Quest Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Appropriate combat gear, potions, and food.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
100,000 Agility experience, 100,000 Divination experience, a tome of XP with 3 chapters each worth 100,000 experience in skill of your choice, Shard of Mah, access to Nightmare creatures as a slayer task, access to ancient memories in Guthixian caches, a Zamorak armour override, a tiny Kharshai pet, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Speak to Kharshai in his cave beneath Rellekka.
To Start:
Enter the building North of the Great Hall in Rellekka and climb down the ladder to find Kharshai in his cave.
  1. Talking to Kharshai you will learn that the Mahjarrat are rapidly losing their power. As a result, the Mahjarrat will need to perform another sacrifice soon. Since Kharshai is the only one who is not aligned with Zaros or Zamorak, he fears not only that he will be the next sacrifice, but their need for such rapid sacrifices will cause the end of their race. He will tell you to meet him at the Ritual site.


  2. To get there you can go 2 different ways.
    • Go to the fairy rings and travel to the Glacor cave (d-k-q). Once here go North East and exit the cave near Movario. Once outside walk North West to the Ritual Site.

      Glacor map

    • Climb up the ladder and walk/run out of Rellekka to the North East. Enter the Hunter area and use the canoe on the Northern West coast of the first section of the hunter area. Once the boat lands, climb the rope behind the cave to the top of the plateau. From here walk/run South East toward the Ritual Site.

      Canoe map

  3. When you arrive at the Ritual Site, investigate the Ritual marker and Kharshai will appear, followed by the other Mahjarrat. After a short while of bickering, Zaros will also appear and offer salvation if they meet him in Freneskae. Some will be suspicious, while others will eagerly jump at the offer. As the only neutral Mahjarrat, Kharshai will suggest they must revisit what happened centuries ago by looking into his memory before they make a judgement on what to do. He will then give you a Charged engrammeter and ask you to retrieve his memories.

    Ritual Marker

  4. His memories can be found in the throne room near Senntisten Temple. The throne room is located slightly South East of the main temple entrance. Either teleport to Varrock and walk/run there. Or use a Digsite pendant to teleport to the digsite and walk South East to the throne room. Outside you will find a Memory spring that you must harvest.

    Throne Entrance

  5. At the throne room, you will need to gather a total of 5 memories, including the one from outside. These are found in the following locations.

    Throne Room Map

  6. Once you have collected all the memories, return to the Ritual Site by your choice of methods. Once again investigate the Ritual marker and the Mahjarrat will appear. Kharshai will accept his memories from you and you will be asked if you are ready to start the memory. Upon selecting yes, you will enter the memory and have control of Kharshai.


    NOTE: There are 3 sections to this memory. For each one you must complete several things; These tasks can be completed in any order, however, you must reach 100% before you can continue.

    • Level 1 Red - Starting from the South, you will need to:
      1. Talk with Perjour (go through all his chat options).
      2. Talk to Zebub.
      3. Inspect the broken mouthpiece on the pillar near him.
      4. Talk to the Duke.
      5. Talk to Jhallan.
      6. Inspect the red horn markings on the pillar near him.
    • Level 2 Blue - On the North side you will need to:
      1. Examine the broken enchantment on the floor North of Pernix.
      2. Talk with Pernix. He will ask you several questions in conversation. Remember these facts and he should place his trust in you:
        • An inquisitor was sent for.
        • There are red horn markings on the walls/pillars.
        • This seems to be a plot to overthrow Zaros.
      3. Prove who you are to Athankanos. His questions are and their answers are:
        • A god watched over us on Freneskae. What was her name? - Mah
        • What Menaphite deity brought us to Gielinor? - Icthlarin
        • When I wish to be alone, I take advantage of my own shapeshifting abilities. What form do I take on - A camel.
      4. Talk the warpriest (you will need to prove she is an Avernic traitor).
      5. Examine the red horn markings on pillar just North of her.
      6. Discover the stashed weapons beneath the staircase just West of where she stood.
      7. Talk to Sliske (you must go through all of his chat options).
    • Level 3 Purple - On the final floor you will need to:
      1. Talk with Azzandra. He will ask you to judge 3 individuals(2-4) accused of treachery.
      2. The Avernic demon you discovered above.
      3. A human breaking the enchantment near Pernix.
      4. A human who painted red horn markings.
      It is your choice if they are guilty or innocent and does not affect the quest. Once you have decided their fates, Zamorak will make his entrance, a fight will commence, and the memory will end.


