Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Armor and Weapon.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
2500 coins, 250 XP Agility lamp (Members), 250 XP Combat lamp, 250 Constitution XP, 250 XP Thieving lamp (members), access to the Kalphite Nursery, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Al Kharid palace.
To Start:
Talk to Osman.
  1. Make your way to Al Kharid and speak with Osman in the palace. He will ask you to talk to Ozan and meet him back in the palace vault.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Al Kharid is by using the Al Kharid lodestone, the Amulet of glory (4) teleport option, or the Ring of duelling (8) teleport option.


  2. Leave the palace and tell Ozan, near the entrance of the palace, that Osman wants to show something. A cut scene will occur, during which Osman will tell you that the diamond you tried to steal was a fake and will ask you to steal the real Kharid-ib diamond.


  3. After the cut scene has ended, inspect the Het scales to receive a Heavy weight. Now, climb up the rope to the roof and drop off the western wall to the ledge outside the Emir's bedroom. Shimmy across the rope to the bank roof and Parrot Drop from the rug to the south.


  4. Make your way south of Al Kharid to the Shantay Pass and try to go through into the desert. Shantay will stop you and ask you to take him with you. Even though you will refuse to take him along, he will give you 4 Waterskins (4). Attempt to go through the pass again and a cut scene will occur of Ozan suspecting that Shantay may be possessed by someone.

    Shantay Pass

  5. When you have made it through the Shantay Pass, ask Ozan all the possible questions to find out that the diamond was in the weight after all. A short cut scene will occur in which you open the weight. You will have receive the Kharid-ib and a sundial (Het) will appear just south of you. Inspect the sundial and rotate the gnomon around to the symbol of a man (Het). The sundail will emit a beam of light.

    Note: If you log during the process of obtaining the sundial pieces, then Ozan can be found just outside of the Shantay pass and next to the last sundial you operated.

    Sundial Het

  6. Follow the direction of the beam of light southwest and inspect the sundial (Apmeken). Another cut cene will occur, during which bandits will appear out of the sand and you will learn that the diamond is using them to talk to you. The 5 level 2 bandits and the level 3 bandit leader will attack you. When the last Bandit is killed, he will drop the Sundial gnomon. Pick it up and fix the Sundial (Apmeken) by inspecting it. Now, move the gnomon into the position of the monkey (Apmeken) and another beam of light will appear, pointing to the northwest.

    Sundial Apmeken

  7. Once you have arrived at the new location, a cut scene will occur during which you and Ozan will get stuck in quicksand. Go through all the chat options and you will fall through the quicksand into a cave. Ozan will now tell you that he has hurt his leg and asks you to look in the tunnels for the missing piece of the sundial. After searching each of the tunnels, he will realize that he is sitting on the broken piece and fix the sundial. Rotate the sundial to the Crocodile (Crondis) and a beam of light will appear.

    Sundial Crondis

  8. Follow the beam of light into the western tunnel until you arrive in a cavern. Once Ozan has lit a torch to provide some light, slice the sparkling dung kalphites until one starts to emit rings of light. The last sundial will rise and Leela will come to your rescue.

    Dung Kalphites

  9. Climb up the rope and Leela will start asking whether her father sent help and what the story is with the diamond. Ozan will tell her that the Emir has passed away and inform her about Al Kharid's current situation. When you inspect the last sundial to find that it is broken, Leela will fix it. Rotate the dial to the scarab beetle (Scabaras) and a beam of light will appear.

    Sundial Scabaras

  10. Head southwest to the ruins of the Temple of Amascut and you will encounter Lady Keli, Apep, and Heru. A cut scene will occur, in which Keli will get her hands on the diamond and reveal herself to be the godess Amascut. After the cut scene, Apep and Heru will attack you. Defeat them both and speak with Prince Ali Mirza.

    Lady Keli

  11. After speaking with the prince, Ozan will inform you that he wants to stay behind to retrieve the diamond. You will then return to the palace and speak with Osman. A cut scene will occur in which the Menaphite ambassador Jabari reveals that he poisoned the Emir. After the cut scene, Osman will give you your reward and tell you that he may need you in the future.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest complete

Additional Rewards:

You can receive an additional 20K Mining XP for mining a crack in one of the rooms of the Kalphite nursery (requires 80 Mining). To reach the room with the fissure, go down the well northwest of the Kalphite Lair into the Kalphite nursery. In this nursery players may also obtain an Aten (heru's shield) and an Uraeus (apep's axe) by slicing off the dung ball the Kalphites are pushing. Step into the tunnel along the east wall of the Kalphite nursery and make your way through the whole tunnel. Enter the next room containing quicksand. By mining the crack in the floor you will receive the XP and open up a secret treasure room, containing a Scabaras mask and a Was.

Mining Bonus

Those with 80 Agility can receive an additional 20K Agility xp, an Ankh and an Apmeken mask. To claim these rewards, enter the tomb behind the Monkey elders at the Monkey colony.

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