. Head a few steps north and then west past the two large stones that are hanging overhead. They can come falling down if you do not run past them fast enough. Light the pit and push flame switch on the pillar.
    7. Return to the center and push the flame switch on the platform east of it. This action will move a line of stone one space to the north allowed you to get past a line of fires.
    8. Now it is time to deal with the last fire pit. Head to the northwestern pit, light it, and push the flame switch on the pillar. Some of the ledges along the way are weak, so make sure you do not stand on those that float on the lava.
    9. The exit is in the northeast. Run to the far east, being careful of the weak ledges, then head north and leave the cave through the exit.

    Agility Course

  8. When you make it through to the seventh cave, you must light the fire again and take the next Firemaking journal compilation (3). Again, another firemaker has become possessed, and you must figure out who it is. This third time, Sera will become possessed. If she is not tied up, Isis will die.

    After tying up the correct firemaker, go into the next cave. The eighth cave, will contain a hash shaped puzzle, with 2 blue dots placed diagonally across from each other. Again, you may consult the Journal you picked up for reference. After you have finished the puzzle, several walls of fire will come towards you. To dodge them you must hide in one of the small alcoves found along the walls of the cave.

    Note: If the wall hits you it will deal up to 250 damage.

    Hash Puzzle

  9. Head into the ninth cave. Here you will have to construct walls with fire in order to avert the balls coming at you which explode upon proximity. Blue balls leave blue flames which will hit hard when stepped upon. Red balls and white balls explode.

    When you have made it through, enter the tenth cave and, once again, you need to find the person thats possessed. This fourth time, Twig will become possessed again. If he is not tied up, Lina will die.

    Fire Balls Waves

  10. Once you found out who is possessed enter the eleventh cave. You will have to complete a torch symbol. You will not need to light yellow fires at all. Before you complete the puzzle, take notice of the location of the fire pit in the northeastern corner of the cave.

    Torch Puzzle

  11. After completing it, Char will extinguish the fire in the cave. Do not head north or you will be hit by the darkness. Instead, light the fire and take a torch from it. (This option only appears when you have just lit the fire.) The fire will not stay lit for long. Head north through the tunnel. While going through the cave, you will be forced to walk and black tendrils will appear at the edges of your screen. Right click on them to wave your torch at them, this will push them away from you. If you do not push them away then you will take damage.

    Note: If the tendrils touch you, you will take up to 210 damage. It is recommended to relocate game interface boxes away from the edge of your screen, as you will need to click there to avoid injury.

    When have made it through, enter the twelfth cave where everyone gathers once again. Take the Firemaking journal compilation (5) and, once again, Char will possess another firemaker. This fifth time, Emmett will become possessed again. If he isn't tied up, Twig will die.

  12. Head into the last cave and straight in front of the exit you will find the final part of the Journal, the Firemaking journal compilation (6). When you want to take it, one of your companions will tell you to wait. They will all agree that it is better not to take the Journal because you dont know what Char is planning. They will suggest that you tie them all up, which you do. Char (level 160) will then speak and regain her power. Get ready for a fight during which armor will be useless, and where you will have lots of use with your pitch can. It is very necessary to bring a good method of using magic or ranged at this time. Although it is possible to do the entire battle without food it is highly advised that you bring a lot of food. The Soul Split prayer may also be used. Before you fight her it is also advised that you visit the salt spring in Oo'glog to use the advantage of unlimited run energy as your strategy will consist mainly of running around the battlefield.

    Note: If you die during the battle you will not lose anything and will respawn near the entrance of this cave. You will also respawn near the entrance of the cave if the time limit runs out.

  13. Proceed down the stairs and talk to Char. She will transform into a very large and powerful version of herself. You may use your pitch can to create quick safe spots, but safe spots are not what you will be using for the bulk of the battle. Run around the room, avoiding her as much as you can, while hitting her from afar. If she gets close to you she will hit hard. If she gets close to you while she is raged, she will hit three times as hard. However, her speed is her weakness, and the trick to easily defeating her is to run around the room avoiding her, hitting her with magic/ranged while she is far away. However, that is only half of what you must do. For every pitch can fire you create, your damage will be multiplied by 101. That means, if you create 10 fires around the room, you will hit 1010 every time. Your magic/ranged level will have no affect on how high you hit.

    When Char is in Rage Mode she is invulnerable and will hit three times the damage she usually hits. Use this time to make fires around the room. You can try to cool her off by luring her to the water to the south of the room; but, since her rage will last for only 10 seconds, you should not worry if you cannot lure her to water. Furthermore, you will encounter four types of Sparks during the battle which will be summoned. If they get to you, they will hit for 54 damage, but catching them in your fires can harvest a certain advantage for yourself. These sparks are not required to win the fight, they are simply aids.

    • Yellow Spark: Allows you to deal slightly more damage.
    • Blue Spark: Slows down Char's attacks.
    • Green Spark: Gives a chance of restoring some of your LP for every time you hit.
    • Red Spark: Extinguishes your fires when it touches them. It may be worth intercepting these and letting them blow up on you.

    When she is at half health, walls of fire will begin to come towards you throughout the fight. You must search for holes in their line, and make sure you pass through it. If you miss this hole, you will be hit for an even higher amount of damage than Char will hit you. If you must sacrifice a hit from Char to get through the hole, do it. But do not ignore the line of fire. When she has very low LP, the battle will end, and she will claim you as the admirable victor


  14. Leave the cave and you will be appear near the remaining firemakers. They will thank you for your help, and will tell you that they are now heading to Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza.

    Congratulations! Quest Completed!

    Quest Complete

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