Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Soft clay, Plant pot (filled), Empty pot, Armor, and a Hatchet* (except Blessed).

* This item works if placed on your Toolbelt.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ardougne teleport method, Brimhaven travel method, 10 Coins/Wicked hood/Karamja gloves 3, Antipoison potions, and Food.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
40K Woodcutting XP, 24K Farming XP, 23K Slayer XP, 15K Agility XP, vine farming patch, Jade vine seed, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Handelmort Mansion, west of East Ardougne's market.
To Start:
Speak to Horacio.
  1. Travel to Lord Handelmort's mansion, located a little west of East Ardougne's market square. Ask Horacio, in the garden, who he is and then offer to help him. He will ask you to get a Jade vine, which only grows east of Shilo Village, to improve the garden and recommends that you talk to Wizard Cromperty for more information.

    Note: The easiest way to reach East Ardougne is by using the Ardougne lodestone or the Ardougne teleport spell (requires 51 Magic).


  2. Head to the most northeastern building of East Ardougne and ask Wizard Cromperty whether he has something to help preserve a vine cutting. He will tell you about his latest yet experimental invention but cannot give it to you. After you tell him about Horacio he will give it to you if you help gather the missing part from the RPDT depot.

    Wizard Cromperty

  3. Proceed to the RPDT depot, southwest of Ardougne's east bank, and ask one of the RPDT employees why Cromperty's package hasn't been delivered yet. They will ask you to open the smelly package on the nearby table because they are not authorized to. Open it to find the severed Hand of a wizard.

    Smelly Package

  4. Return to Wizard Cromperty and a cut scene will occur in which he discovers that the item in the package is broken. He will then ask you to make him a new Pot lid. The nearest potter's wheel is located to the north of the Ardougne Castle, across the river. Form an Unfired pot lid out of the Soft clay and place it in the oven. Talk to Cromperty again once you have made the Pot lid and he will tell you to pay a visit to Garth, the farmer near the fruit tree patch in Brimhaven.

    Note: The Pot lid must be made after the cut scene has ended. Wizard Cromperty will not accept the lid if you made it beforehand.

    Potter's wheel and oven

  5. Make your way to Brimhaven and speak the farmer Garth near the fruit tree patch along the northern shoreline. He will tell that to get and preserve a root cutting from the Jade vine you will need an Empty pot, Pot lid, Plant pot (filled), and a quick teleport in case you get in trouble.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Brimhaven is by using the Karamja lodestone.


  6. Travel to the vine maze, northeast of Shilo Village, and climb up the vine at the northern side of the maze. Before climbing up the vine, make sure you have combat equipment and Antipoison with you.

    Note: A way to reach the maze is travel to Shilo Village using Hajedy's cart system in Brimhaven or the Karamja gloves 3 teleport option. From there leave the village and cross the stepping stones to the east. Head north, cross the logs, and run southwest to the maze. The easiest way to reach the maze is by using the Karamja lodestone and running southeast, or by teleporting to the nearby Nature Altar using the Wicked hood.

    Entrance Maze

    Maze World Map

  7. Once inside the maze, climb up the vine to the east and proceed southeast to another vine. Climb down that vine and then crawl down another vine to the northwest to get back onto the ground level.

    Note: Beware of aggressive Giant wasps (level 75/84) and Giant ant soldiers (level 75) throughout the maze.

    Maze start

  8. Immediately to the south, you will see that vines have formed a gate, with smaller vines hanging from it. Cut the vines and then crawl through.

    Vine Gate

  9. Squeeze through another one of these gates and climb up the vine to the west.

    Vine Gate 2

  10. Climb up two vines to the south and you will find yourself on a platform with a Karamjan Giant eagle.

    Eagle Platform

  11. Head east across the platform and climb down a vine, then swing on the vine hanging down.

    Note: If you fail to swing on the vine, look for a hole or vine and enter it. You will appear in a random location in the maze and will have to find your way back.

    Swing on Vine

  12. Head north and climb down two vines, then cut and crawl through the two vines to the south.

    More Gates

  13. Climb up two vines to the east and then cross the vine over the stream.

    Note: If you fail to cross the vine, look for a hole, where you are washed up, and enter it. You will appear in a random location in the maze and will have to find your way back.

    Cross Vine

  14. Once across the stream, climb down the vine, walk northeast and climb down another vine. Cut and crawl through the first vine gate to the south. Climb up the vine to the east and head west.

    Maze across the stream

  15. Climb up a vine and down another one to the west. Head northwest and climb up a vine to find yourself on another vine over the stream.

    Southeast part of the Maze

  16. Safely cross the vine over the stream, head west and then south. Take a few steps to the east and climb down two vines.

    Note: If you fail to cross the vine, look for a hole, where you are washed up, and enter it. You will appear in a random location in the maze and will have to find your way back. Southwest part of the Maze

  17. You will find yourself next to some piles of loose soil. Dig one of the loose piles to expose the vine and then cut it. Now, put the Root cutting in the Plant pot (filled) and wait to see if it grows. If it does, use the Potted root with the Empty pot to seal it.

    Note: If the root does not grow, then repeat the step until you receive a root that does grow.

    Loose Soil

  18. Return to Lord Handelmort's mansion in East Ardougne and speak with Horacio, who will tell you to plant the root. Before proceeding, equip your combat gear and have anti-poison ready. Use the Sealed pot with the patch and a cut scene will occur in which the jade vine grows out of control. Tell Horacio you are ready to fight when he demands you to kill it. The vine uses all three combat styles. Although his magic attack is weak but poisonous, it is highly recommended that you use the Protect from Melee prayer. (NOTE: You are only able to kill the vine with melee)

    Note: If you wish to restock on supplies, you may leave the battle by exiting through the arch to the south. Do keep in mind that if you cease the fight and leave the garden, you will have to start over.

    Wild Jade Vine

  19. Once you have defeated the vine, cut it and talk to Horacio to claim your reward.

    Cut Jade Vine

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Jade Vine:

After the quest, you may plant the Jade vine seed in the patch at the Handelmort Mansion, west of East Ardougne's market. During its growth process you can prune its branches for a total of 350 Farming XP a day. Once it's fully grown, you can check its health to earn 1500 Farming XP. Alternatively, you may ask Horacio to look after the vine for 10 Wildblood hops. If it is left unattended after growing 5 branches, it will grow into a level 130 Wild jade vine and try to kill you. You will gain 2500 Slayer and 250 Woodcutting for killing it. Every 24 hours, you can replant the vine and repeat the above actions.

Wizard Burial:

Prior to the events taking place in the Hand in the Sand quest, an upcoming wizard called Clarence was murdered. All that was found of him was a hand, which you have, and his head. After completing the Back to my Roots quest, you can help locate his remaining body parts and finally let him rest in piece. For more information, please refer to the Wizard Burial mini-quest guide.

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