Examine Information:
A venerable sage.
After the bank robbery: A venerable and rich sage.
Miscellaneous Information:
An old man who has been on many travels stops in Draynor Village to share his findings and to give advice. He can give tasks which are rewarded with items or experience. If you talk to the Bank Guard outside Draynor Village bank he will show you a recording of this harmless looking, eccentric old man robbing the bank! Fans of the Wise Old Man are already speculating about his 'plans' for the Wizards' Tower. If you give him a rune of any type he will take it. If you have completed every quest in RuneScape, he will sell you the Quest Point Cape and Hood for 99,000 gp.

If you talk to the old man you can ask him to check either your bank or inventory for "junk" items (such as those items used solely for quests which you no longer need) and it will then give you the option to delete them if you desire.

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