Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Rank 3 Menaphos city reputation, 73 Hunter, 72 Fishing, 47 Woodcutting, and 30 Agility
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Combat equipment, food, Rope, Fishing rod (in your inventory or on your tool belt) and Fishing bait (unless you have the baitless fishing perk), Woodcutting tools, 16,000-28,000 coins, and cat/kitten
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
35,000 Fishing experience, 35,000 Hunter experience, 15,000 Agility experience, 15,000 Woodcutting experience, Immunity from desert heat, A Relic of Crondis (gives 5,500 reputation with the Menaphos faction of your choice), 1.5x the base Menaphos Reputation gain, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys plus 2 Hearts of Ice.
Start Point:
Senliten's tomb.
To Start:
Talk to Senliten.
  1. When you arrive to the tomb of Senliten (South of the Ruins of Uzer), choose to head directly to the Pharaoh Queen. In this tomb, you will find her and Leela discussing the state of the desert. Talk to Senliten and choose the "Talk about Crocodile Tears" option. She will then tell you a story from her early years as Pharaoh. When you ask why she mentions it now, they explain that over the last few years the Crocodiles have become rather gluttonous; they suspect something is bothering Crondis and ask you to seek her out to resolve the issue. Because you do not see the connection between the attacks and the Goddess Crondis, Senliten suggests you speak to Jex and the Sphinx in Sophanem to learn more.


  2. Make sure you have a cat/kitten and travel to Sophanem. East of the Pyramid Plunder minigame pyramid, you will find the Sphinx. Attempting to talk to it, it will ignore you in favor of talking to your feline companion. When they have finished their conversation, the Sphinx will ask what you want. You will now need to ask for help, then gather information about the minor deity Crondis.


  3. When you have a better understanding of the area, walk to the building North East of the Sphinx and speak to Jex. You will need to ask about the minor gods for him to tell you about Crondis. His other chat options lead to dead ends. At this point you can choose to pick up and bank your cat/kitten as it will no longer be needed. If you choose to bank, climb down the trap door in the South Western corner of the building and use one of the bank stalls before continuing.


  4. Return to Senliten and Leela within the tomb. Now that you understand what role that Crondis plays in the behavior of the Crocodiles, Senliten asks you to find and talk to the goddess. When you question how to find her, Senliten will suggest using a relic from her tomb that may help locate her.

    Mission Acquired

  5. In order to retrieve the relic, talk to Leela to leave the tomb. Re-enter the tomb choosing the option to explore it. Once inside, head directly North and pick up the relic from within the boat at the far end of the tomb. You will receive a Dowsing rod.


  6. Exit the tomb and use the "locate" option on the Dowsing rod. This will open a compass that points toward your destination. Travel to each of the locations before moving on.
    • Oasis just North West of the tomb entrance.
    • Oasis located on the island South East of Sophanem with the Camel warriors.
    • Oasis in the Bedabin Camp, North West of the Bandit Camp lodestone.


  7. Reaching the 3rd oasis you are positive that something is off about the relic; none of these places have led you to Crondis. Return to Senliten and inform her that the Dowsing rod doesn't seem to be helping. With some quick thinking, she will realize that the rod will need to be charged properly to lead you to what you seek. Unable to charge it for you, she will suggest you visit the Elid elementals.

    Houston, We Have A Problem

  8. Ensure that you have a Rope and the Dowsing rod then travel to the North end of the River Elid. Teleporting to the Dominion Tower (blue path) is a quick way to access this area, however, teleporting to Al Kharid, exiting via the Shantay Pass and walking East around the Dominion Tower (red path) is another option if you do not have a (Super) Dominion medallion.


  9. Climb the waterfall, enter both doors, and head to the North East corner of the room where you will find Hallak, Nirrie, and Tirrie - the spirits of the Elid. Speak to any one of them and you will have a brief conversation about what is currently happening before they charge the Dowsing rod for you.

    Spirits Of The Elid

  10. Teleport to Menaphos and use the "locate" option on your charged Dowsing rod. This will lead you to the South Western area of the Ports district and Portmaster Kags. Speak with him and choose to be taken to Crondis' Pyramid. Once on the island with her pyramid, walk in and to the North.

    Almost There

  11. On the dais at the end, you will find Crondis lounging in a pool of water with a nearby High priest attending to her. Speaking to him you will notice he needs help appeasing the insatiable goddess; who has now decided she is hungry and requires something to eat. In a panic, he suggests a raw beltfish.
    Note: the following items must be gathered during the quest or they will not be "fresh" enough for Crondis.


  12. Ensure that you have a Fishing rod (in your inventory or on your tool belt) and Fishing bait (unless you have the baitless fishing perk) then teleport to Menaphos and walk to the North West dock in the Ports district. Fish at the "bait fishing spot" until you obtain a Raw beltfish. Once you have the fish, return to Portmaster Kags, travel to Crondis' pyramid, and talk to the priest to give him the fish.

