Examine Information:
Head of recruitment for the Temple Knights.
Miscellaneous Information:
Sir Tiffy sells Initiate and Proselyte Armor. He takes part in these quests in the following way:
  • Recruitment Drive - he can take you to the puzzle rooms. After the quests you can speak to him if you wish to change you respawn point back to Lumbridge.
  • Wanted! - Starts the quest. He will help you become Sir Amik Varze deputy by informing you of a crisis.
  • Slug Menace - Starts the quest. And at the end he will promote you.
  • Quiet Before the Swarm - Starts the quest. You will speak with him about assistance from the Knights Templar.
  • Evil Dave's Big Day Out - Seen in a cutscene welcoming "you" to the White Knights.

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