Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
30 Agility
30 Thieving
Access to Morytania.
61+ Combat is recommended.
It is strongly recommended to have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Nomad's Requiem, and the Nadir Fremennik Saga before starting this quest to better understand the story and lore involved.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Combat equipment and Food.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Drakan's medallion for a quick teleport to Barrows and equipment for surviving in the desert e.g. Waterskins/Enchanted water tiara/Tome of frost.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Communication device, Cell key, Bloody journal, Poison, 30,000 Coins (optional), 9 Sapphires (optional), 6 Emeralds (optional), and 3 Rubies (optional).
Quest Points:
1,500 Agility experience, 1,500 Thieving experience, 500 Dungeoneering experience, a Combat XP Lamp awarding 1,500 experience, Jerrod's cape and cosmetic override, an upgraded Mask of Sliske, Tiny Hazeel bobblehead pet, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Empyrean Citadel.
To Start:
Talk to Moia.
  1. Start by talking to Moia in the Empyrean Citadel. You can teleport to using the Invitation box obtained during Missing, Presumed Death. She'll tell you that she and Zamorak need your help and will ask if they can trust you. Choose to tell the truth or lie, then accept the quest and choose one of the three options. She'll now go onto the say that she's searching for Sliske and that Zamorak plans to take the Stone of Jas from him before giving you a Communication device which will allow you to talk to her and teleport to their hideout below Daemonheim.

    Note: If you've lost the Invitation box and can't access the citadel, it can be retrieved from Brother Samwell.


  2. Once you've finished the conversation with Moia, you'll suddenly be pulled into the Shadow Realm where Sliske is waiting. Talk to him and he'll tell you that he knows of Zamorak's plan to steal the Stone of Jas from him and will give you several options to choose from regarding your intentions. Choose one and you'll exit the Shadow Realm.


  3. Now activate the Communication device and teleport to Zamorak's Hideout where you'll find Zamorak, Moia and Bilrach waiting and have to choose to kneel or stand. Go through the following conversation and Zamorak will tell you that he wants you to find and gather his most powerful followers: Zemouregal, Enakhra, Hazeel, Khazard, Daquarius, and Nomad. Agree to assemble the team and ask Moia about each of the followers to learn where they can be found. You can find them in any order, but for the purpose of this guide, the following steps will follow the order that they're listed by Moia.

    Zamorak's Hideout

  4. To find Hazeel, make your way into the Ardougne Sewers which can be accessed through the Cave entrance found southwest of Ardougne Zoo, then board the raft to reach the hideout of the Hazeel Cult. Now head south down the passage and talk to Hazeel.

    Ardougne Sewer

  5. After telling him that Zamorak requests his presence at the hideout, Hazeel will ask you to free a werewolf being held prisoner in the basement of Lord Handlemort's mansion in Ardougne as they are very loyal to Zamorak and it would be useful to have one to help you.


  6. Lord Handlemort's mansion is found just West of the Ardougne market and around the back you'll find a trapdoor which you should now climb down into the basement.


  7. In the basement you'll find Jerrod locked in a cell and a dead butler in the corner of the room. Talk to Jerrod and you'll tell him that you'll free him if he agrees to talk to Hazeel. Now search the butler's body to find a Cell key and unlock the cell door. Once done you'll see a message saying that Hazeel and Jerrod have joined the team.

    Note: The chest in this room contains 3 noted Sapphires, 5,000 Coins, and 250 Dungeoneering tokens.


  8. To find Nomad, enter Death's portal found North of the Draynor Village lodestone and in Death's office you'll find him trying to extract Nomad's soul as payment for the souls he prevented from being judged in the underworld. You will tell Death to spare Nomad for the moment as a favour to you for saving him from Sliske and once he agrees, you'll inform Nomad that Zamorak requests his presence after which you'll see a message saying that he's joined the team.

    Death's Office

  9. To find Khazard, make sure you have equipment for travelling in the desert (e.g. Waterskins/Enchanted water tiara/Tome of frost) and make your way to the Ruins of Uzer, north of Nardah. Climb down the staircase there and talk to General Khazard. You'll tell him that Zamorak requests his presence, but he'll ask you to help him investigate the Shadow Realm for information about his mother before leaving as he can't enter it himself. Agree to help and you'll be sent into the Shadow Realm by Khazard.

    Note: The chest in this room contains 3 noted Sapphires, 5,000 Coins, and 250 Dungeoneering tokens.

    General Khazard

  10. Head to the north side of the room and you'll find the body of Palkeera, Khazard's mother. Search her body to find a Bloody journal and read through the pages to learn that Zamorak may be Khazard's father. You'll now exit the Shadow Realm and should talk to Khazard again after which you'll see a message saying that he's joined the team.


  11. To find Daquarius, make your way to the Black Knights' Base at the southern part of Taverley Dungeon and talk to him in the most southwestern room. You'll tell him that Zamorak has summoned him, but you'll need to earn his trust before he'll believe you. To do so you'll need to quell a possible uprising from some of the Black Knights by finding the one who is plotting to assassinate Daquarius.

    Note: The chest in this room contains 3 noted Emeralds, 5,000 Coins, and 250 Dungeoneering tokens.


