Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
15-26 Eucalyptus logs, 8 Achey tree logs, 4 Spears of any type (not Bone Spears or poisoned spears), 2 Raw chompies, Tinderbox, and 8 Stripy feathers.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
4 Wolf bones, 8 Larupia or Tatty larupia furs, at least 6 Eucalyptus logs, Hatchet (any kind), 4 Logs (any kind), Bird snare, Box trap, and a Knife.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of duelling (8), Armor, and food.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
15K Firemaking XP, 15K Hunter XP, 15K Woodcutting XP, access to Oo'glog's facilities, access to Oo'glog hunting area, ability to charter a ship to Oo'glog, the ability to summon a Platypus pet (requires 10 Summoning) and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Oo'glog, south of the Feldip Hills.
To Start:
Speak to Chief Tess.
  1. Travel to the city to Oo'glog, which is found far south of the Feldip Hills, and speak to Chief Tess at her house north of the bank. She will explain to you that a bossy woman has come to Oo'glog with a business venture. Offer your help and she will ask you to go talk to her in the bank.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Oo'glog is by using the Oo'glog lodestone home teleport or teleport to Mobilising Armies via Spirit Trees, Ring of duelling or Mobilising Armies teleport and then walk east towards the city. Beware of Wolves (level 60), Ogresses (level 84), Ogress warriors (level 90), and Ogress champions (level 96) in the jungle surrounding the city.
    Chief Tess
  2. Head into the bank across the path from the chief's hut and talk to Balnea. She will explain that the springs around have some pretty amazing properties and that she intends to set up the place as a holiday resort. Agree to help her and she will send you to Chargurr to set up the catering arrangement.

    Note: After you have agreed to help Balnea, you will be able to use the bank.
  3. Chargurr, just north of the bank, will tell you that she needs 10 Eucalyptus logs, 8 Achey tree logs and 4 spears before she can cook anything. Talk to her again and you use the logs to build a fire. She will then ask you about the spears and you will decide that 4 spears will be enough. Give them to her and you will add them as giant spits above the fire. Ask Chargurr how many chompies she will need. Bring the 2 Raw chompies to her and you will suspend them above the fire pit. Now that everything is set up, she will ask you to light the fire using a Tinderbox. Once done, talk to Chargurr one more time and she will tell you to report back to Balnea.
  4. Speak to Balnea and she will tell you to go see the hotel manager, Snurgh, who can be found in the southeast corner of the city. Snurgh will tell you that you need to get 8 tropical wagtail feathers to make pillows to replace the current raw meat pillows being used. Talk to Snurgh again and give her the 8 Stripy feathers.
  5. Return to Balnea. She will ask you to talk to Kringk, the owner of the salon. Head to the salon east of the bank and talk to Kringk and she will tell you that she needs 4 Wolf bones and 8 spined larupia furs to make some hairbrushes. Speak with her again and give her the required items.
  6. Report back to Balnea, who will tell you to speak with Seegud to the northeast. Seegud will tell you need to burn a Eucalyptus log and certain plants in each of the nearby fire pits to get rid of the bugs from each of the pools. Examine the pile of stones next to each fire pit to find out what you need to burn. Note: The required plants can be picked in the jungle surrounding the city. Seegud
  7. Go to any springs and examine the pile of stones to find out what you need. The step colors are different for every plant and player. The children trolls only changed what color means what plant, so what color you read on the rock goes to that pool you just need to find out the colors meanings to which plant. Add the Eucalyptus log along with the required plants to the fire pit and light it. The bugs, however, will not go away and a mischievous ogre child will start laughing at you.

    Return to Seegud to find out that the stones have been switched, and that you need to figure out what each rock means again. She then says that the ogre children are not bad-hearted and suggests you speak to them. The ogre children near the salt water spring will suggest that you start at the thermal pool, north-east of Seegud, since that has only one colored stone beside it as well as the stone for the Eucalyptus log. To find out what each stone means, use the process of elimination below.

    1. Work out which herb is associated with the yellow-egg shaped stone at the thermal pool.
    2. Move east to the mud bath and work out which herb is associated with the red sphere stone.
    3. Move west to the salt water spring and work out which of herbs is associated with the green gum drop stone.
    4. Move further west to the sulphur spring and work out which herb is associated with the tall purple stone.
    5. At the Bandos pool the orange squarish stone must be associated with your final herb.
    Note: Which plant matches to which stone differs from player to player.
    Examine Pile of Stones
  8. Once you have gotten rid of all the bugs, return to Seegud. She will show her gratitude and send you to Balnea. Balnea will ask you to trap the creatures wandering around in the city and send you to Chief Tess to how to catch these creatures. Talk to Tess and ask her about ways to catch the Diseased kebbits, Platypuses, and Wimpy birds.
    • To bait a Diseased kebbit to a deadfall trap, burn some Fever grass near it.
    • To bait a Platypus into a box trap, burn some Lavender near it.
    • To bait a Wimpy Bird, burn some Tansymum and run around to lure it to the bird snare
    Note: Beware that some of the animals will become aggressive to you or flee if you burn the wrong plant near them. Your right hand must be free to be able to burn these plants.
  9. Once you have caught 4 Diseased kebbits, 4 Platypuses, and 5 Wimpy birds, head over to Oo'glog's docks to the east and release the platypuses. For each platypus released you will be rewarded a casket or an oyster.
  10. Return to Balnea to claim your reward and a cut scene will occur. Congratulations! Quest Complete!
    Quest Complete

Oo'glog Pools:

Upon completion of the quest, you will be given permission to use Oo'glog's pools. Each of the pools has a certain effect on your skills and environment. These various effects are cumulative with each other.

Pool Effect Duration
Mud bath Increases your Hunter level by 8 and removes human smell making hunting easier. The effect wears off as a normal skill boost.
Thermal bath Increases your Life points (depending on your Constitution level), cures and temporarily protects against disease and poison. The effect wears off as a normal skill boost.
Salt water spring Unlimited run engery for a certain amount of time. . 10-25 minutes depending on your Agility level.
Sulphur spring Recharges and increases your Prayer points by 10%. The effect stops as soon as you use a prayer.
Bandos pool Marks you as a follower of Bandos, meaning that Bandos' followers in the God Wars Dungeon will not be aggressive to you. 1 hour.

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