Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
5 Wheat (Obtainable during the quest).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Explorer's ring 3 for a nearby teleport to the farm.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
350 Farming XP, 350 Construction XP, 350 Summoning XP, A customisable pig pet, Ability to make three pig familiars: Spirit pack pig, Spirit prayer pig, Spirit war pig, Ability to claim Bacon or 10 pig familiar pouches and scrolls each week from Eli, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Farm north of Port Sarim.
To Start:
Speak to Eli in the pig pen next to the farmhouse.
  1. Talk to Eli in the pig pen of the farm north of Port Sarim and he'll ask you to help him out by tasting some meat he's just cooked. Agree and he'll give you a piece of Mysterious meat. Eat it and choose one of the three options and you'll ask Eli what the meat is. He tells you it's called bacon and explains to you that pigs are currently useless animals, aside from the occasional pig-wrestling competition, but if you breed them there'll be enough for everyone to have some bacon and they will no longer be useless.


  2. Next, some locals that Eli tested bacon on have become addicts and will enter the pen and start buttering up the pigs for eating. Eli now tells you to make some pig decoys to distract the addicts and gives you a Bacon heap and some Planks. Click on the Pig decoy hotspots to build the decoys and distract the addicts, giving Eli time to lead the pigs to safety. Once all of the pigs are safe, you'll appear in the storm cellar under the farmhouse.


  3. Talk to Eli and he'll tell you about his plan to raise a huge pig and teach it tricks to draw people's attraction to it and raise demand for pigs, after which you'll tell everyone about the secret of bacon. He will then ask you what pigs might be good for; choose an option based on which pet you want and Eli will tell you to visit Martin in Draynor Village to acquire a pig.


  4. Head to Draynor market and ask Martin if you can have one of Pigzilla's piglets. After a short conversation, Martin will ask you to find and beat up the person who has been picking his pockets before he will give you a piglet. Grab wheat while you are there.


  5. Talk to the each of the Pickpockets just north of Martin and you'll find that one of them wasn't named by any of the others. Accuse this person and if correct, a short cutscene will follow in which you beat up the Pickpocket and afterwards Martin will give you a Piglet.


  6. Take the Piglet back to Eli in the storm cellar and he'll tell you that you need to build a machine to train the pig and give you the items required. Click on the Pig machine hotspot just west to build the machine and then click on it again to upgrade it.


  7. Ask Eli what you need to do next and he'll say you need to fatten the pig up by getting 5 Wheat from the field near Draynor Village. Head to the field east of the village and pick the wheat, then head back to Eli.


  8. Eli will now tell you that he wants to put the Bacon addicts to sleep by using a sleeping potion on the pig decoys. Head up the stairs to the pig pen and add some bacon to the decoys and then the Sleeping potion. The addicts will eat the drugged bacon, however you'll notice that they're still awake. Return to Eli and he'll tell you that it takes a while for the potion to act and he'll then ask you to collect 5 fresh onions as he thinks they will repel the addicts in the same way they repel vampyres.

    Note: You must pick the onions from a field. Eli won't accept onions if you purchased them from a store, bought from players, obtained as a monster drop, or even harvested from allotment patches.

    Sleeping potion

  9. Head to the onion patch just south of Draynor bank to pick the 5 onions and then return to Eli.


  10. You'll find that your pig is now fully grown and the addicts have mysteriously disappeared. Click on the machine to begin training your pig and a cutscene will follow. After the cutscene, talk to Eli and he'll tell you to take your Pig to the four big cities in Gielinor to show it off and he'll give you a Pig display list with the locations in the cities to do so. The four locations are:
    • Lumbridge Courtyard
    • Varrock Marketplace
    • Falador North Gate
    • Ardougne Marketplace
    Go to each of these locations and walk around with your Pig. A cutscene of you showing off your pig to a group of people at each location will occur.

    Showing off

  11. Finally, return to Eli and he'll tell you that his plan to boost interest in pigs has succeded and that he'll announce the secret of bacon in a year.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Upgrading The Machine:

After you've completed the quest, you can upgrade the Pig machine to improve your pig familiars.

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