  12. First talk to the Preaching Black Knight at the map table East of Daquarius and choose one of the options to quell 1/3 uprisings. Next, talk to one of the group of Black Knight's found in the northeast room with the range and choose one of the options to settle their argument and quell 2/3 uprisings.


  13. Finally, search the chest in the northwest corner of the northwest room to find Poison labelled with "Down with D.R" which you should now show Daquarius to quell the last uprising. After doing so, he'll now trust you and you'll see a message saying that he's joined the team.

    Poison chest

  14. Now make sure you have combat equipment and talk to Moia in the hideout about the location of Zemouregal and Enakhra. She'll then offer to teleport you to Zemouregal's fortress which you should accept. You'll now find yourself in a room filled with Armoured zombies which you'll need to kill before you can climb the stairs into the fortress.

    Armoured Zombies

  15. Talk to Zemouregal and Enakhra and after telling them of Zamorak's plan to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske, they'll agree to accept the summons and you'll see a message saying that they've joined the team. Moia will now contact you and let you know that you've accomplished your mission, then offer to teleport you to the hideout.

    Note: The chest in this room contains 3 noted Emeralds, 5,000 Coins, and 250 Dungeoneering tokens.


  16. Once back in the hideout and ready to continue, Zamorak will talk a bit about how he needs the help of everyone here and promises a place at his side if successful, after which Moia will announce that Viggora has arrived and Zamorak will ask Khazard to open a window to the Shadow Realm and allow everyone to see the ghost.

    Vigorra will then inform Zamorak that he has found the Stone of Jas hidden inside a vault within the Shadow Realm below the Barrows in Morytania, however, it is protected by traps and heavily guarded. During the following discussion about how to proceed, Zamorak will assign everyone with a job, with you and Jerrod being tasked with infiltrating the outer chambers of the vault and dispatching the guards. Once done, Moia will tell everyone to get ready and meet up at the Barrows.

    Note: The chest in this room can now be opened and contains 3 noted Sapphires, 5,000 Coins, and 250 Dungeoneering tokens.


  17. Make sure you are equipped for combat and have plenty of food, then make your way to the Barrows found east of Mort'ton and head around the wall to the southeastern side where you'll find the entrance to Sliske's lair. Climb down and you'll find yourself in a maze of tunnels which you'll need to navigate to continue.

    Note: The chest outside the lair (shown inside the red circle) contains 3 noted Rubies, 5,000 Coins, and 250 Dungeoneering tokens.


  18. In each tunnel you'll find a signpost which provides a clue to the correct cave opening to use, but the sequence is as follows:
    Colour/Icon Image Colour/Icon Image
    1: Blue Blue opening 2: V V opening
    3: Green Green opening 4: Triangle Triangle opening
    5: Red Red opening 6: Mask of Sliske Mask opening
    7: Grey White opening
  19. Once you've entered the final cave opening, you'll see a cutscene of the team arriving and a discussion about how to proceed. At the end, Jerrod will transform into his wolf and you'll enter the first guarded room. Note that you cannot run in the following rooms and must stay out of the Wight's line of sight otherwise you will be sent back to the beginning. To get past the first Wight guard, wait until it's walking north away from you and then quickly forward dive behind it and assassinate it. Now wait for the two masks in the centre of the room to stop emitting beams of light for a moment and then run past them and wait for the mask on the west wall to stop before diving forward two times along the wall to the lever next to the door which you should pull while Jerrod kills the second guard.

    Room 1

  20. In the next room you'll need to assassinate the guard on the east side and to do so you'll have to avoid the black shadow moving up and down the corridor running north. Wait until it starts moving north and then forward roll towards the doorway and stand in it, making sure to not accidentally run into the path of the Wight. Now wait for the Wight to walk past you and assassinate it from behind. Once done, pull the lever as this will allow Jerrod to kill the guard in the soutwestern side of the room. Make your way southwest to Jerrod, either through the passage along the South side of the room or by avoiding the mask, and assassinate the final guard when its back is turned to you. Finally, make your way past the last two masks in the North-East corner of the room and pull the lever to unlock the door and wait for the masks to stop again before entering the third room.

    Room 2

  21. In this room, be careful to avoid the patrolling shadow and mask on the West wall, then dive East and assassinate the guard. Now move North and assassinate the next guard, then stand in the doorway to the middle corridor and wait for the guard to come towards you and the shadow to move away before assassinating the guard and diving across to the West side of the room and assassinating the second guard circling a pillar. Next, dive past the guard's beam to the North wall and then assassinate it before pulling the lever to deactivate a mask.

    Make your way back over to the East side of the room and stand in the doorway to the North-East corridor. Wait for the shadow to start moving North, then dive into the room with the guard and assassinate it. You'll now have to kill the guard North-West of Jerrod, so dive across from the East side, avoiding the shadow in the middle, and assassinate him.

    You can now pull the lever in the South-East corner of the room and then once again dodge the shadow in the North-East corner to pull another lever and allow Jerrod to kill the last guard. Finally, pull the lever next to the door and you'll access the vault.