    Raw Beltfish

  13. After eating the fish, Crondis will complain that she now has fish bits stuck in her teeth and requires toothpicks. Confused, you will question the priest on where to find toothpicks - and what they are. He instructs you that they make their own, Crondis only likes locally sourced wood, and that the Acadia logs from Menaphos are her favorite. Teleport to Menaphos and walk West into the Imperial district. Collect 2 logs then return to Crondis' pyramid and speak with the priest.

    Acadia Toothpicks

  14. Now that Crondis is done eating, she wants something shiny. It seems that the pyramid top needs to be replaced and 4 of the tops from the Agility Pyramid are just what she has in mind. The fastest way to the Agility Pyramid is using the Jaleustrophos teleport on the Pharaoh's sceptre, however, you can also teleport to Menaphos and walk through the gate to the East and into Sophanem then exit out the North gate, or use the Magic carpet transportation system. Once there, climb to the top four times and claim the golden pyramid tops before returning to Crondis' pyramid and talking to the priest.

    Agility Pyramid Tops

  15. Despite having brought her everything she has asked for, Crondis is still not satisfied. It seems that she still has fishy bits stuck in her teeth and requires you to fetch her 8 Plover birds to clean her teeth. Teleport to Menaphos and walk East through the gate into Sophanem. On the edge of the river, South of the bridge, you will find Rockodile hunting locations. Chop a nearby palm and use the logs on the Rockodile, this will set the trap and catch a wandering Plover; repeat to capture 8 before returning to Crondis' pyramid and talking to the priest.
    Note: only 1 trap can be set at a time.

    Plover Hunting

  16. Now that she has eaten the Plover birds, because how else would they clean her teeth, Crondis wants something SWEET! The priest will suggest getting Croc ices and inform you that they can be purchased from Rokuh. The fastest way to reach him in Nardah is to use the Desert amulet (2, 3, or 4); a The Heart teleport tablet or the Magic carpet transportation system are alternative methods. These ices cost 1,000 gold coins each, however, since you will find yourself eating them as you are traveling and you cannot teleport, it is suggested that you buy a full inventory instead of just the 16 that she demands. The fastest way to return is via the Magic carpet transportation system from Nardah to Pollnivneach, then to Menaphos; within Menaphos use the Shifting tombs area to travel quickly between the Merchant and Ports districts, using surge as often as possible. Once you return to the pyramid talk to the priest to give him the ices.


  17. At this point she will demand even more Croc ices, but you have had enough! Walk away from the conversation and gear up for the coming fight. You will be battling Ukunduka, the manifestation of the corruption within Crondis.
    • It is not weak to any style. Overall it's quite a tough fight even for players with mid-level (70-80) combat skills, so bringing boosting potions is recommended in that case.
    • Uses both Ranged and Melee attacks.
    • Has 75,000 Life points.
    • Will steal the first edible item in your inventory to heal himself up to 3,000 Life points occasionally.
      To protect your good food, you can:
      • Bring lower level food to "feed" him first, have it at the top of your inventory (note that sacks filled with food will be eaten as a whole, so that doesn't work to save space).
      • Attack him with Ranged or Magic and use the stairs to block him from reaching you, thus protecting you from his Melee attacks and food stealing ability.
      • Bring no food at all, using Saradomin brews and soul split to heal yourself.
      • Use Baron sharks as he does not consider this food.
    That Is ENOUGH

  18. When you have prepared yourself appropriately, return to Crondis' pyramid and confront the goddess. Choose all of the replies in any order you choose, excluding the option to stay silent. Staying silent will allow you to leave the conversation. You will find that Crondis becomes so angry at your refusal that she coughs up the corruption and you must now fight it.


  19. Once you have killed Ukunduka, talk to the High priest and you will find that Crondis seems to have returned to her normal self. Mentioning the crocodile issue, she assures you it will be handled immediately. Return to Senliten and Leela in tomb. Here you will find Osman having an argument with them about the best way to handle the issues being faced. He will storm off, angry that you willing to waste your time on such nonsense. Talk to Senliten once Osman has left and the 3 of you will briefly discuss how to move forward against the Devourer before Senliten rewards you for your effort.


  20. Congratulations! You have finished the quest!


After you have completed the quest, if you have at least 80 Constitution, you can enter Crondis' tomb. The tomb can be found to the right of the entrance within her pyramid. You will need to swim through an underwater tunnel in order to access it.

Tomb Location

You will gain 20,000 Constitution experience the first time you enter this area. Inside of the tomb you will also find the Crondis mask and Nekhakha. Note that it is a Master Quest cape requirement to locate this tomb.

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