Examine Information:
Allows you to convert your bonus XP into various rewards.
Miscellaneous Information:
Vic is a traveling trader, showing up in Gielinor only on occasion. He runs a store where you can trade your bonus experience points for credits. These credits can then be used to purchase various items. However he will only trade your experience for credits during the first week of his visit.

XP and Tokens:
Small prismatic star Medium prismatic star Large prismatic star Huge prismatic star
Small prismatic lamp Medium prismatic lamp Large prismatic lamp Huge prismatic lamp
Dungeoneering tokens(100) Dungeoneering wildcard Rare item tokens(2) Advanced pulse core

XP and Tokens

Skill outfits:
Artisan's outfit piece Blacksmith's outfit piece Botanist's outfit piece Diviner's outfit piece
Farmer's outfit piece First age outfit piece Shaman's outfit piece Sous chef outfit piece
Fletcher's outfit piece Nimble outfit piece Skill outfit head addon

Skill Outfits

All availible Skill Outfits can be found here.

Special Outfits:
Emerald golem outfit piece Ruby golem outfit piece Sapphire golem outfit piece Blood ethereal outfit piece
Death ethereal outfit piece Law ethereal outfit piece Shark outfit piece Tiger shark outfit piece
Burnt shark outfit piece Divination energy outfit piece Divination chronicle outfit piece Divination memory outfit piece
Keldagrim camouflage outfit piece Prifddinas camouflage outfit piece Desert camouflage outfit piece

Special Outfits

Small protean pack Medium protean pack Large protean pack Medium skill training dummy crate
Large skill training dummy crate Small combat dummy crate Medium combat dummy crate Large combat dummy crate
Exquisite weapon TzHaar whip Starfire weapon Starfire armour
Starborn diamond Grotesque armour Soul gem Slayer mask(Batch 1 & 2)


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