Quest Requirements:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Quest Points:
Small XP Lamp and Chaos die reroll token
Start Point:
2nd Floor of the White Knights Castle (Falador)
  1. Talk to Adrasteia on the second floor of the White Knight Castle in the library (room West of the stairs to the throne room) and accept the Miniquest to begin. Continue to talk with her and she will send you to meet up with Sir Cadian in the Zamorakian Undercity.


  2. Make your way to the entrance of the Elder God Wars Dungeon (Senntisten). Fast travel methods include the Archaeology Campus teleport (Archaeology journal or Master Archaeologist outfit) and the Pontifex shadow ring. Once you have arrived at the entrance platform with the lift, click the pulley on the North East edge of the platform to enter the Zamorakian Undercity. If you have not killed Zamorak, Lord of Chaos at least once, you should pick which mode you do to suit your skill and gear level: solo/group and story/normal/enrage mode. If you have defeated him before, these choices are irrelevant.

    Enter the Undercity

  3. After entering the Undercity, walk North a short way and talk to Sir Cadian until you are presented with dialog options. Note that you do not need to select any of the dialog options, but you must reach them before moving on.

    Sir Cadian

  4. Note: If you have previously killed Zamorak, Lord of Chaos at least once, skip this step and continue to step 5.

    If you have not yet defeated Zamorak, you will now need to do a complete run-through of the Zamorakian Undercity. Gear up and slaughter your way through the demons, cultists, hellhounds, and waterfiends to get to Zamorak and banish him by successfully reinstating the Guthixian Edicts.


  5. Return to Adrasteia in the White Knight Castle and talk to her. Complete the conversation and take the stairs up to Saradomin's Throne Room, choosing to continue Aftermath when prompted.

    It Is Done

  6. Talk to Saradomin, continuing the miniquest when prompted, then talk to him again. He will appoint Adrasteia to take his place on the throne, address the entirety of Gielinor briefly, and then depart. You can wish him a kind farewell or a harsh one, the choice is irrelevant.

    Good Riddance

  7. Use the Port SarimLodestone and run North West to Armadyl's Tower, ascending the stairs to the top floor. Speak with Armadyl there, continuing the dialog until he finishes rambling and leaves.

    Sob Story

  8. Travel to the Kharid-et Dig Site via your chosen method (Archaeology Journal teleport to the guild and use the map or Master Archaeologist outfit directly to the site suggested). Once there, speak with Dr. Nabanik, continuing the miniquest when prompted. You will be teleported into the Praetorium where Azzanadra, Nex, Trindine, and Wahisietel have gathered. Speak with any of them and after some quick review of recent events, Azzanadra will tell you that he and Nex will both be leaving Gielinor (don't worry, you'll still be able to massacre her for torva and praesul drops all you like). Once the conversation ends, you will be returned to the outside of Kharid-et.

    Final Orders

  9. Return to the White Knight Castle and talk with Adrasteia. Despite having been given the throne, she will be in the library again. She will say that she can feel that the gods have left Gielinor and you will be given the choice of telling her it was the only available option or that we're better off without them; the decision is irrelevant. Finish the conversation to complete the Miniquest.

    The End

Congratulations, Miniquest Complete!

You Did It

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