Quest Requirements:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Medium XP lamp and Archaeology Relic: the Eye of Het
Start Point:
  1. Talk to Icthlarin and he will reveal his suspicion that someone was trying to steal the Eye of Het before he could get it. He wants to get to the bottom of it. Accept the quest and prepare to crack the case. Icthlarin will tell you he suspects the other gods were the ones trying to get the Eye. If they didn't know about the wards on the tomb, that would explain the earthquake quite nicely. He wants you to ask about to try and figure out who was responsible.


  2. Make your way over to tent North of the Iris bushes (North East section of the Oasis) and talk to the Stranger there. They will claim to have seen some Aviansie shortly before the arena's collapse, but the voices in your head won't believe them.

    How Strange

  3. Search the chest by the North West corner of the tent to find some Badly-hidden notes. Take the time to read them or you won't be able to progress.

    Look What I Found

  4. Head over to the Arch-Glacor aqueduct entrance. You can do this by using the Reaper portal (if Arch-Glacor is your reaper task), by attuning a boss portal at War's Retreat and using it, or you can take the long way by teleporting to the Cathedral (Pontifex shadow ring) and walking to the Glacor front (suggested to wear a Shard of Erebus if you take this method). Regardless of your method, once there, speak to Azzanadra and talk to him about the Duel Arena when prompted. After a short exchange, the voices will question whether or not the note was planted to frame the Zarosians and you will be given the option of accusing Azzanadra. Your choice doesn't matter, as either way he will claim it is a fake attempting to frame Trindine and suggest that you should talk to the other gods.

    Kind Cold

  5. Return to the cathedral and chat with the gods in any order. Just be sure to talk about the Duel Arena when prompted (option 3 always). Once you have spoken to Armadyl, Saradomin, Seren, and Zamorak, there will be a short cutscene in which Trindine appears.

    Talk To Em All

  6. Trindine will appear at an entrance and the Light/Shadow voices will encourage you to go talk to her. When you do, she will disappear, reappearing somewhere else. This will happen several times. Once you speak with her at the final location, you will actually be able to converse. Click map images to see a view of her in that area.
    Order Location Map
    1 North entrance. First thumbnail
    2 Just West of Nex, near the entrance to the Nodon/Jas Front. Second thumbnail
    3 Next to Helwyr, by the entrance to the Glacor/Wen Front. Third thumbnail
    4 On the East side of the bridge in the Croesus/Bik Front. Fourth thumbnail
    5 North of the bank in the TzekHaar/Ful Front. Fifth thumbnail
    When your conversation has finished you will be asked if you want to gather everyone in the cathedral. Do so and proceed.

  7. If you leave in any way before this step is complete, talk to Azzanadra by the Arch-Glacor aqueduct to resume the conversation. Talk to anyone present to start the conversation and you will be given a list of people to accuse: Seren, Azzanadra, Armadyl, Saradomin, or Zamorak.

    Make your accusation and a few exchanges later, General Khazard will appear, having brought the Eye for Zamorak - if he doesn't appear for any reason, speak to Azzanadra again. Zamorak will bring Seren's plan into the open: a closed time loop in which the elder god war continues perpetually to avoid the eggs ever hatching without having to destroy them. Some bickering later, Zamorak will leave the other gods to siphon the anima from the eggs on their own.

    Who Done It

  8. Return to Icthlarin to tell him of what has transpired, after which he will leave to prepare the underworld for the oncoming storm.


Congratulations, Miniquest Complete!

You Did It

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