Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
No Requirements.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
1,000 Magic XP (lamp), Goebie warpaint, Goebie weapon overrides, 3 Liberation of Mazcab reroll tokens, and 2 Treasure hunter keys
Start Point:
Speak to Tunks at the Tuska crash site.
To Start:
Speak to Tunks.
  1. Head to the Western edge of the Bebadin camp and swim to Tuska. Then speak to Tunks. He will explain that Airuts are threatning his village and needs your help.

    Start point

  2. Run South to the World window and enter Mazcab. Head South-East to the village and talk to Acca Kanatah. Acca would like you to find Tunks, Peck, and Lunch.

    World window

  3. Go East to the beach and talk to Tunks. After the cutscene Acca will appear and let you know that you need to collect more wood to fix the village.


  4. After the cutscene you will be inside the tunnel. You are now Tunks. Clear the chasm, grab the pile of wood, and jump back over. A small cutscene will occur.


  5. Now you are Lunch. Break the wall to allow Peck to get into the next room to grab the pile of wood. Take control of Peck and squeze through the gap take the wood. A cutscene will occur.


  6. Once you collect the wood, you will be taken back outside and Acca will thank you. Go back to the village and talk to Acca again for further instructions. He will say that they want to fight these Airuts but are not good fighters and are on short supply on nemi poison.


  7. Go to the Nemi forest. Select option 1 and go inside. Head North and speak to Ancient goebi who will want you to save his friend.


    Ancient Goebie

  8. Run North and enter the temple. Then talk to Xianchto and he will want you to take the goebi's on 3 different trails.


  9. Head to the door on the West. You will be in charge of the goebie's once again. You must press the pressure plates in the right order to continue. Once the barrier is gone, investigate Magic.

  10. Head back out the door and then head to the East door and enter.

    • How to solve Second puzzle:
      1. Control Lunch. Headbutt the wall to the south-west.
      2. Control Peck. Crawl through the wall, pulling the lever, and crawl back through the wall.
      3. Control Lunch. Push the block on the east to the north-east plate.
      4. Control Tunks. Jump across the chasm and stand on the west plate.
      5. Control Lunch. Pull the block to south-east plate. Walk to stand on north-east plate.
      6. Control Tunks. Jump over the chasm to north and stand on a plate.
      7. Control Lunch. Walk to north side and stand on a plate.
      8. Control Peck. Walk to the north side, crawl though the wall, pull the lever, crawl back, and investigate the magic.
    Now head back out the cave. Second trail complete!

  11. Now enter the door to the North for the final Trail.

    • How to solve final puzzle:
      1. Take lunch and break the wall. Then switch to peck and go through. Pull the lever.
      2. Make sure to pay attention to which tile pops up.
      3. Have tunk step on the middle pressure plate and have Lunch press the pressure plates on the outer sides. The wall should open.
      4. Head to the next lever and repeat the process until You can investigate magic.
  12. Then leave the room. You will now go into a cutscene. Any answer will work. After the cutscene step outside talk to Ancient goebie. A cutscene will occur. Click near the charger and airuts to kill them. After the cutscene, talk to ancient goebie again.

    Ancient goebie

  13. A cutscene will occur. In this cutscene you need to kill the chargers and airuts. Click near the monsters to shoot a magic ball at them. If you hit them, you will kill them. You must hit the airuts twice before they die. You can fail on purpose if you would like to learn where they come from before you go into battle again.

  14. Once you are done in battle, talk to the ancient goebie again. He will thank you and give you the poisonous nemi stalks. Head back to Acca. Acca will take in any information you feed him and thank you for your efforts.

    quest complete

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