Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
46 Agility
46 Strength
46 Thieving
Must be able to defeat several foes up to level 77
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Light source and Tinderbox
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Armor and a Weapon.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food, Lumbridge teleport method, and an Ardougne teleport method or Skills necklace(4)
Items Acquired During Quest:
Pendant, H.A.M Robe set, Letter of recommendation, H.A.M. prison key, Box of artifacts, Time capsule, Pair of energy projectors, Focusing chamber, and Zanik's crossbow.
Quest Points:
20K Agility XP, 20K Strength XP, 20K Thieving XP, access to the Bandos Throne Room agility course, the ability to buy teleports to Bandos' throne room, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Captain Undak.
  1. Make your way through the Lumbridge Cellar and Caves to the city of Dorgesh-Kaan. Once there, ask Captain Undak in the center of the city if you can help with anything. He will say that the children of the city have fallen ill, perhaps due to a H.A.M. plot. He will then ask you to accompany him to the children's nursery, which is at the top of the nearby stairs.

    Note: For this step, do not forget to bring a light source.

    Captain Undak

  2. Climb the stairs to the north and Captain Undak will follow you. Talk to Mernik in front of the nursery and Captain Undak will tell her he fears that some of the children have been poisoned by the H.A.M.. Mernik will redirect you to her assistant Torzek, who is outside looking after the sick children.


  3. Go outside the nursery and talk to Torzek. She says some of the children are doing a bit poorly. Choose the option to "calm down" and ask her if the children have eaten anything unusual lately. She will inform you that the kids had food from the market the day before and each kid had two different types of food.


  4. Question both the sick (outside the nursery) and healthy children (inside the nursery). Use process of elimination to determine which two food items were eaten only by the sick kids (Frogspawn gumbo and Green gloop soup).

    • Jobo (Sick) had Frogspawn gumbo and Crispy frog's legs
    • Andil (Sick) had Green gloop soup and Frogspawn gumbo
    • Delgon (Sick) had Frogburger and Green gloop soup
    • Gerdi (Sick) had Frogburger and Frogspawn gumbo
    • Lorzan (Healthy) had Frogburger and Wall-beast fingers
    • Elzik (Healthy) had Crispy frogs' legs and Frogburger
    • Horgon (Healthy) had Bat shish and Wall-beast fingers
    • Inglin (Healthy) had Crispy frogs' legs and Bat shish
    • Kenti (Healthy) had Wall-beast fingers and Crispy frogs' legs
    • Bozin (healthy) had Frogburger and Crispy frogs' legs
    • Caldi (Healthy) had Frogburger and Bat shish

  5. When you have discovered which foods were only eaten by the sick children (Frogspawn gumbo and Green gloop soup), tell Captain Undak. He will tell you that the merchants have been buying spices from humans recently. The captain also believes that one of these is the source of the poison. He will tell you to question the merchants to find out which human merchant is the H.A.M. agent.

  6. Go back down the stairs and head south to the market area of Dorgesh-Kaan. Talk to Markog who sells the frogspawn gumbo. He can be found along the east wall of the market area. Ask him which merchants he bought the ingredients from and he will tell you that he bought them from Yuri and Walton.

  7. Next talk to Turgok who sells cave slime soup. He can be found along the west wall of the market. He has purchased ingredients from Walton and Xenia.

  8. Speak to Captain Undak and tell him that you have discovered which human merchant has been poisoning the children (Walton). He will ask you to take him to the merchant, who can be found to the south of the market.

  9. Talk to Merchant Walton at the southeastern section of the market. Tell Captain Undak that this is the one, and he will try to arrest Merchant Walton. You will discover that he is H.A.M. agent Walton. Attack the agent, and after a few hits Zanik will appear through a portal and help you attack H.A.M. Agent Walton. When he is almost dead Captain Undak will step in and say not to kill him, as he is under arrest. He will lead H.A.M. Agent Walton away leaving you to talk with Zanik.

    Note: If you pick the wrong merchant you will be fined 5K gp.


  10. Talk to Zanik and she will tell you of her adventures. A cut scene will occur in which you will have the ability to control Zanik's character. Your goal is to reach the scrying bowl in the center of the room used to spy on Zanik and the residents of Dorgesh-Kaan. Climb on to the small goblin statue towards the center of the south side of the room, then continue jumping from statue to statue until Zanik reaches the top of the Ourg statue.

    Small Statue and Scrying Pool

  11. Continue jumping from statue to statue until Zanik reaches the northern ledge, where she can pick up a crossbow. Now grapple onto the spear on the Ourg Statue to get to the center throne. Pick up the pendant on the throne and you will jump down. Look into the scrying pool again and Zanik will see your character under attack in Dorgesh-Kaan. Walk west and the guards will part for Zanik to reveal a portal. Enter the portal and Zanik will travel back to Dorgesh-Kaan to you.

