Monkey Madness
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing King Awowogei
Examine Information:
A wizened little Gnome dressed in brightly coloured clothes.
Miscellaneous Information:
Talk to him to find a way to get around safely on Ape Atoll. You will need (at various times) a Gold bar, Monkey dentures, a Monkey amulet mould, Monkey remains, and a Monkey talisman. You will get an Enhanced gold bar and (eventually) a Monkey greegree from him.

Depending on the specific type of remains brought to him with the monkey talisman, he can create various greegrees.
Greegree Remains Needed
Monkey greegree Monkey bones (from Monkeys on Karamja)
Ninja monkey greegree (small) Small ninja monkey bones
Ninja monkey greegree Medium ninja monkey bones
Zombie monkey greegree (small) Small monkey zombie bones
Zombie monkey greegree Large zombie monkey bones
Gorilla greegree Gorilla bones
Gorilla greegree (bearded) Bearded gorilla bones
Gorilla greegree (ancient) Monkey skull

Bunkwicket and Waymottin can be found nearby.

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