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Medium XP lamp
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  1. Speak with Icthlarin and he has traveled there in search of an ancient relic as Seren's alliance against the Elder Gods is getting desperate for people to fight on their behalf to defend the cathedral. Icthlarin has offered to help Seren by reclaiming an amulet called the Eye of Het from Het's tomb, better known as the duel arena. Unfortunately, an earthquake collapsed the area before Icthlarin could recover it. Before you guys can begin, he will mention that you should make sure it's safe to explore by clearing any fallen rubble within the structure. Apparently, since he is larger and less nimble than you, this task rests on your shoulders.

    Begin Here

  2. You will now need to clear rubble in 4 areas along the Het's Oasis Agility Course. While these technically can be cleared in any order, it's easiest/best to complete it as you are going through the agility course from start to finish. If you have already cleared the rubble, then you will tell him this and proceed to the next step. Once completed, return to Icthlarin and speak to him.

    Clean Here

  3. While talking to Icthlarin again, you will see a rift appear just South West. He isn't positive what they are, but asks you to close them. They will appear in a specific order, each appearing after a previous one has been closed.

    Close Here

  4. Speak to Icthlarin again. After a short exchange the screen fades out and you both appear in front of Het's statue. Talk to him again and, once the dialog is done, Icthlarin will use his power to disable the wards protecting the tomb. Stabilize the rifts that appear around the statue; there will be one to the South, one to the North, and then one behind the statue. They will appear in that order (one at a time) and remain for approximately 7 seconds before the next one appears 3 seconds later. This pattern will continue until you have stabilized any 3 rifts; it doesn't matter if you do one multiple times or each one once, it just has to be a total of 3 rifts.


  5. With the ward and rifts taken care of, go to the backside of the statue and pry open the hidden door on the back. On the North side of the room is a statue and in its Eastern hand is the Eye of Het. Take it. Note that there is no grabbing animation and once you take it, it will still appear to be in the statue's hand. If you try to take it again, you get a message saying that your hand passes through it.

    If you have not completed Our Man in the North you will be unable to enter the tomb. Instead, once you have clicked the door you will begin to crawl into the tomb before your screen fades to black. When your view comes back, you will be standing outside the tomb with the Eye of Het.

    Got It

  6. Return to Icthlarin at the Oasis entrance and talk to him once more.


Congratulations, Miniquest Complete!

You Did It

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