    Grapple and Portal

  12. Zanik will now ask you to accompany her to the Council room. The council room is located at the northern edge of Dorgesh-Kaan, up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs another cut scene takes place. The council will decide to hand over the H.A.M. agent Walton to the surface dwellers for appropriate punishment, however Zanik is not in full agreement with this decision. She will kill the H.A.M agent and run away at the end of the cut-scene.

    Council Room

  13. Captain Undak will ask you to help find Zanik. He thinks she is hiding in the caves to the south of the city. You will need to make your way to the southern caves. Once at the entrance to the Agility Course, climb down the ladder steps to the west then head due south through the caves. You will find Zanik a bit south of the cave entrance sign on the minimap.

  14. Select the option "Sit with her" and then "Say nothing." She will start talking to you, and eventually she will agree to come back to the council.

    Sit Next To Zanik

  15. Back at the council room, a cut scene will occur in which the council will decide to banish Zanik from Dorgesh-Kaan. Talk to Zanik to say your goodbye and she will be teleported away. Now speak to Captain Undak who will have another task for you. He will tell you that the question of poisoning is still not resolved and he will ask you to visit the H.A.M. base near Lumbridge to find out more information. He will also hand you a full set of H.A.M. clothing.

  16. Make your way to the H.A.M. Headquarters east of Lumbridge, opposite the cow pen. Pick-lock the entrance to the mine and climb down the ladder. Put on the H.A.M. clothing then head south inside the H.A.M. base and speak to Johanhus Ulsbrecht, who can be found in his room to the south. He will inform you that it is Sigmund who is planning attacks on the goblins.

    Trapdoor and Ulsbrecht

  17. To find his base you will have to travel to the windmill north of Ardougne. First head to a bank and take some good food along with two styles of attack equipment, as well as a light source if you have room. Now make your way to the windmill north of Ardougne, on the road to the fishing guild. Speak to Milton the Miller. Tell him that you want to go to Sigmund's base and give him the password, Arrav. A cut scene will reveal a trapdoor leading down.

    Note:A good way to get to the windmill north of Ardougne is to use a Ardougne home teleport, if you have unlocked the lodestone.

    Milton the Miller

  18. Climb down the ladder and head east through the door. Go to the cell in the southeastern part of the storeroom. Read the noticeboard on the southern wall and you will find an interrogation rota. If you speak to the H.A.M. Guard outside the cell he will tell you which day of the week it is today. Depending on which day of the week it is, pickpocket the H.A.M. Agent on the list in the larget area to the west to get a letter of recommendation from Sigmund. Today is Gullday, so pickpocket Sam.

    Note: Do not speak to Sigmund as he will recognize you and throw you outside. You cannot teleport out off Sigmund's hideout.

    Interrogation Rota

  19. Once you have obtained the letter of recommendation return to the prison. Give the letter to the H.A.M guard and he will let you in to see the prisoner. Take the H.A.M. prison key from the ground and open the prison door. Talk to the prisoner, who turns out to be Grubfoot, and tell him that you will be back shortly.


  20. Head west into the room with the meat on the table and squeeze through the hole in the east wall. Unlock both doors - they can now be opened from either side.

    Squeeze Through The Hole

  21. Return to Grubfoot and tell him that you will distract the guard while he makes a break for it. Go outside and stand to the north of the H.A.M. Guard. Speak to him, causing him to turn his back on the door, thus allowing Grubfoot to sneak into the storeroom. Enter the storeroom with Grubfoot and tell him to wait at the west door while you distract the next guard. Squeeze through the hole in the west wall and the second guard will be distracted and come into the kitchen room where you are, allowing Grubfoot to escape into the bunkhouse. Now go talk to Grubfoot in the bunkhouse. You only need to make your way through the crates and the big doors to escape. Tell Grubfoot to follow you. You will be spotted but Grubfoot will cast a spell on the guards.

  22. Hurry through the big doors and you will get a cut scene, in which Zanik is urging the goblins to kill all humans. Sigmund will start attacking you. He uses protect from melee but switches to protect from range when Zanik starts to kill him with her crossbow. When Sigmund is killed Zanik will attack you. When she is almost dead, she will regenerate, so keep fighting her. Note that she will use melee or ranged attack methods depending on what prayer protection you are using. You will be prompted with text options to try and persuade her to stop attacking. Eventually you will be able to persuade her to remove her pendant. She will throw it away and the High Priest will retrieve it in a cut scene. He will then become the Bandos avatar and teleport away. At that moment the cave will begin to collapse and Zanik will urge you to take her hand, teleporting you both away to a cave.


  23. As you explore the cave there will be an earthquake and you will become separated from Zanik. Call to Zanik to find out that she is alright but trapped. Clear the fallen rocks and you will see her trapped on a ledge. Encourage her to use a grapple to escape and direct her to the jutting out rock. When she succeeds head west out of the cave.

    Note: If you do not have a light source on you, an oil lantern will appear in your inventory.

    Fallen Rocks

  24. You will appear in the Tears of Guthix Chasm, near Juna. Tell Zanik to follow you and head north. As you pass Juna a cut scene will occur. Juna will tell Zanik that being the Chosen Commander is her destiny. Zanik will insist that you both get back to the city.

