Examine Information:
Manufacturer of fine leathers.
He has a certain bovine aroma.
Miscellaneous Information:
The Tanner can tan your hides into leathers to be used for Crafting leather armor. The only way to tan hides your self is using the Make Leather lunar spell (members only and requires level 83 Magic and 250,000 Produce points at Livid Farm to unlock).

The cost for tanning each hide can be found in the table below:
Crafting level required Hide Tanned into Normal cost Sbott's cost
1 Cowhide Leather 0 2
2 Cowhide Hard leather 3 5
2 Snake hide Snakeskin 15 25
2 Snake hide (temple trek) * Snakeskin 20 45
2 Green dragonhide Green dragon leather 20 45
2 Blue dragonhide Blue dragon leather 20 45
2 Red dragonhide * Red dragon leather * 20 45
2 Black dragonhide * Black dragon leather * 20 45
2 Royal dragonhide * Royal dragon leather * 20 45
* Members Only

Tanner's Interface

Additionaly, there are more persons in RuneScape that perform the tanning service, namely:

Name Location description Location image Notes
Tanner Second floor of the Crafting Guild. Crafting Guild Tanner Location Level 40 Crafting is required to enter the guild. A bank chest is close by near the Clan Camp.
Tanner South of the West bank in Varrock. Varrock Tanner Location
Tanner * In Ithell slightly West of the bank. Ithell Tanner Location Completion of Plague's End is required to have access to Prifddinas. For members, this is the closest tanner to a bank.
Leatherworker * In the Ranging Guild. Ithell Tanner Location Level 40 Ranged is required to enter the guild. This location is furthest from a bank.
Ellis In Al Kharid, North of the bank. Ellis Location
Jack Oval Southwest of the Heroes' Guild. Jack Oval Location There is a bank just to the North.
Sbott * In Canifis, just West of the bank. Sbott Location Sbott is the only one that is more expensive than the other tanners.
* Members Only

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