Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
10 Oak planks, Mahogany plank, Plank, 10 Steel nails, Spade, Hammer, Steel bar, Silk, Raw cod or Ring of charos (a), Swamp tar, 5 Feathers, Leather, Armor, Weapon, Food, and access to a level 3+ Crafting table in a player owned house.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ardougne teleport method, 2 Lumbridge teleport methods, and a House teleport method if you have access to your own Crafting Table 3+.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
2K Crafting XP, 5K Agility XP, 1.5K Construction XP, the ability to create a Clockwork suit and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Larry.
  1. Speak to Larry in Ardougne Zoo and he will ask you if you want to observe penguins in their natural habitat. Agree to help him and bring him 10 Oak planks, 10 Steel nails, a Spade, and a Hammer.


  2. Once you have collected all the required items, talk to Larry again at the Ardougne zoo to travel to the Iceberg with him. When you arrive, walk up to the firm snow patch and use your Oak planks with it to build a bird hide, then use the Spade on the bird hide to cover it with snow.

    Snowy Bird Hide

  3. Enter the snowy bird hide and watch the short cut scene (be sure to take note of the 3 emotes the penguin performs, since they will be needed later on). After the cut scene has ended find Larry and speak to him. Agree with Larry that the penguins are acting strangely and take the boat back to Rellekka.

  4. Speak to Larry again on the Rellekka docks. He will come up with a crazy scheme involving a clockwork penguin and shrinking you to control it. He will give you a Clockwork book and ask you to build it using a level 3+ crafting table inside someone's house, a Plank, a Steel bar, and a piece of Silk.

    Larry Rellekka

  5. Make your way to the crafting table in someone's house. Read the Clockwork book and create a Clockwork mechanism using the Steel bar at the crafting table. Now, click on the crafting table again, select clockwork toys and then choose clockwork penguin.

    Clockmaker's Bench

  6. Meet up with Larry at the Ardougne Zoo (recommended), or at the docks northeast of Rellekka. Tell him that you have the Clockwork suit and you will be taken back to the Iceberg. Once there, speak to Larry again. He will tell you that the penguins destroyed the bird hide and have vanished, so you will have to test the suit on the penguins in the zoo. Larry will teleport you to the Ardougne Zoo.

  7. Back at the zoo, speak to Larry and have him shrink you so you can fit into the Clockwork penguin. Once shrunk, enter the penguin enclosure and talk to one of the Penguins. Perform the 3 emotes that you saw earlier to gain the Penguin's trust These 3 emotes will now be your secret greeting to all penguins. The penguin will give you their Mission report and ask you to go to the penguin operatives, disguised as a sheep, in the Lumbridge sheep pen. Talk to Larry and he will tell you to meet him at the sheep pen just north of Lumbridge Castle.

    Note: Make sure you have no weapon, shield, or cape equipped, or Larry will not be able to shrink you. The 3 emotes are random for everyone, but are tracked in your quest journal and if you mess up you can try again.


  8. Once there, right click on Larry, who is standing near the Oak tree on the western side of the farm, and select Tuxedo-time to turn into a penguin. Attempt to speak to the Penguin operatives and perform the secret greeting. Unfortunately, they will refuse to talk to you without a special pass phrase.


  9. Have Larry teleport you back to the Ardougne Zoo, and give the Penguin a Raw cod or use the Ring of charos (a) to charm the penguin in order to receive the pass phrase: "Do not trust the walrus".

  10. Return to Lumbridge and speak to the operatives. They will ask you to investigate Fred the Farmer. Visit Fred the Farmer in the building east of the sheep pen, and select any option you like. Afterwards, return to the operatives and choose any option. They will then give you a Mission report and ask you to take it to the Penguin outpost.

    Note: If you did not already have the Swamp tar, the 5 Feathers, a piece of Leather, a Mahogany plank, food, armor, and a weapon with you, then visit a bank and withdraw these items.


  11. Speak to Larry, just outside of the sheep pen, to have him teleport you back to the Iceberg. Once there, find the KGP agent to the northwest. After performing the special greeting he will request identification. Unfortunately, you do not have any.


  12. Talk to the penguin named Noodle to the south and trade him the Swamp tar and 5 Feathers in exchange for a Mission report and Kgp id card.


  13. Talk to the KGP agent and then enter the avalanche. Once inside, enter the door to the left and speak to the KGP agent. After handing over the mission reports you will be required to take a physical test. Open the door to the west and head north through the hallway. Go through the door to enter the agility course.


  14. Head north following the signs to the edge of the cliff, falling into the water. Swim past the crushers without getting hit.

    Note: You will receive damage, if you get hit by the crusher. The trick is to zigzag between the crushers.


  15. Climb onto the stepping stones and make your way to the top.

    Note: You will receive damage, if you fall off of the stones.

    Stepping Stones

  16. Now,"tread softly" under a series of arches of icicles.

    Note: You will receive damage, if fail to pass under the the arches safely.


  17. Finally, "cross" the ice up the mountain.

    Note: You will receive damage, if lose your grip on the ice.

    Cross Ice

  18. A short cut scene will occur where you will land at the finish line. Talk to the agility instructor and he will give you permission to use the course whenever you want. Exit the agility course via the gate and make your way back to Larry. Talk to him and he will tell you to find the war room.


  19. Head back into the avalanche and head north to some large doors. Unfortunately, the guard says you do not have the proper clearance to go through them.


  20. Head southeast and go through the door to speak to either Ping or Pong. After a small chat about not being able to use instruments due to having no thumbs, they will request that you bring them a set of Penguin bongos and a Cowbells.

    Ping Pong

  21. Head back to Larry and talk to him to find out how to make a set of Penguin bongos and a Cowbells. Take the boat the boat back to Rellekka. Head to the small farm in the southeastern post of Rellekka. Steal a Cowbell from the Dairy cow. Then, use a Mahogany plank with a piece of Leather to make the Penguin bongos.

    Dairy Cow

  22. Return to Larry on the docks and have him take you back to the iceberg. Enter the avalanche and present Ping and Pong with their new musical instruments. A cut scene will ensue with a spoof taken from Saturday Night Live. The guard will leave his post to stop Ping and Pong.

    More Cowbell

  23. Exit the room and head north, then operate the controls to open the big doors. Head east and enter the war room. A cut scene will ensue in which you are discovered.

    Controls and War Room

  24. You will get locked up with level 51 Icelords, which use a ranged based attack. Kill one and then exit through the gate then head to the eastern side of the room and exit via the chasm in the wall.

    Ice Lords and Chasm

  25. You will now be outside the secret entrance to the outpost. Head back to Larry near the bird hide and inform him of what happened. He will then praise himself for suspecting the penguins. A cut scene will show a gigantic clockwork penguin.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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