  25. Leave the chasm and head north through the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon. Squeeze through the hole to the north to reach the entrance of the maze. Talk to Kazgar at the entrance of the maze. He will allow Zanik to travel to the Dorgeshuun Mines when using the quick-guide option.

    Note: If you did not bring your own light source or tinderbox, then remember that the oil lantern you previously received might extinguish in the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon.


  26. As you enter Dorgesh-Kaan a guard tells you that you are required in the center of the market area. Talk to Captain Undak near a strange obelisk in the center of Dorgesh-Kaan. He will tell you that Dorgesh-Kaan was attacked and that the council are meeting to discuss it. They require your and Zanik's presence, so head north to the council chamber. In a cut scene, Zanik will give a rousing speech and persuade the council to fight. Zanik will suggest you talk to the scribe. Zanik will be beside the portal if you need her.


  27. Return to the council chamber and talk to the Goblin scribe. He is making a time capsule and wants you to go to Tegdak the archeologist to collect some artefacts.

    Goblin Scribe

  28. Tegdak's house is located in the northeastern part of the city on the first floor. To reach it, go back down the stairs and head south past the quest start point. There you will find a tunnel to the east, with Tegdak in a northeastern room. He will give you a box of artefacts and will tell you to return with them to the Goblin scribe in the council room.


  29. Return to the scribe, who will add his notes to the box of artefacts and hand you a time capsule which he will ask you to take to Mistag.

  30. Mistag is located in the Dorgeshuun Mines. Leave the city to the northeast to reach the mines. Mistag will take the time capsule and suggest that you speak to Oldak.


  31. Head back to Dorgesh-Kaan. Once inside, head west to Oldak's lab in the nortwestern corner. Talk to Oldak and Grubfoot. Oldak has an idea to combine Grubfoot's magic with Dorgesh-Kaan technology, but he needs a pair of energy projectors and a focusing chamber to do it. You must get them from Turgall in the power plant.


  32. Head all the way to the south of the city and climb up the stairs into the Agility course. Make your way east to the power station, climb down the stairs, and speak with Turgall to obtain the energy projectors and the focusing chamber.

    Note: For this step, do not forget to bring a light source.


  33. Retrace your steps back to the city. Oldak can be found near the portal where you confronted H.A.M. Agent Walton. Go there and give the pieces from the power station to Oldak. He will combine them with Zanik's crossbow to give it a special attack. Afterwards he will suggest giving the crossbow to Zanik who is waiting beside the portal. Talk to Zanik and give her the crossbow. She is not ready yet and will tell you to talk to Mernik in the nursery to check on the children.


  34. Head back north and up the stairs on the east side to reach the nursery. Mernik wants you to talk to Ambassador Alvijar for her because he seems to be ignoring her request to send all the infants to Keldagrim as refugees.

  35. Ambassador Alvijar can be found in the house just to the north of the nursery. Talk to him and he will refuse to take a single refugee from Dorgesh-Kaan. Tell Mernik the bad news and she will say that it was worth a shot and that you should talk to Zanik by the portal.

Ambassador Alvijar

  36. Now it is time to visit a bank to prepare for the final battle with the Bandos Avatar. Return to Zanik and she will tell you that she is ready to die. Go through the portal with her and the Bandos Avatar will attack. Fight him using the protect from melee prayer. He will direct most of his attacks at Zanik. When he is almost dead a cut scene takes place. The pendant will continue to regenerate the Bandos Avatar. Go through the chat options and finally select the option "Zanik now".

    Note: After regeneration, the Bandos Avatar's weapon can switch between mage, range and melee depending on what type of protect prayer you enable.

    Bandos Avatar

  37. Zanik's crossbow will be broken and the pieces can be seen on the ground. While Zanik is being attacked by the Bandos Avatar, pick them up, if any statues attack you at this stage kill them. Use the pieces of the crossbow with each other to put it back together. When you do this Zanik will be killed. Attack the Bandos Avatar again and when he is almost dead, you will get a chat option to use Zanik's crossbow's special attack. Use the attack, and the avatar will die. Take the pendant from the ground.

  38. Examine Zanik's dead body to discover she is only badly hurt. Speak to her and choose the option sit next to her, but do not speak until she comes back to life. Talk to her and give her the pendant. She will then break it and leave via the portal.

    Examine Zanik

  39. Follow Zanik back to Dorgesh-Kaan, and she will give you her crossbow. Captain Undak will appear to escort you to a speech by Ur-tag.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Complete

After Quest Notes

Note: After the quest, Oldak, who will be back in his lab, will sell you traveling over distance spheres to Bandos's throne room for 2 law runes and a piece of molten glass. You may also use the portal to access the Bandos Throne Room agility course.

Losing your Zanik's crossbow: If you lose your Zanik's crossbow you can go back to Oldak, give him an adamant c'bow, and he will give you back your lost crossbow.

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