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Has an interesting assortment of clothes on offer.
Miscellaneous Information:
You can talk to Thessalia to change your base body, legs, and armbands for free and retrieve a lost Scythe and Bunny ears if you obtained these items when they were dropped by Jagex in 2003.

In the Dimension of Disaster quest, you will need to purchase a full black outfit [Hood, Robe (top),and Robe (bottom)] for 90 Zemomarks, purchase a full Zombie outfit for 500 Zemomarks, and talk to her about dyes to obtain the Yellow and Blue dyes.

In Heartstealer you will purchase Masquerade masks from her.

She also runs the Varrock Fine Clothes Shop, which stocks a variety of different clothes and basic Crafting equipment including:

White apron Brown apron Pink skirt Black wizard robe skirt
Wizard robe skirt Silk Cape(red) Priest gown (bottom)
Priest gown (top) Needle Thread Leather gloves
Leather boots Leather cowl Leather vambraces Leather body
Leather chaps Leather shield

Thessalia's Fine Clothes

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