Examine Information:
One of Lucien's finest undead mages.
Miscellaneous Information:
Can only access this ice area with the Undead mage during and after the While Guthix Sleeps quest.
To access these monsters enter the Catacombs beneath the Black Knight's Fortress. You need to be wearing a Bronze Med Helm and an Iron Chainbody or a set of Dagon'hai robes. Make your way to the chamber where you discovered Solus Dellagar and climb up the ladder. You will need to be wearing a set of Dagon'hai robes to climb the ladder. Activate the strange teleorb with a Death rune and Law rune in your inventory to get to Surok Magis' hideout.

This Data was submitted by: Clamball, Alfawarlord and DJ Phox.

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