  7. When the memory ends the Mahjarrat will point out that it did not solve the dispute about what Zaros had promised so long ago. Zamorak will appear and offer his memory of what transpired between him and Zaros on that day.


  8. Once you confirm that you are ready, a cut scene of Zamorak's memory will occur. When it completes some of the Mahjarrat are disheartened that the memory indicates that Zaros had simply told them what they wanted to hear and basically considered them simple pawns. Despite knowing what was said, the Mahjarrat decide that they should still meet Zaros in Freneskae to see what his plans are.

    Zamorak's Memory

    NOTE: Now is the time to gather your combat gear, potions, and food. You will need to kill several Muspah during the trek so it is advised to wear your Shard of Zaros to avoid them when not necessary to fight and to protect you on the second lava stream. You will also need to have both hands free BEFORE any combat takes place, so make sure to leave enough space in your inventory for your weapon(s) or wait to equip them until you encounter the Throwing, Bladed, and Force Muspah.

  9. Travel to the World Gate. The fastest method there is to teleport using a Sixth-age circuit, however, you can also reach there by using the Eagles Peak lodestone and walking/running South. Once at the World Gate, enter to Freneskae.

    World Gate

  10. Inside you will meet Kharshai, talk to him and Zemouregal will then appear and take him captive. You will now need to make the pilgrimage to the Ritual site by yourself. Before departing, investigate the Mahjarrat deathstone to the South of where Kharshai stood. Then, with both of your hands empty, jump onto the rock and your journey begins.


  11. This will begin the first of 2 travels you will make down streams of lava. The streams are 3 spaces wide and as you travel down them you will need to avoid rocks (2,000 damage) and spurts of lava (1,000 damage). To try to avoid these things, you can click the arrows on either side of your avatar or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Be aware that at the time of writing this guide, there is a delay between when you tell your avatar to change locations and when they actually move so it is advised to move them as soon as possible. You cannot consume food or potions while riding. If you have completed the first lava "puzzle" and die, you will not be required to complete it again.


  12. Once you have made it to the end of the lava stream walk/run South. Quickly you will find a stone pillar that will occasionally emit an electric charge. This will damage both you and the Muspah so it is suggested you avoid it and kill the injured monsters primarily, if you wish to make it easier. To the East of this pillar you will find a boulder with red marks creating a wall that is blocking your path. To break through this boulder, you will need to use a Grand Force Muspah. Since only a few Muspah can be in the area at once, you will need to kill several other Muspah until it appears. Once it does, attack it to get its attention then stand very close to the boulder until it breaks; this may not occur on the first hit or two that you take, but it will occur if you are standing close to it.


  13. When the boulder has broken, continue East up the path and repeat the process of using a Grand Force Muspah to break the next boulder.


  14. After breaking through the second barrier, you will find a Mahjarrat deathstone that you can inspect as well as the beginning of the final lava stream. Once again, your hands must be empty before you ride the lava rock. This time you will find Muspah along the banks. If you are wearing a Shard of Zaros they will pose no threat to you. If you are not, you will want to use Protect/Deflect Missiles/Magic to limit their attack power. At the end of this stream you will fall down a lava "waterfall" to certain death.

    Lava 2

  15. Luckily, you will be saved by Seren and find yourself on a bank of the lava stream with her. She will take this moment and explain to you why the Mahjarrat are losing their energy. It seems that Mah has managed to awaken from her slumber enough to return to the old Ritual of Enervation site and she is now sucking the power from her creations. Seren suspects Zaros is going to use the Mahjarrat to perform the reverse of Mah's ritual and suck the power from her; potentially killing their mother, Mah, in the process. Seren will say that you may be of help at a critical moment in the coming events and hopes that she won't be disappointed by her choice to save you before she disappears.


  16. To the East of you is another Mahjarrat deathstone that you can inspect before walking/running West and entering the nearby cave.


  17. Emerging from the cave, continue West to the Ritual site where you will find the Mahjarrat gathered, as well as the fourth and last Mahjarrat deathstone to investigate. After checking out the stone, talk to Zemouregal and a cut scene will begin. During this scene, he will let Kharshai go and Zaros will finally explain to the Mahjarrat why their power is being drained.

