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Some people have all the luck!
Miscellaneous Information:
Zadia's shop items are:

Globetrotter jacket Globetrotter shorts Globetrotter boots Globetrotter arm guards Globetrotter backpack
Jacket charge Backpack charge Boots charge Way of the foot-shaped key Blue, the clue dog
'the Explorer' title 'Globetrotter' title 'the Enigmatologist' title Clue capacity upgrade

Zadia's signature shop

Sealed clue scroll (easy) Sealed clue scroll (medium) Sealed clue scroll (hard) Sealed clue scroll (elite)
Re-roll token (easy) Re-roll token (medium) Re-roll token (hard) Re-roll token (elite)

Zadia's clue scroll shop

Tower-skipping ticket (u) Lockbox-skipping ticket (u) Costume-skipping ticket (u) Knot-skipping ticket (u)
Puzzle-skipping ticket (u)

Zadia's skip tickets shop

If the Globetrotter outfit is lost it is reclaimable through an option on Zadia. She also has the ability to show you the hidey-hole log.

If you talk to Zadia she offers to downgrade a clue for you. The option allows you to lower the level of any clue by 1 level. If you have an elite and want to make it a medium clue you have to downgrade it 2 times. This option works even if you have started a clue but it resets your progress and gives a clue of the next level down.

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