    Room 3

  22. For this next part, it is reccommended to read the entire step to prevent repeating parts due to alarms going off.

    After listening to the two masks on the door, Moia will tell you to have Jerrod track guards in the room. Talk to him and take control of his view and rotate it until you see glowing green footprints on the floor, then choose to follow them and Jerrod will find a guard hiding in a hole along one of the room's walls.

    You must now use Moia to read the guard's mind and find a memory. To do so move your cursor around the interface until the orange circle around it starts to flash rapidly and then click.

    Note that turning on sound effects will make this significantly easier as there will be a rapid beeping sound when you're hovering your cursor over the correct spot.

    Once you've found the first memory, Nomad and Enakhra will have to start balancing the black and white meters in the middle of the vault door and you must control this by frequently telling them to switch sides.

    Note that Nomad fills his side of the meter and Enakhra drains her's and if one side is completely drained or filled at any time, then an alarm will sound and you'll have to start from the very beginning.

    Once you've got the metre balanced for the moment, have Jerrod find another set of footprints and follow them to another guard. Check on the door metre, switching Nomad and Enakhra if necessary, and then have Moia read the guard's mind to locate the second memory.

    Wights will now start trying to enter the room and to stop them you'll need to have Zemouregal position two portals at the doorways they're going to come from next which are indicated by glowing eyes. Once one wave of wight's has finished, the portals will switch to where you've allocated and should stop the next wave from coming in.

    If you fail to correctly position the portals and a wight gets into the room, an alarm will sound and you'll have to start from the beginning. Once you've set the portals for the next wave and checked that the metre is balanced, have Jerrod find the third guard and Moia read its mind to find the third memory.

    You'll now have to repeat everything, making sure that the metre is balanced and Zemouregal is summoning portals at the correct location while following footprints with Jerrod until the vault door unlocks after finding the 4th and 5th memories with Moia.

    Vault door

  23. Inside the vault you'll find Sliske with the Stone of Jas behind him and during the following conversation, he'll summon shadowy apparitions of each of Zamorak's followers who will then attack, after which Khazard will send you into the Shadow Realm where you'll now have to fight a shadow version of yourself.


    Important Note: The following fight is not safe and you will lose your items if you die! In this event your gravestone will appear near the entrance to the lair.

    The shadow version of you is equipped with either Malevolent, Tectonic or Sirenic armour depending on what combat style you're using and always wielding a Noxious scythe regardless of armor worn, but is still capable of using Magic and Ranged attacks as well. It also has stats and health scaled to your own and uses three special attacks which can deal massive damage, so should not be underestimated as it is much stronger than a typical level 84.

    Firstly, it will bind you in a web and you'll need to rapidly click away to break free while being hit 600 every 2 seconds.
    Secondly, you will be teleported next to the Stone of Jas and have a few seconds to run off the platform and away from the stairs before a shadow cloud is unleashed and hits 50% of your maximum health if you're in its path.
    The third is only used if you're out of Melee range and will darken the room, rapidly hitting 750 until you move closer.

    Once the shadow version of you reaches 40% health, it will transform into a demon and hit 2,500 if you're standing next to it. It's attack speed now increases and instead of the first two special attacks, it will summon dark portals which must be destroyed immediately otherwise they will rapidly heal the shadow.

    If you move out of Melee range while the portals are summoned, the room will go dark and you'll be hit rapid 600s until you move close enough or destroy the portal.

    Shadow You

  24. Once you've killed the shadow of yourself, you'll return to the normal world and gain control of Nomad. You'll now need to run around the room and kill 30 Elite Wights while the other members of the team fight the apparitions of themselves. You can use Nomad's 3 special attacks if you wish, but they're not really necessary as you can kill the wight's in a single hit with his basic attack. Once you've killed all 30, you'll be taken back to yourself in the Shadow Realm and must touch the Stone of Jas to continue.


  25. You'll now see a cutscene of a memory which shows Saradomin, Armadyl and Bandos confronting a defeated Zamorak with the Stone of Jas at the end of the God Wars.

    Stone of Jas

    Once done, you'll be infused with the power of the stone and have to kill the 8 apparitions fighting your team members, which is an easy task as you can now deal hits upwards of 20,000.

    Apparitions 2

  26. After killing all 8 apparitions, you'll watch another cutscene in which Nomad tries to steal a piece of the Stone of Jas and throws his spear at you, following which you can choose to either dodge the spear or catch it and throw it back. Either way, Nomad will survive and teleport away before Zamorak can kill him. Sliske will then appear and after he has a conversation with Zamorak, you must choose to either help Zamorak or Sliske, or stay neutral. If you choose to stay neutral, then it will have the same outcome as if you sided with Zamorak where he wins the fight and forces Sliske to teleport away, resulting in a conversation about what just happened and Zamorak rewarding you for your services.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Additional Rewards:

After the completing the quest, you can open the chests in Zamorak's hideout to find the following:

  • A lamp awarding 7,000 experience in any skill (requires level 50 in all skills).
  • A lamp awarding 50,000 experience in any skill (requires level 70 in all skills.
  • A lamp awarding 96,000 experience in any skill (requires level 90 in all skills).

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