    Ritual Site

  18. Just before the ritual begins, Zamorak will appear and confront Zaros. After a bit, they will agree to make a Vindiculum Juris pact. Zaros will need to free the Mahjarrat from their energy drain, in exchange Zamorak must complete one request for him during Sliske's game. When the pact is complete they will then begin the ritual to free the Mahjarrat. Zaros will ask you to head toward Mah to intercept anything she may spawn in to interrupt the ritual.


  19. Walk/run North West up the slope to reach Mah and you will find Seren. She has been trying to calm Mah, but the progression of the ritual has destabilized her. In order to help calm Mah, and prevent Freneskae from being destroyed, Seren will send you into Mah's dream to destroy her nightmares before they manifest.


  20. Inside Mah's dream, investigate the core and Seren will explain what it is and briefly what you must do. She will then give you a Glowing orb to drive back the dark of the nightmares.


  21. For the first fear nightmare, Mah's core will be surrounded by 4 Muspah. Individually they will send a stream of darkness toward the core. You must place the orb into one of the pillars surrounding the core; simply click your chosen pillar and you will insert it, click the pillar again to remove it. Placing the orb within the pillar will create a small pool of light which will destroy the nightmare shadows. Each shadow that successfully reaches the core will cause 1000 damage to Mah's 6000 life point core. You will want to remain in the pool of light created until the next shadow heads toward the core. This is because when you are in the darkness Mah's fear increases, indicated by a blue bar above your head. Once this bar fills you will be dealt 250 damage constantly. When Mah's nightmare reaches 0% you will progress.

    Nightmare 1

  22. You will be teleported to a path with several nightmares and small pools of light. Run from one pool of light to the next until you reach the end; you will not be able to use surge so you must just run. There you will touch the light shard which will retrieve a second light orb. Retrieving the orb causes the pool of light to disappear and your fear to begin increasing. Run West and then South where you will find Azzandra and Zemouregal, click either one to exit.


  23. The next fear nightmare will now begin. Investigate the core and Seren will tell you more about what happened in the past before you begin protecting Mah's core; this time surrounded by 6 Mahjarrat. The mechanics of this nightmare are identical to the last except you will have 2 Glowing orbs instead of just one. When Mah's nightmare reaches 0% you will once again progress.

    Nightmare 2

  24. You will now find yourself on an island of sorts with a small "army" of nightmares South of you. Run to the middle of them where you will find a Light shard(red), for now ignore it as it is not yet ready. Run down the West pathway to the light shard at the end, using the pools of light to minimize your fear. Once you have touched the shard the pools of light will disappear and you must run back to the center light shard (now yellow) without their aid. Run down the East pathway to the shard at the end. On this side, the pools of light move so you must either move with their pattern, or disregard them and run directly to the shard, touching it then returning to the center shard and touching it. The shard blocking the exit to the South will now be gone and you can exit via Seren or Zaros.


  25. The last fear nightmare will now begin. Investigate the core once more and Seren will finish her tale of how she cared for Mah. You must now protect the core from the 8 surrounding images of Seren and Zaros. Once again, the same mechanics apply but you are equipped with 3 Glowing orbs. Should you fail 3 times, you will be presented with an option to complete this section on easy mode. When Mah's nightmare reaches 0% you will have completed your mission.

    Nightmare 3t

  26. You will return to Seren outside of the dream. She will inform you that while Mah's body survived the ritual, her mind did not and she will never wake again. Seren is now forced to kill her mother to spare her anymore pain. Furious with what he has done, Seren refuses to let Zaros get away with it and goes to confront him. Travel back down the slope, to the North East, and return to the Ritual site where you left the Mahjarrat.


  27. Talk to Seren and you will fall into place with the Mahjarrat in front of her and Zaros. She will then chastise her brother for his actions resulting in the death of Mah. Zamorak will recognize Seren's aura and her deceit of the Mahjarrat will come to light. The Mahjarrat will then gang up on her, blaming her for their current predicament until she can handle it no more and leaves. The Mahjarrat then come to a strained agreement that now is the time for them to unite and move forward. Zaros reminds Zamorak that he is still responsible for fulfilling his end of the pact at a future time. He then leaves to pay homage to his mother and asks you to meet him at her remains. If you would like, you can now speak to each of the Mahjarrat.


  28. When ready, once more climb the slope to the North West that now leads to Mah's corpse. Talk to Zaros and he will thank you for your efforts in the recent events and reward you for them.


Quest is now complete!


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