Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
33 Thieving
31 Construction
50 Quest point
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Several pieces of food.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Sir Ceril's list, Helmet and breastplate, Sir Ceril's sword, Sarsaparilla's dress, Netting, Twine, Rusty spikes, Sir Ceril's wine, Wooden boards, Money pouch, shears, Bag of sweets.
Quest Points:
2,500 Thieving and Construction XP, an item worth 5k coins, two 1.5k XP lamps, Bag of sweets, Construction supplies, a treasure chest, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Speak with Xenia outside of the Carnillean family's mansion in south-west East Ardougne.
To Start:
Speak to Xenia outside the mansion.
  1. Talk to Xenia outside the mansion south of Ardougne castle and she will ask if you remember her, say yes and she will explain that Sir Ceril Carnillean wants to hire her to train his son Philipe to be an adventurer, but she refused and has recommended you instead, agree and head inside the mansion.

    Quest Start

  2. Talk to Ceril and he'll explain that Philipe has no interest in becoming an adventurer. Say that you'll tutor him and Ceril will ask you to create a quest for Philipe to complete and give you a list of what he thinks would make a good quest. Ask where to find the items on the list and he will tell you to talk to Butler Crichton in the hallway.


  3. Talk to the butler about creating a quest and climb down the trapdoor into the cellar. Now go through the hole in the wall to the east and he will explain how to set up the quest in the cave.


  4. You will now need to gather some items and set the scene for the quest. Climb the ladder up to the mansion and go up the stairs. Search the wardrobe in the large bedroom to find Sir Ceril's heraldic armour. Tear down the net curtain in the northeast corner of the room to get some netting, take the dragon heads down from the wall and take the money pouch from the bed. Alternatively, you can take the necklace from the dresser.

    Step 5

  5. Next, go into Sarsaparilla's bedroom and talk to her about helping out in the quest, go through the options until you persuade her to act as the damsel in distress. Before leaving, search the wardrobe to find her dress.


  6. Go into the final room and search Philipe's painting set to find a pot of red paint.


  7. Head back down into the cellar and search the barrel of junk to get some rusty spikes, take the spider from the floor, search the cupboard and take all of the items. Once you've gathered all the items, you can begin to set up the quest. First of all, set up the Entrance hotspot in the cellar by right-clicking it, then talk to Claus the chef about the quest and ask him to play the part of the drunken jailer.

    Claus the chef

  8. Go through the portal and head to the centre of the cave to talk to Nostrilla and Slimepits about helping you out. They will ask for human armor in return for their help. Give them Sir Ceril's helmet and breastplate and ask them to act as the patrolling guards.

    Note: You can search the soil heap (mound of bones) in the room before grabbing the mouse. The animal skulls you receive will be needed later on when building one of the three wall decoration hotspots.

    Step 9

  9. In the southeast corner of the cave, enter the passage and take the cave mouse to get the juvenile wolves to follow you. Go back into the cave and head north across the bridge to the dragon hotspot and build to get them to stay there. Now use a dragon head on each wolf.

    Step 10

  10. To the east and west of the goblin area you will see a trap hotspot under the arches, right click and build a trap. Go a little to the east and you'll see a spot to build a decoration, choose whichever you like. On the west of where the goblins were another decoration spot, create something different. Go south until you get to the tunnel leading out, north of the tunnel you'll find another decoration spot, create something different again.

    Step 11

  11. Return to the cave entrance and talk to Claus to guide him to the jailer hotspot in the northern cavern. Once there, use the money pouch on him. If you have the necklace, use that on Sarsaparilla.

    Money Pouch

  12. Go back to the cave entrance again and talk to Sarsaparilla to guide her to the damsel hotspot past the jailer hotspot, over the bridge and past the dragons.

    Step 13

  13. Finally, go back into the cellar and take seven buckets of water and return to the cave. Follow the passage until you reach the obstacle hotspot and build a puddle of water or spikes.

    Step 14

  14. Now you'll need to head back to the mansion and persuade Philipe to take part in the quest. Talk to him and go through all of the reward options and each time he'll refuse to take part in the quest. Pickpocket Philipe to get his bag of sweets and talk to him again. This time offer the bag of sweets as a reward and he'll agree to do the quest. Go back down into the cellar and Philipe will enter the cave and you must now guide him through the quest.

    Step 15

  15. When you get to the puddle of water, he'll refuse to cross it. Remind him about the sweets and he will change his mind.

    Step 16

  16. Carry on through the cave towards the goblins and Philipe will attempt to get past them. However, he'll complain that the patrol is broken and you must now distract Slimepits by talking to him at the right time to allow Philipe to run past.

    Step 17

  17. Now go to the tripwires and you'll give Philipe the shears, allowing him to cut the wires and pass through the cave. Continue north and you'll give Philipe the fortified wine to give to Claus and the dress to wear as a disguise. A short cutscene will follow in which Philipe gives Claus the wine, who drinks it and falls asleep.

    Step 18

  18. Cross the bridge and head towards the wolves dressed as dragons and you'll give Philipe the sword. Another cutscene will follow in which Philipe slays the 'dragons', however this has alerted their mother (a level 91 Cave Wolf Matriarch) which Philipe now tries to kill. You must distract the wolf while Philipe fights it by attempting to attack it and running around the area to avoid its magic attack and falling rocks. You MUST have your prayer turned off. When Philipe has eventually killed the wolf, talk to him and another cutscene will follow in which he rescues Sarsaparilla. Now, talk to Sir Ceril and a final cutscene will follow in which you'll tell Ceril about the quest.

    Step 19

  19. Once the cutscene has finished, go outside and talk to Xenia and you'll learn that she set the wolf matriarch free to provide Philipe with a real threat and turn him into a true hero. Finally, go back into the mansion and talk to Ceril, who will tell you that Philipe has set out looking for new adventures.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Complete

After the quest:

Once you complete the quest you can speak to Ceril Carnillean again to find out where his son has gone off "adventuring". Go to each of the locations he tells you to (one at a time) and find his son to gain XP lamps.

The locations are as follows:

  • King's training area - 2K XP - 50 quest points needed
  • Mountain Camp - 5K XP - 100 quest points needed
  • Shilo Village (in the sleeping area of the Paramaya Inn - must buy a Paramaya ticket for 35gp) - 5K XP - 150 quest points needed
  • Port Phasmatys (in the pub) - 10K XP - 200 quest points needed
  • Polypore Dungeon (bottom floor) - 10K XP - 250 quest points needed
  • Dorgesh-Kaan (outside Oldak's room) - 10K XP - 300 quest points needed
  • Piscatoris Fishing Colony (in the Furnace building) - 10K XP - 350 quest points needed

Also, after the quest you can go back into the cave to defeat the Cave Wolf Matriarch and her pups, although you will receive a message stating that they have respawned, but are a much higher level - the battle is tougher, this time.

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