Examine Information:
Looks after your farming tools.
Miscellaneous Information:
Tool Leprechauns can store your farming equipment: 1 Rake, 1 Seed dibber, 1 All-purpose spade, 1 Secateur, 1 Watering can, 1 Gardening trowel, 31 Empty buckets, 255 Compost, 1000 Super compost, 4 Scarecrows, and 255 Plank's. They also have the ability to teleport you to the Vinesweeper mini-game.rn

rnYou can pay all of the farming plot attendants to automatically compost or super compost plots for you (as long as you have the compost stored) with gold.

The tool leprechaun’s will sell you supercompost and compost, and automatically fertilize your plots, if you want your money back he will refund 90% of the purchase value.

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